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The Great Eater

The Great Eater is a giant Darkspawn serpent that is known to have been created by Chernabog during the First Cartoonian War as a means of destroying several hero worlds, but it rebeled, it wasn't even obedient to it's own creator, and was then defeated by an ansister of Fu-Xi, and while it was in a weaken state, it was sealed in by Chernibog when the hero left it for dead. It feeds on any world matter it can find to survive, and it can travel for lightyears at end. Little is known about the Great Eater since nobody seems to remember anything that happened during the actual First Cartoonian War aside from confusing it to be the second one. Only Gods, deities, or demons that have experienced it know of it's origins and role. It was previously the target of the Contraiters, who attempted to free it during the first war, but it was thwarted by a long forgotten High Council member who genisided the spieces to extintion, with the mistakeful exception of Boan, who will seek to free the beast as a means of payback on the High Council's hypocritical praise of the wrong-doing.


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