After earning the positions as aids in the Great Heist Event by competing in the Villain Games, Crystle is ready to help the Lodgers with their plans on ending HMU and all the trouble it's caused once and for all. But Axworthy is still plotting revenge, and decides to finish things himself by breaking curfew and getting to the heist himself, waiting at the destination for the Lodgers, Crystle, and Lucius and kill them, this time with the use of a stolen death ray. And so, the heist, which involves a robbery at the Uni-Vault on Costacus, being the greatest HMU has ever gotten, is going well until Lucius and Crystle fall into Axworthy's trap and they end up getting injured by the death ray, and Axworthy brings Crystle's homing device to the rest of the team, and alerts them of the Lodgers' presence. The Lodgers are later named the thieves, but Merlin is able to heal Crystle and Lucius so they can stop Axworthy. Confronting him in the very vault itself, the two must find a way to prove the Lodgers innocent, and put Axworthy in jail for good.

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