Trixie's identical but somehow MUCH more attractive and CLEARLY far more powerful twin sister The Great and Beautiful Mrixie is now doing a magic show in the dragon realms thanks to being discovered by Moneylegs Crane, and now Mrixie is famed throughout the united universe, and is the talk of Equestia! Trixie gets insanly jealious of her sister's success! she has intention to settle things with her sister, ONCE AND FOR ALL! However, Moneylegs takes advantage of their rivalry by holding an event to have them fight it out in front of the entire united universe live! this attracts the attention of the Draconguus of rivalry and hatred, Mistrust, a less powerful but very effective Draconguus from Discord's homeland, and he REALLY likes it when siblings fight, and wants to worsen it. However, the Lougers and The Elements of Harmony don't intend on letting him do so.

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