The Hardship of Batty Koda is the 27th Episode of the 2nd Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. When Batty discovers that his voice actor, Robin Williams, had died by committing suicide, he has been emotionally devastated. To make things more unexpected, he is visited by a team of agents claiming that he has been immediately signed up as part of the CVBDC (Cartoons Voiced By Dead Celebrities) Club, which automatically signs up cartoon characters into the club at the exact moment their voice actor dies. They escort him and a few other characters, including Genie, and 2 other Robin Willians cartoon characters to the club. Since the beginning of animation, the CVBDC has gained hundreds of characters who lost their actors, and even discovers that with their voice actors dead, their voices can actually be manipulated or taken away. Though, fortunately, sometimes it doesn't really happen, and they can still sound like the lost voice actors, though obviously, characters like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, who they themselves have dealt with voice actor-loss, do get simular sounding, but slightly-different voices in comparison to what they had before. However, they assure that no villain will do such a thing due to probations that are automatically given. Characters who were voiced by the late Vincent Price and Dom Lense, even Ratigan and Zigzag, share the pain of losing the people responsible for their life, and all they have to remember them by are their voices. Batty continues to start to develop his own troubles regardless. However, he ends up discovering a lost Grim Reaper soul chamber that, when opened, released The Soul of Robin Willaims. He is warned, however, that if he stays out of the chamber for too long, the Grim Reaper will kill whoever opened the chamber unless the soul is returned. So Batty and Robin spend one final day togather before the inevitable. But when some trouble goes on, Batty has to do whatever he can to get the soul back to the chamber before he dies. (Scroopfan's words: Please note that for once, in honor of Robin Willaims' name, this will be a rare villain-free episode, (ignoring the trouble later down the road), actually by me, and the presense of Zigzag and Ratigan are solely camioic and solely for sadness fuel.)

(This is the episode's theme.)

John Rzeznik - I'm Still here with Lyrics

John Rzeznik - I'm Still here with Lyrics


Chapter 1- Robin's Gone

As I'm Still Here plays, a Funeral is being held for someone, very dear to Batty, as he, his friends from The Ferngully movie and subugent sequil, and the Lougers, High Council, and other Heroes, are in attendence. Lord Shen is in traditional chinese moarning robes, as he is saying a farewall, to Robin Williams.

  • Lord Shen: "...... May his memory, never be forgotten. We are to honor his name, by realising the doves, of sadness."
  • Doves have been realised by the wolfs, and the song finishes to a climax.
  • Batty: "Robin..... I..... I can't believe he's......."
  • Icky: This was absolutely unexpected! Robin Williams, a guy with amazing talents including being able to talk in several kinds of voices flawlessly, has actually committed suicide?...I never knew him to be depressed so much. What was there to be depressed about? He was a real-time celebrity! In fact, I know a few other cartoon characters he played....And by a few, I mean ALL of them! Genie, Fender from Robots, and Ramon and Lovelace from the Happy Feet movies. That's...pretty much all the cartoons he's voiced.
  • Sam: I agree. That guy was amazing, why would he do something stupid?
  • Kowalski: Well, the Internet said that he had an alcohol and cocaine addiction, and he was feeling rather depressed in his life. It didn't say much about why he felt that way, but I guess that's what a few other actors go through in their lives.
  • Max: Come to think of it, when did we acquire his body? I thought he was cremated in San Francisco. (Everyone realizes)
  • Crysta: Then...then who's in the coffin? (They open it up to see Discord)
  • Discord: SURPRISE!!!
  • Everyone: DISCORD!!!
  • Discord: What? It's just a joke. It doesn't mean I don't care that an amazing actor has died recently. If you ask me, I should've been voiced by him instead of some guy who played a Star Trek omnipotence.
  • Rainbow Dash: Still, that was TOTALLY uncalled for! Especially since we're in a funeral.
  • Discord: He was cremated, silly! I mean, come on! I appreciate your mourning the loss of an awesome actor. Look, even Genie, a guy voiced by him, is crying his eyes out!
  • Genie: It's all so tragic! I'm not gonna cry! I'm not--(Bursts out crying, and winds up blowing his nose on Carpet)...Oh, sorry!
  • Iago: That's just nasty!
  • Discord: So, judging by how this is not a funeral, and actually a mourning party, whatever that's called, let's just get started. (Appears in a Star Trek uniform) Of all the voices I've ever known, this was the most...awesome!...Alright, begin the bagpipes! (A Discord clone plays the bagpipes similar to the Spock funeral in Star Trek, and some of the heroes begin tearing up)
Spock's Funeral SCENE - Star Trek The Wrath of Khan MOVIE (1982) - HD

Spock's Funeral SCENE - Star Trek The Wrath of Khan MOVIE (1982) - HD

Clip had to be replaced.

  • Discord: Okay, okay, I was just trying to throw some happy thoughts into this dark scene for once. You don't have to get your antennae in a bunch!
  • Fluttershy: "Discord..... In times like this.... Comedy, doesn't have a place here.... Sometimes is best to let people grief for awhile, to remember the happy times Mr. Robin offered."
  • Discord sighed.
  • Discord: "Your right Fluttershy... Maybe it's best I, wait for awhile before I chase away the drewery storm clouds."
  • Lord Shen: "Thank you Fluttershy, for reigning in Discord's antics."
  • Skipper: "A moment of silence.... To honor thy fallen."
  • Kolwalski, Rico, and Private cried for abit.
  • Skipper: "Monster Trucks men..... Monster Trucks."
  • Pain and Panic hugged eachother crying!
  • Creeper had his hands covering his eyes.
  • Creeper: "I can't beleive it.... He's gone...."
  • Lefou hold a beer mug up.
  • Lefou: "Cheers Mr. Robin. May ya wow them in the realm of clouds."
  • Lefou drinks.
  • Meanwhile, they were watched by Fu Xi and his group.
  • Fu Xi: "Oh, such a tragity indeed, even if I knew little of this "Ro Bin Will Iams". I had heard he was, respectable. I even ignored the fact he's a two legger..... Come everyone... Monitering Miss Viper will have to be on, less griefing times."
  • They left.
  • Spongebob is seen crying.
  • Squidward: "(Weeps).... I suspect that darn bowl of onions is here again.... If so, I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE ONIONS?! I need this! (Cries)!"
  • Po was seening eating.
  • Shifu: ".... Let me guess Panda... This news upseted you, so you started to eat..."
  • Po: ".... Yeah...... I eat when I am upset....."
  • Kaa sighed in sadness.
  • Icky: "..... Oy....."
  • Pinkie was in her depressed mode.
  • Batty's crying got louder, eventally causing him to fly away!
  • Girl Sora: "Batty, come back!"
  • Biyomon: "It's best to let him go Sora...... Batty needs some, private time to weep."

Later, the moarning party was done and wrapped up.

  • Spongebob was seen saying good bye to the visitors.
  • Spongebob: "Good bye. And thank you for coming!"

Chapter 2- Cartoons Voiced By Dead Celebrities

A day later.

  • Batty was still crying about his loss.
  • Batty: "Robby.... You were like a dad to me...... I even have your voice! (Cries)!"

Temple Lobby.

  • Icky was playing on a Game Boy.
  • Icky: "I'll get it."
  • Icky gets up, and walks to the door, and opens it. It was Genie, with the other Robin Williams Characters.
  • Icky: "Genie? What are you and the other Robin Williams characters doing here....."
  • ???: "They came to welcome Batty to a speical healing group...."
  • A well dressed Leafy Seadragon came in.
  • The Stranger: "I am Dr. Leaf Good. I am the leader and emotional supporter for CVBDC."
  • Icky: "CVB..... What're you selling, a heal group or sex jelly?"
  • Dr. Leaf Good: "I am not selling anything, good friend. I came to welcome Batty, as well as the other Robin Williams' Characters, to help move on."
  • Icky: ".... Look, I'm cautious about giving my friends to strange people. Last time I did that to Gary, that nice old lady turned out to be a deludional involintary snail killer! (Shudders), I still remembering when he had to stop her!"


  • The Old Lady from the Gary runs away speical has Gary in a painful hug!
  • Old Lady: "Oh mama loves here Snookie!"
  • Gary panices!
  • Bam!
  • The Lougers came in!
  • Spongebob: "UNHAND MY SNAIL, LADY!?"
  • Old Lady: "Ohh, visitors.... Perhaps they would like some, Deviled eggs and cookies?"
  • Brings out the Cookies and Deviled Eggs!
  • Lord Shen: "Pfft! That's your weapon? Pasteries and sytilesed omlets? How are those dan-" (The deviled eggs are thrown into his mouth) AHHKK!! I'M CHOKING!!!
  • Patrick: COOKIES!!! (Eats the entire cookie plate, including the plate)
  • Squidward: Moron!


  • Icky: Trust me, Lord Shen had a hard time getting that egg taste out of his mouth. I mean, he's a bird, so he hates having to eat other eggs.
  • Fender (Robots): Yeah, easy for you to say, man!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: No, this isn't just any group. It's the Cartoon Voiced By Dead Celebrities Club.
  • Icky:...(Sighs) I was expecting THAT! Especially since the High Council tells us about them.
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Would you mind getting Batty here? I'm sure he must know about this.
  • Icky: ".... I make no promises he'll actselly come out, but..... I'll see what I can do..... HEY, GIRL SORA! BIYOMON!? SOME LEAFY SEAHORSE GUY AND SEVERAL ROBIN WILLIAMS CHARACTERS WANT TO SEE BATTY!? CAN YOU TWO GET HIM DOWN HERE!?"
  • Batty suddenly appears.
  • Batty: It's okay, I already heard them. I have heard of the CVBDC, too, and I was actually expecting them to come.
  • Icky: You were?
  • Batty: Yeah, Ignitus said they were coming with Genie, Fender, Ramon and Lovelace.
  • Icky: So these guys are the other Robin Williams cartoon characters, huh?
  • Ramon (Happy Feet): Si, mi amigo! It is so unfortunate we lost an actor we praised so much. Even our amigo, Mumble, had felt sorry for me and Lovelace for losing him.
  • Fender: Yeah, I began falling apart once I found out the guy died. (His arms fall off) Oh, dear!
  • Kowalski: YEAH, WHY?
  • Icky: FENDER MIGHT NEED YOU. (Kowalski appears)
  • Kowalski: Who's Fender--Oh, yeah, that Robin Williams robot from the movie. I'll take care of it.
  • Fender: Oh, look at that, another arm wrestling! (The arms speak gibberish as they fight) Could you separate them? HURRY, my back side itches!
  • Kowalski: How can you feel itchy? You're a robot!
  • Fender: I'm a cartoon, of course! Now get my arms back on!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Now, Batty, I'm sure you know why we're all here, so would you mind coming with me to the club so we can show you what we represent?
  • Batty:...Well...Sure, I guess. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to visit.
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Excellent. It's not too far from this place.
  • The group left with Batty.
  • Icky: "(Closes Door). Gees.... Something tells me this is gonna be a LONG episode...."
  • Iago's voice: "Actselly we only have three chapters in this."
  • Icky: "I was being figurative!"
  • Iago: I know, I was just joshin' ya'!
  • Icky: Ha-ha-hah! Very funny.


  • Dr. Leaf Good: (The group is inside a black limo) Well, you're all here because you're all played by none other than Robin Williams, who died a few days ago. I'm sure you all feel bad that your voice actor has died. However, that's what certain cartoon characters go through. Since the beginning of animation, cartoon characters have been losing their own voices, and are either doomed to never appear again in movies or be wiped out of them. The CVBDC Club is meant to automatically sign up any cartoon characters that shared the same fate as you all did.
  • Fender: We figured.
  • Genie: Yes. We all have a lot in common, not just our voice actor. But by the fact that...well...we're no longer getting reruns or new appearances again.
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Indeed. But two of you have ANOTHER thing in common. You had OTHER voice actors that played you, right?
  • Batty/Genie: (Look at each other) Yes.
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Yes, so there is nothing to be depressed about, because you aren't entirely out of the picture. Genie? You weren't just played by Robin Williams. You were played by 2 other voice actors.
  • Genie: Of course. I was played by Dan Castellaneta in the TV series.
  • Ramon: You mean that guy who played Homer Simpson, amigo?
  • Genie: Yes! (Appears as Homer Simpson) BAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!! (Appears as himself) And now...I guess I kinda forgot that I am currently being played by a new actor named Jim Meskimen, a guy who performs in Who's Line Is It, Anyway?
  • Dr. Leaf Good: There you go. So there's nothing bad about losing an original voice now, is it?
  • Genie: Nope. Not when I have a new one who's just as good.
  • Dr. Leaf Good: And Batty? I'm well aware that YOUR movie franchise had a less-popular sequel?
  • Batty: Yeah, but--*Bzzz* (Imitating the Nostalgia Critic) As sequels go, this isn’t one of the worst! Especially considering how they did have much to go from in the first place. But it’s just pointless! The animation is standard, and at times, pretty sloppy, the story doesn’t really tell us any more about Ferngully or the characters. It’s just sort of a road trip movie, and even that’s not entertaining. I like the idea of the fairies getting distracted by the attractions of the human world, but it’s not fleshed out enough, and that sort of makes the characters look shallow. On the whole, it’s not god-awful; it’s all just sort of blasé and forgettable! *Bzzz*...Yeah, what my antennae made me say. Besides, even I wasn't a good character. I was voiced by some stupid lesser-known guy named Matt K. Miller, who is ABSOLUTELY LESS FUNNY THAN ROBIN!!! I mean, couldn't they just get Dan Castellaneta to play me in that movie? THAT would've made it better! I'm sorry, Ferngully is a dead work of fiction now, and Genie's so popular, he's continuing to get appearances, and not me. Matt K. Miller RUINED it for me!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Well, I can't say I don't agree with you, but that's how most sequels work. Character voices get changed for certain reasons. Popularity or ratings of a sequal usually cause the character to feel inferior since the sequel and the new voice, or maybe even a few other traits, cause it to be so bad that the franchise goes down completely. One of them including Ferngully. It's still known, but it's not considered good enough to continue. I know it sounds tragic, but it's true.
  • Batty:...(Cries)...
  • Dr. Leaf Good: (Sighs) You'll perk up in good time, Batty.
  • Lovelace: Yeah, I mean, come on, amigo!
  • Fender: "Well, Batty. At least you were able get a mediocer sequil. Robots is sadly, a stand-a-lone title. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't meant to have a sequil. The story about robot corruption has been done in one sitting. And now with Robin gone, it's even MORE doubtful it's actselly gonna continue."
  • Genie: "Well, I know Dan has proven to be a good voice for me, so, if Disney were to need me again, there isn't gonna be much of a problem. I had plenty of good times with Dan from the TV show, and the uh, kinda awkword second sequil to the original Aladdin. I mean, Jafar had a major re-color in that movie! You see, I got dan because.... Well, Robin had some bad feelings with Disney for a sum amount of time. But he did came back for the 3rd and, appearently, final sequil to Aladdin. Cause let face it, next to me, Iago's a fan faverite, and it would be insanely impossable to still make movies without him!"
  • Ramon: "Well, for me and Lovelace, we just had an okay movie, and a sequel that could've been a bit better."
  • Dr. Leaf Good: "Well, you see, we're arriving to the building soon. I must inform you we're including other Cartoon Characters with dead voice acters. Including Characters voiced by Dom DeluiseWayde Allwine, Mel Blanc,  and Vincent Price."
  • Batty: Oh, a few people rarely know THEM! I mean, Vincent Price is a well-known voice, but the others, well...I guess a few people forgot them, but I guess that doesn't matter. It might be nice to see several old characters who shared my pain.

CVBDC Club Building

  • Dr. Leaf Good: Well, here we are. It's not much since it's been here for a quarter of a century, but it's a good place. (They enter the building, and inside they see several other characters such as The Flintstones, The Jetsons, A few Don Bluth characters, a few old Toon Disney characters, and lesser known characters such as Heathcliff) They're here, everyone!
  • Mrs. Beakley (Ducktales): Well, it's about time they got here!
  • Batty: "MISSUS BEAKLEY!? You have a dead voice acter!?"
  • Mrs. Beakley: Sadly, yes! Since Ducktales was cancelled, and I never got a replacement voice actor, I'm now part of the CVBDC. But I'm not the only one you know who has a dead voice actor. There's Fagin...
  • Human Fagin: (Sighs) It's true.
  • Mrs. Beakley:...Heimlich...
  • Heimlich (A Bug's Life): It STILL sucks that we still had no sequel before my voice actor died in 2005! GOD!!!
  • Lenny (Toy Story): Even though I was scrapped out of Toy Story 3, I'm still part of this club, plus I have Heimlich's voice actor, too!
  • Queen (A Bug's Life): Even MY voice actor died!
  • Manny (A Bug's Life): Mine, too!
  • Gypsy (A Bug's Life): Mine, three!
  • Mr. Soil (A Bug's Life): Count me in!
  • Batty: Damn, a lot of Bug's Life characters are losing their voices!
  • Manny: Sucks dearly that we never got a sequel!
  • Gypsy: Well, I think it was because our movie was in a competition with the movie Antz, dear.
  • Manny: Oh, yeah! That movie exhausted our legacy like hell!
  • Queen Ant (Antz): AGAIN with those damn words! We've been in this argument since our movies came on!
  • Queen: Well, at least OUR movie didn't use foul language like YOUR DAUGHTER DID!!!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: ENOUGH!!! You're both too old to be doing that kind of stuff. Sure DreamWorks and Pixar didn't get along during the production of your movies, but they worked fine in the end. Both your movies have mixed receptions and money, and both are disabled to have Sequils, so it's fair you put this rivalry behind as well.
  • Lenny: "Yeah, this rivalry is why Disney veterens have been accusing them of ripping off Pixar! I know that to be untrue, cause Pixar is about Drama and light hard-hearted comedy, and Dreamworks used to be about pop cultures, but then they started to pick up their act with Kung Fu Panda and how to train your dragon, while still keeping their original more, comedic values. If it's about how our animations are agrueably simular, well how's this? ALL CGI IS PRACTICLY, THE SAME?!"
  • Bugs' Life Ant Queen: "Really? How so?"
  • Lenny: "Well, we're both cartoon characters in a 3D envioment! But that makes us no different then Traditional Cartoon Characters, who their fans seem to have a problem with us cause we're accused of killing the legacy of 2D Animation! But Kung Fu Panda and Modern Horton Hears A Who, ESPEICALLY Princess And the Frog, proved that wrong! 2D is just as alive and well as it was ever since it's birth from Disney Snow White!"
  • Icthy (All Dogs Go to Heaven): "Yeah! You don't see me bad mouthing you 3D characters just because 2D is kinda scarse these days! So That doesn't give you two the right to hate eachother, just because of a few dumb rumors made to bad mouth Dreamworks!"
  • Tiger (American Tale): "I second that notion, dog that sounds like me!"
  • Antz Queen: "..... Look, they're right, we should set a better exsample between the relation of Pixar and Dreamworks."
  • Bug's Life Queen: "I know... It's just, being a character with a dead voice acter, and from a unsuccessful francise, it gets to me.... I guess I shouldn't take those Anti-Dreamworks rumors seriously.... And I don't think this one parody video of the Toys Story Characters I saw once didn't helped in that department."
  • Manny: "Agh, you mean that abomination from "Collage Humor"? I think that was respondsable of provoking some Dreamworks Chatacters to attack Woody and Buzz that fateful day it was uploaded."

The video.

Buzz and Woody Badmouth Dreamworks

Buzz and Woody Badmouth Dreamworks

Flashback, Jul 30, 2010.
  • Buzz and Woody were enjoying coffie.
  • Woody: "Ahh... Nothing like enjoying coffie with my best bud Buzz."
  • Buzz: "Ya know, I heard there's plans for a Kung Fu Panda 2. I am not surprise. I never had disrespect for Dreamworks, not even for that "Bug's Life/Antz" controversey, or that mess with "Madagascar/Wild". I always had faith they would outgrow their crutch for Pop Culture references with the first one. I suspect great things for them."
  • Woody: "I know, and it looks like they're getting better with How to Train your dragon.... Monsters Vs. Aliens was, kinda a step backwords personally, what with the, paroding of movie monsters and war of the worlds, but, I wouldn't say, bad!"
  • An Angry Mob sound is heard.
  • Woody and Buzz look to see an anrgy mob of Dreamworks Characters and Dreamworks fans with picthforks, torches, and burning straw dummies of Woody and Buzz.
  • Woddy: "WHAT IN THE WORLD?!"
  • Buzz: "Are those the Dreamworks guys, and their fanbases? What are they so angry about?"
  • ???: "HELP?!"
  • Mr. Potato Head and Ham are seen held as gun-point by masked angry Dreamworks fans!
  • Woody: "....... Great, mother, of gods! BUZZ LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!?"


  • Lenny: Since then, they had to go to Sid's House to ask the monster toys to fix them again.
  • Manny: "Well I'm glad that mess was cleared up by the Collage Humor people. But still, the memory of that mess is forever! Some Dreamworks fans were arrested as a result!"
  • Stanley (A Troll in Central Park): Yeah, that must've been crazy for them. I mean, I haven't been this angry since the Nostalgia Critic got a T-Rex to eat my entire garden!...But I still love him!
  • Heimlich: I thought they only ate meat!
  • Stanley: Pfft, silly butterfly, dreams can make you do anything!
  • Manny:...Would you mind getting out of here? I don't think we can handle how 'nice' you are. We know for sure you developed a bad side since you were sued for nearly getting New York's economy to collapse after the end of your God-awful movie!
  • Stanley: Well, EXCUSE me for bringing a little green to a place! And besides, your only said the movie was bad, because of Mr. Critic. It's why films like "The Thief and the Cobbler", "Quest for Camelot", and the second Jurrassic Park Sequil got so much bad press.
  • Jeremy the Crow (Secret of NIMH): Central Park was enough, pal!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: "Look, we know you didn't intended to cause so much trouble, Stanly, but, it wasn't exactly JUST Nostaglia Critic's, expressive criticisums that marred the film..... It was also because, you weren't exactly the best hero created, and it certainly was an, odd Don Bluth Film..... Maybe it is for the best you are absint again, Stanly. Everyone's alittle, riled up now...."
  • Stanley: Okay, I'm going.... I know when I'm not wanted... I'm not a bad troll.... I'm just a misguided character...... And that stuff from Critic's review about when he talked to me was just part of his joke! I was only humoring everyone.... But I know when I'm not wanted....
  • Leaves, but Suddenly, gets knocked over by Zigzag's yesmen and Ratigan's thugs!
  • Ratigan: (Appearing out of nowhere chuckling) Poor little troll! He deserves it for being a big bash in the head for his movie.
  • Zigzag: "And asentually being a poor excuse of a Don Bluth creation! Even worse then the Land Before Time sequils."
  • Batty/Genie: RATIGAN?!? ZIGZAG?!
  • Ratigan: BATTY?!? GENIE?!?
  • Zigzag: "WHOAAAAA?! YOU TWO?!"
  • Batty: "What are you two jerks doing here?!"
  • Ratigan: "We're Vincent Price Characters, fool!? We're members ever since his loss from us?!"
  • Zigzag: "I am espeically said since I am the offical last Vincent character as a tecnecally as due to The Thief and the Cobbler's infamous delay! I am remorseful cause the last everyone hears of him is from me, and a movie that could've been stronger?!"
  • Ratigan: "WHAT ARE YOU TWO DROLLS DOING..... Oh, that's right.....(Brings out a Newspaper) Mr. Robin Willaims kicked the bucket recently cause of unexplainable emotional troubles..... And, uh.... May I add.... Went out dishonorabley, by suiside."
  • Ratigan burns the newspaper with his cigeritte holder.
  • Ratigan: "WHY YOU INSOLENT-"
  • Dr. Leaf Good: There will be none of that in this establishment. Remember what you and Zigzag are here for.
  • Zigzag: Indeed, we're here because our actor is dead. Vincent Price was a great choice for my voice to be said!
  • Ratigan: (Chuckles) I even remember your little trick in calling the Nostalgia Critic and posing as Price so you could tease the crud out of him! (Chuckles) I LOVE it when we're nasty!
  • Mrs. Beakley: YOU were the ones who did that?
  • Tiger: You guys are dorks, you know that?
  • Ratigan: Shut it, kitty!
  • Batty: "How'd ya pull it off?"
  • Ratigan: "Mice henchmen, remember?"
  • His henchmen snickered.
  • Ratigan: "They planted a bomb courticy of Dr. Blowhole, with some devices donated by Zigzag, my voice brother!"
  • Batty: ".... But, I thought you two hated eachother."
  • Zigzag: "Correction! Team Nefarious AND the Villain Leage hate eachother! I am the only one of Team Nefarious who's more open about making friends with the Villain Leage! But You know the Good Doctor...."


  • Nefarious Glitches up, and "So happy togather" plays.


  • Ratigan: "Ever since then, Mang and Nefariou's unfair arrigance have kept us apawn, and I haven't had a moment's piece of mind!"
  • Ratigan's Thugs: "Awww....."
  • Zigzag's Yesmen cried!
  • Ratigan: "So the only time me and Ziggy can get togather, is through this group, that was kind enough to let us joined....."
  • Zigzag: "It wouldn't had to be liked this if Darkness Qui was successful in making our teams befriend eachother..... Until a CERTAIN group of Misfits ruined it..... More times then I can count...."
  • Ratigan: "Yes.... Mang's stupidity has gotten so bad, I even found myself becoming a Junjie Sympathiser! I am even rooting for him to finally proof it to that arrigant twat that the High Council's threats mean nothing already?!"
  • Zigzag: "But I heard he finally gave up on his "Become Leader of the Shell Louge Squad" obcessions."
  • Ratigan: "Yes..... That self-help group for Villains that want to control heroes has done great for his stability."


  • A mad Sciencetist: "Guttentock, Members of the Hero Control Obcessors Anonmomimus. I am Professor German Leadhosen. Today, fellow friends. I would like to welcome, a poorly mistreated genius from the imfamous Villain Leage, and a former master of a kung fu group, has been obcessed with trying to make the Lougers follow him, even when it is never garrintied to work, and it brings trouble to ze leage.... Please welcome, Brother Junjie....."
  • Claps are heard, as Junjie came forth.
  • Junjie: "Hello.... My name is Junjie and..... I am hopelessly obcessed of wanting to gain control of the Lougers, because I want to rub it in Shifu's face... Cause I hated his guts."
  • Voices: "Hello Junjie."
  • Junjie: "I don't know why I wanted to do such. It was purely from Tman.... It started ever since the Fiasco with Sly Cooper. I attempted to do such at least, 300,000,99, including my hopefully last attempt when Spongebob lost his memory! But.... That didn't hold a spoon, compaired to how bad, the Twilight's Birthday Fiasco went....... (Started to cry alittle), I never, seen Mang so angry, or how high he screamed like a girl when Celestia zapped him.... He did, horrorable, unspeakable things to me, and, my body!"
  • Junjie started to break down and cry!
  • Professor Germen came, and brought out a Fox doll.
  • Professor Germen: "Where did Mang commit ze unspeakable things?"
  • Professor Germen: "Oh come now, I'm sure it's not bad...."
  • Junjie: "....... He had his, eel-snake creatures from his back, and..... Do you know of that creepy japinese tenciale porn?"
  • Silence.
  • Professor Germen: "...... No need to say more.... We, have assumtions."


  • Zigzag: Good thing he has better plans for the Villain League, being extremists will truly be a breeze!...Okay, why did my movie have me contractually-obligated into rhyming again?
  • Ratigan: You told Nostalgia Critic it had something to do with Rock Hudson and a banana cream pie?
  • Zigzag: Yeah, but DAMN, I wish I could still remember why! I'm glad those words didn't give away my cover. If only Rock Hudson or Vincent Price were still alive, we'd know by now!
  • Genie: But the thing is...did you REALLY make a Faustian pact with the NeverWorld to see the future so you could see what NC would say?
  • Zigzag: Hey, I'm a wizard, okay? Wizards can do anything!
  • Batty/Zigzag:...Plum pudding platter!...Butter melt biscuits of a butt on the beach!...K-Mart!
  • Zigzag: YEAH, EAT THAT, BITCH! (He and Ratigan high-five)
  • Ratigan: I'm just glad that doofus hasn't found out about our little move. You'd think he would've found out by now.
  • Zigzag: But with all do respect, we're doing nothing here. All we're doing is mourning the deaths of your precious voice actor.
  • Batty: "Why were you guys jerks about it before?"
  • Ratigan: "Well I have to keep in character on that I'm a villain! I am not like the nullifived reformed villains in the louge!"
  • Genie: "..... Yeah, you have to give them that."
  • Zigzag: "But we insist it was more from mean-spirited teasing. By all means, we share thy pain, Robin Williams Characters."
  • Ratigan: "BUT, We strongly request you keep what we said to you about that to yourselves! What is said in this club, STAYS?! You had any idea what Mang would do to me and what Nefarious would do to him if this gets out!?"
  • Bug's Life Ant Queen: "Gee, I don't know, why don't ya turn around and fine out?"
  • Ratigan screams like Chi-Fu's girl scream!
  • Everyone else laughs!
  • Zigzag: "Pfft! Yeah right! Real funny you two! Like those two idiots are actselly-"
  • Dr. Nefarious: ZIGZAG!!!
  • Zigzag: DYAAHH!!! DOCTOR!!! How did you find us?!?
  • Dr. Nefarious: Me and Mang noticed that two of our members were missing, and couldn't help but notice from our surveillance systems, not to mention from Blowhole, and Yzma who was part of this club, that you two were hanging out at this club!
  • Mang: Not that we don't agree with the fact that a dead actor played you two, and that you come here often, but WE ARE ANGRY THAT YOU TWO HAVE COOPERATED FOR AN ACT OF REVENGE AGAINST THE NOSTALGIA CRITIC!!! You know how much trouble Nefarious has been for us!
  • Dr. Nefarious: You're lucky I won't take that offensive for the sake of not looking bad!
  • Ratigan: Why can't you two just let us have some time together?
  • Mang: We DO let you do that, but we just can't accept the fact that you teamed up to get back at the Nostalgia Critic without our permission. You KNOW how risky that is after Junjie got us in trouble...several times!
  • Ratigan: (Does Chi Fu scream again)
  • Zigzag: (Does the exact same scream)
  • Genie: (Mang and Nefarious are revealed to be magical clones) Got'cha! (Everyone laughs)
  • Ratigan: Oh, ha-ha-hah! Very funny! I'm sure you heroes suffer the same problem!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: "Now everyone please settle down! Ratigan, Zigzag, do remember that your allowed to attend this group under probation rules! Acting out will compromise both! Do I have your solum vows not to act out again?"
  • Zigzag: "We apologies for the stir. We'll take out seats now."
  • Ratigan: "So, I am correct to assume Batty and the other Robin William Characters are here in light of... Certain events?"
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Yes, we must get ready to mourn another lost actor. And...because we left a bit of a bad taste in his mouth, tell Stanley that he's allowed to attend, too.
  • Stanley: (Appears out of nowhere) REALLY?!? THAT'S WONDERFUL!!!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: But no singing!
  • Stanley: I wouldn't dream of such a thing being necessary in a funeral.
  • Genie: Actually, it's a mourning ceremony...whatever that's called.
  • Stanley: Either way, I won't sing. RIGHT, GUYS? (His flower friends frown in disappointment)
  • Dr. Leaf Good: Then let's carry on, shall we?

Robin Williams Mourning Ceremony

  • Dr. Leaf Good: Fellow forgotten and characters with lost voices. We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of yet another actor. This actor, by the name of Robin Williams, was among the most famous for his ability to mimic various voices. We now have the honor of welcoming our new members: Batty Koda, Genie, Fender, Ramon, and Lovelace. (The 5 characters come up) The 5 characters will each give eloquent speeches. Fender, you first.
  • Fender:...Well...Robin was a very talented impressionist. I especially liked that part in Mrs. Doubtfire where he did a dinosaur celebrity show. GOD, was that hilarious. When I heard that he died...well...I completely fell apart, and it took Rodney a full day to put me back together. My movie may be a lost cause, but it's still funny as scrap to me! Almost everyone remembers me, and they remember Robin Williams. I don't know ANY person in the UUniverses who DOESN'T know Robin Williams. It's sad he's dead now. But as much as I hate that he committed suicide, he was still an excellent actor. My movie may never have a sequel, but I might never be forgotten any time soon....Thank you....(Cries) Oh, how could this happen to me?!? I'm practically a kid!
  • Ramon: (Both he and Lovelace appear) Well, me amigos, it was rather sad for Robin Williams to die when the news hit us. I mean, guau! I never knew him to actually kill himself like a big idiota! Lovelace had been crying to himself for the remainder of last week! Seriously, there was no reason for him to commit suicide, mis compañeros! He had a career, and he loved it! But regardless, he was a great actor! Nunca te olvidaremos, Robin! (Spanish: We'll never forget you, Robin!)
  • Lovelace: Indeed! We shall certainly miss him. Thank you.
  • Batty could barely take it, and ran off!
  • Dr. Leaf Good: "Mr. Batty! Wait! You need to do a speech of your own! Wait!"

Chapter 3- The Soul Chamber of Robin.


  • A shadowy Motorcycle is seen as "Don't fear the reaper" plays.
Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

Don't Fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult

  • A Grim Reaper is seen.
  • Grim Reaper: "Ok, Jack. Your just holding a big time celeberty to the great beyond! No pressure! They cover these things in basic training, and you done this before ALOT of times before, and never had an accsident! I take the rules to heart, and absolutely nothing ever happens to me!"
  • A Jumbo Jet appeared from nowhere, surprising Jack the Reaper and sprial out of control and spin!
  • Jack Reaper: "GAAAAAAAAAAAAH?!" (A large box falls out of the motorcycle) NO!!! THE SOUL!!! (The box falls towards the Dragon Realms)
  • Batty: (Flies away until Genie teleports in front of him as a toll booth guy)
  • Genie: Whoa there, 8-ball! Nobody goes through this passage at this time!
  • Batty: (Flies over him)
  • Genie:...(Sighs) Sometimes these jokes are unnecessary!
  • Batty: (Flies away from the building far enough, and when he finds a good hiding spot, he sighs in relief) Whew! I just couldn't take the pressure of hearing those speeches! (Genie ghosts out from a wall)
  • Genie: Oh, you can't get away from me THAT easily, Batty!
  • Batty: Just leave me alone, Genie!
  • Genie: But the whole club was ready to listen to you speak out your feelings for our actor. Don't you like to express feelings every once in a while?
  • Batty: Yes, but not like THIS! I'm sorry, Genie, but...I just can't bring myself to accept the fact that Robin Williams is...gone forever. I don't think any of YOUR jokes can cheer me up. It's not like I can just ask you to bring him back, but we all know how you can't bring people back from the dead.
  • Genie: And don't you forget it, pal! I just HATE zombies! I mean, it's not like Robin Williams' life force is gonna just fall out of the sky! (Suddenly, the box bonks him on the head) OOF!...Ouchie!...What the--? (They both see the box)...My goodness, a box that looks like this doesn't look very good.
  • Batty: What is it?
  • Genie: I've seen boxes like this before. They're Grim Reaper boxes, meant to carry the souls of those who died recently. They're delicate, and if not handled carefully, you could get your soul sucked inside. Only omnipotent beings such as myself and Death can handle things like this. Mortals have to be VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY gentle!
  • Batty:...Let's open it!
  • Genie: LET'S WHA-JI-NY-YA-WHAT NOW?!? BZZZZ, WRONG! (An open box with a cross-out above it is seen on his chest) Doing such a thing is EXTREMELY dangerous, not to mention sacred! These things are not meant for mortal hands.
  • Batty: But Genie--
  • Genie: But nothing! As a free genie with unlimited power, I say we're going back to the CVBDC Club Building, and you are gonna--(Batty opens the chest)...Tell me you didn't just do that!
  • Batty: I don't know, I--(Suddenly an orb of white light comes out of the box, and suddenly, it speaks)
  • Orb: Wha-what the?!?...What's going on here?...Wha--...Is that what I think I see?
  • Genie: Uh...who exactly are you, and mind telling me how you died?
  • Orb: Well...don't you know? I'm Robin Williams!
  • Genie/Batty: WHAT?!?
  • Orb: Yeah. Who did you think you were talking to, Bugs Bunny? (BB Impression) Nyah...What's up doc? You don't recognize a big time celebrity?
  • Batty:'re the soul of Robin Williams?!?
  • Orb: Soul? I'm dead?
  • Genie: Well, yeah, you died a few days ago when you killed yourself. August 11th 2014? Death of big-time comedian Robin Williams?
  • RW Soul:...Oh, yeah, I remember that! Felt really bad for myself, so I decided to await Death's loving sadistic embrace. (Dark brooding voice) Oh, my God, are you Robin Williams?!? Do some jokes for us! I'm a total fan!
  • Batty/Genie: (Laugh)
  • Batty: Still funny in the afterlife, huh?
  • RW Soul: Well, yeah. When you have no idea what happened to you, and have no memory of what you're experiencing, and all of a sudden, you're reminded by your cartoon character roles that you're dead, you have to amuse yourself every once in a while.
  • Batty:...Are you thinking what I'm thinking, blue-boy?
  • Genie: Oh, absolutely not, rodent! We're violating all known laws of life and death! That's not something us mortal should be tampering with.
  • Batty: But Genie, we found the soul of Robin Williams! And...while we can't see his face, and just a glowing orb that...really does look like a pickle...we can still hang out with him!
  • RW Soul: Really? You want ME to hang out with you? Is this like some kind of trick?
  • Genie: Apologies, Mr. Williams, but Batty isn't feeling like himself. Your cartoon character roles have been mourning your death, and Batty's the one feeling the most depressed.
  • Batty: Genie, please? This could be my one chance to cheer up! I can just spend some time with the big guy himself, and when he's done, I'll be back to kicking ass with my Lodge brethren.
  • Genie: Batty, you don't even know what you're saying! This is Grim Reaper business we're talking about! If you just leave him outside this box for 24 hours, you could have your soul taken as punishment! Death is a strict bitch, and won't take any of this well.
  • Batty: Genie, I'm asking you as a friend! Just one day with Robin Williams' soul, and I shall return it to it's box.
  • Genie: I make no promises when it comes to death!
  • Batty: *Bzzz* (Starts singing a re-worded verson of "Don't let me go"!)
Shrek The Musical ~ Don't Let Me Go ~ Original Broadway Cast

Shrek The Musical ~ Don't Let Me Go ~ Original Broadway Cast

  • Genie: (Slowly starts cracking after hearing the song)...OH, ALRIGHT!!! DEAL!!!
  • Batty: *Bzzz* Great! But you have to promise me that you will keep it between the two of us until I decide we have no choice.
  • Genie: Well, okay then! But be warned, Batty, you have NO idea what you're doing here!
  • Batty: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it! Now get going and tell Dr. Leaf Good that I'll be back soon.
  • Genie:...(Sighs, and teleports away)
  • Rw Orb: "Wow. When I appearenetly ended my own life, I never expected to spead a first part of afterlife with a character I did for a 20th Centaury Fox movie."
  • Batty: "I know ALOT of fun places we can visit, Rob! Just you and me! The Carnival has 7 days left until they close until next summer! Let's go there! But you need to disguise yourself as an inconpicuious person!"
  • Rw Orb: "Sure, but you need to follow your ogblingation to that club first. You do owe the character I did for Disney..."
  • Batty: "Ok, and then we go!"

Chapter 4- The Final Day Together

The HuckleBerry Jam Carnival, hours after the mourn party.

  • Batty and the Orb are seen.
  • Batty: "Behold! The Huckleberry Jam Carnival! Now, let's talk about your disguise..... Oh! Do a bat like me!"
  • Rw Orb did that, and became a recolor verson of Batty!
  • Batty: "Now your alias name! Uncle Robby!"
  • Uncle Robby: "Well, not a name I would have choice, but, anything for a character I had fun with during the Ferngally project."
  • Batty and Robby go to the Carnival and are seen having fun in a montage as this familier song plays.
That's What Friends Do (Spongebob)

That's What Friends Do (Spongebob)

  • Batty and Robby laughed!
  • Batty: "Awesome! I have another idea! Let's play pranks on this mean alien dragon lady I know!"

Qui's hidden pirimid.

  • Darkness Qui is still struggling with a new plan to get back at the lougers and unite the Villain Teams.
  • Darkness Qui: "Maybe I should try to befriend a reality alteror and.... NO! I knew well what happened to the likes of Alter-Madison! Plus Eagle-Beak would strangle me if I-"
  • Narcotic and Celius came in, along with Qui Program.
  • Qui Program: "Miss Qui, Professor Eagle-Beak is here!"
  • Darkness Qui screamed!
  • Darkness Qui: "I need to look my best!"


  • Batty and Robby (Disguised as Eagle-Beak) are seen laughing!
  • Batty: "This prank will be awesome!"
  • Robby shhes!
  • Batty hid as Qui came out!
  • Darkness Qui: "Professor! Is there something you need of me!?"
  • "Eagle-Beak" cleared his throat.
  • Eagle-Beak: "Yes, it is I! Weevil-Creep!"
  • Darkness Qui: "Eagle-Beak."
  • Eagle-Beak: "What you said! I have an assignment for you! You are to go to the center of Equestia, using the items in this box!"
  • Eagle-Beak gives the box to Qui!
  • Eagle-Beak: "It's items that are used in heinus dark rituals to bring forth demons! Here's the incantation!"
  • Eagle-Beak gives a piece of paper!
  • Darkness Qui: "I'll follow your instructions to the latter sir!"
  • The door closes!
  • Eagle-Beak turned back into Robby, as he and Batty laughs!
  • Robby: "You, (laughs), you sur she's gonna fall for it?"
  • Batty: "(Laughs), Trust me, it'll be funny!"


  • The box is open, and it reveils a unicycle, a tutu, a mexican hat, and a fastion boa!
  • Celisus: "Miss Qui? I am not sure these items are actselly demon ritual tools.... Or proper attire for that matter."
  • Darkness Qui: "Oh please! I have full trust for Eagle-Beak! Now, the incantations! (Sees Paper) "Rowdy Ruff Rowdy do, and halla-baloo, sings of stuff, and timbucktoo, kick'im in the dishpan, roo roo roo".......... Kick them in the dishpan, roo roo roo?"
  • QP: "...... Your sure we're not being punked?"
  • Darkness Qui: "Scoff, Eagle-Beak would never do that! You need to have more faith, Qui Program. Friends, to Equestia!"


  • Qui's ship appears!
  • Ponies panic!
  • The Main 6 and Celestia and Luna arrive!
  • Twilight: "Gah! What does Qui want THIS time!?"
  • The Ship lands!
  • The Ship beams down Silluettes of Narcotic, Celisus, QP, and Qui....
  • QP, Narcotic, and Celius are reveiled first.
  • Qui is finally reveiled in The Mexican Hat, Tutu, Fastion Boa, on a Unicycle!
  • Silence.
  • Darkness Qui brings out the paper, and clears her throat.
  • Darkness Qui:..."Rowdy Ruff Rowdy do, and halla-baloo, sings of stuff, and timbucktoo, kick'im in the dishpan, roo roo roo!" (After a pause, all the ponies begin laughing)
  • Rainbow Dash: (She and the other Mane 6 are laughing, and Celestia and Luna chuckle for a bit) ARE YOU SERIOUS, LADY?!? THAT'S WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO? DRESS LIKE A CLOWN AND SAY GIBBERISH?!? (Laughs)
  • Pinkie: (Laughs) Oh, my sides! (Laughs)
  • Discord: Now THAT is what I needed to see. But I feel something's missing. Oh, I know! (Snaps, and Darkness Qui is seen wearing a diaper) (Laughs, including all the other ponies) FINALLY, people are laughing at my jokes!
  • Darkness Qui:...Guys, I feel like we WERE punked!
  • Narcotic: "Either that, or we were given a demon ritual that didn't work."
  • QP: "Or both."
  • Celisus: "When we get back, The Professor has ALOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO?!"
  • The embarised villains retreated in their ship and got away!
  • Batty: (He and RW Soul laugh) I can't breathe!
  • RW Soul: (Chuckles) You know, Batty, I never knew you to have such a sense of humor.
  • Batty: Of course. I have your voice. So what do we do next?
  • RW Soul: about a panty raid?


  • The Diva House of A Celeberty group known as "The Brit Cats".
  • Three Cat Teens are seen talking typical girl stuff like steriortypical valley girls.

Wardrobe room.

  • Batty and Robby snuck in from the airvent.
  • Batty: "There's their dresser! Where the underies are!"
  • Robby: "Oh, this gonna be more mature then when I did Man of the Year."
  • Batty and Robby open the drewers, and chick underwear a plenty!
  • Robby and Batty: "Aw, yeah...."
  • Batty and Robby started to play around with some the undies, until they hear foot steps, and quickly escape to the vents!
  • The Brit Cats came in!
  • Brit Cat 2: "Girl, that ain't naterol!"
  • Brit Cat 3: "Aw come on girls! It's not like this is the first time it happened!"
  • The other 2 Brit Cats: "..... Yeah, your right."


  • Batty and Robby laughed as they flew away!
  • Batty: "That was awesome! Now, let's do something more.... Actiony!"

An evil Super Villain's lair.

  • A voice: "Yes, all is coming into fall fruition!"
  • A Black suited super villain Makaw is seen!
  • Super Villain: "I, Doctor Psy-Rot, super-villain parrot, 10 times destructor, 5 times criminal mastermind, 8 times spelling bee winner, 1 time brony, have now succeeded in my new super weapon! The Par-rotter! (A raygun is seen), I will turn ALL into Parrots! IT WILL BE, A PARROTY UNIVERSE?! (LAUGHS!?)"
  • Dr. Psy-Rot tries to turn it on, but suddenly, Batty and Robby start to fly around and tease him, as he starts to freak out, eventally slamming face first into a self-destruct switch!
  • BOOM!
  • Batty and Robby are seen escaping. as Psy-Rot is seen screaming across the globe into jail!
  • BLAM!
  • Psy-Rot's voice: "I'LL SEEK, MY REVEGNE?!"
  • Robby: "Now, let's become successful entropaners for a product that's tecnecally been done before, but a thoundon times better!"


  • Batty and Robby are disguised as Rich Bats standing in front of a tarped object
  • Batty: "Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you......"
  • Batty reveils it!
  • Batty: "A SUBMARINE CAR?!"
  • Crowd cheers!

A spining Newspaper later!

  • Batty and Robby sat as rich people.
  • Robby: "Now let's get into the art business!"

Paris, the Love.

  • Batty and Robby are now artists.
  • Robby: "Ladies and gentlemen...."
  • Robby and Batty reveil a funny painting of Qui in the rediculious get-up!
  • Robby: "THE IDIOT DRAGON!?"
  • Art Lovers and critics laugh and enjoyed the art!

Another Spinning Newspaper!

  • Batty and Robby are rich!
  • Batty: "Now let's sue that logging company for trying to cutdown Ferngally!

Court Date.

  • Harvy Wadder: "And that's why without a doubt, the CEO of the logging company is to be punished for logging Ferngully for nearly freeing a dangerious demon!"
  • Grand Council Woman: "Well, you have made a strong cause. The CEO is to be sent to Prison 42, and his company disbaned, and Ferngully to become a protacted rainforest. Court ajorned."
  • Bailifts carry away a shocked CEO human.
  • Batty and Robby high-fived!
  • Robby: "Now let's fight monsters!"

A dark valley!

  • Batty and Robby are fighting various monsters through another actiony montage, as this song plays
RPG Maker VX Ace ~ Battle 1

RPG Maker VX Ace ~ Battle 1

  • Batty and Robby battled from Slime Monsters, to Goblins, Hobgoblins, Trolls, Ogres, Wolfs, Bandits, Monster Bandits, Giant Bugs, Grimlins, Horror Movie Icons, Skeletons, Zombies, Monster Unicorns, Demons, Giants, Mutants, Renigades, Dark Lords, Overlords, Warlords, Dark Gods, Cults, Fanactics, Alien Invaders, Sirens, Corrupt Rulers, Despots, Death Worms, even a Cottan Candy Monster! And it ends when the music ends as they stood ontop a pile of their defeated enemies.
  • Batty: "Now let's discover and save a lost city, IN THE NINTH DIMENTION!?"

The Ninth Dimention!

  • Groog-Grrog was an evil adviser!
  • Batty brings out a Banana, Groog-Groog sees it, and makes moneky sounds!
  • Groog-Grrog grabs the banana, but realises he lost the jewel!
  • Robby has it!
  • Robby: "Like giving candy to an evil gullable baby to take away a powerful jewel! Now the civilisation of NOOP NIIP can cease being lost!"
  • Royal guards grab Groog-Grrog.
  • A king appeared!
  • King: "YOU SAVED MY CITY, "SLOOP SLOOP"! YOU ARE HEROES!? What will you do next? JEEK JEEK?!"
  • Robby: "We'll be going back home, King Hoon Goon."
  • They left.
  • Robby: "Now let's do the same thing, in the 8th Dimention."

In the 8th Dimention, the exact same thing happened.

  • Batty: "Now let's became successful doctors!


  • Batty and Robby saved the life of the Sultan from Aladdin, who was choking on an arabian spice.
  • Sultan: "Thank you for saving me! I really should stop eating spice.
  • Batty and Robby left.
  • Robby: "Now let's be fire-fighters.

A burning building.

  • Robby and Batty put the fire out with a giant bucket of water!
  • Cheif: "Wow! Where did you get that bucket!"
  • Robby: "A gift from the 8th Dimention."
  • Batty: "Now, let's save Dreamworks China from a great unforseenable evil!"

Dreamworks China.

  • Temutai has turned into a magical giant thanks to a dark medailian!
  • Suddenly, the meddailian is gone, and Temutai shrunk back.
  • Temutai: "Qi-Don?"
  • Everyone attacks Temutai!
  • Batty and Robby high-fived!

Many crazy things later!

  • Robby: "Wow! Who to guess we would tame the Mares of Diomedes?"
  • Batty: "Yeah, and become repeatingly world famous, make villains look like idiots, save all number dimentions, battled monsters, get Ferngully legal protaction, raid the Panties of the Brit Cats and escaped alive, help Axle get a girlfriend,"


  • Axle and a Female Electric Eel is seen.
  • Axle: "I think we BOTH have, "Shocking", attractions?"
  • Female Eel: "Oh you, (Giggles)."

Back to Batty and Robby.

  • Batty: "Finally make Squidward a better cleanet player,"


  • Squidward plays Cleanet like a pro in front of thoundson of screaming fans!

Back to Batty and Robby.

  • Batty: "Stop a Grox invadion and made the Emperor cry,"


  • The Grox Emperor cries like a baby!

Back to Batty and Robby.

  • Batty: "Stopped the production of "Food Fight 2","


  • Robby and Batty buried a film reel that reads "Food Fight 2" into a hole in the middle of an uncharted part of Africa.


  • Batty: "Uncover the framing of a wrongly convicted Badger,"


  • A Badger prisoner is in Death Row.
  • A warden comes in with a happy look on his face.
  • Warden: "Guess what, Convict? You aint's a convict. You was right. It was your corrupt boss who murdered his wife and kidnapped his daughter. Your free to go, and you ain'ts gonna be dead.... All thanks to them Robin Williams Sound-a-likes."
  • The Badger smiled, a tear escaped his eye.


  • Batty: "And calmed down a King Kong Size baby,"


  • Robby and Batty sing "Hush now Quiet now" with Fluttershy to sooth A giant Baby the size of King Kong, as a Giant mother picked him up, and left with him.


  • Batty: "In a surprisingly amount of litteral minutes!"
  • Robby: "We must be THAT good! Now, how's about we do one last thing? Introduse me to your friends..."
  • Batty was relucent.
  • Batty: "What do I introduse you as?!"
  • Robby: ".... Uncle Robby?"
  • Batty: "...... GENIUS?!"
  • Robby: But just remember that you've got 5 hours left before I have to go back into the box.
  • Batty: Right. Genie told me where he keeps the box, so I shouldn't have trouble getting you there once it's time. Now...let's get going.
  • Robby: And you said you intend on letting the Lodgers know about finding my soul?
  • Batty: I'm actually deciding to tell them when I return you. If I'm found out before then, I'd be in BIG trouble! But, I can't let you go without showing you what I do outside of my movies.
  • Robby: I hear you fight evil with a group of other cartoon characters.
  • Batty: Yeah. We're being led by someone you might know by SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Robby: Oh, I know him. I made a brief cameo in the episode 'Truth or Square' once. Amazing how someone like him formed a team of heroes.
  • Batty: Well, it's a lot, I'll tell you that.

Dragon Temple

  • Batty: Everyone, I'd like you to meet my Uncle Robby!
  • Robby: Hi!
  • Fidget:...Batty, I don't remember you having an uncle named Robby, what's this all about?
  • Batty: "Well, before I was sent to a biology lab, I lived with a family of Fruit bats. This is my uncle Robby."
  • Robby: "Hey."
  • Po comes in laughing!
  • Po: "Hey guys, you should hear the Equestian News!"

TV room.

  • Pony News Anchors are laughing!
  • Male Anchor: "In an interesting turn of events, (Laughs), The local villain enfusiest, Darkness Qui, seemed to have been mysteriously punked by acclaimed assiated partner Eagle-Beak, into thinking wearing a tutu with a fastion boa and a mexican hat on a unicycle was gonna summon demons! WITH GIBBERISH?! (Laughs)!"
  • Female Anchor: "(LAUGHS), We now go to recorded witness footage of the insodent in question, which has already become an internet sensation!"
  • Darkness Qui: (On recording in her getup) "Rowdy Ruff Rowdy do, and halla-baloo, sings of stuff, and timbucktoo, kick'im in the dishpan, roo roo roo"!
  • Female Anchor: (She and the Male Anchor laugh out loud) I never knew Eagle Beak to do such a thing!
  • Shifu:...I'm starting to get the feeling that it wasn't Eagle Beak who made her say that.
  • Tigress: I agree. Somebody must've impersonated him into pulling a prank. I know Qui isn't very nice, but she doesn't deserve to be embarrassed like that.
  • Spongebob: "Also, I heard Squidward's clarenet career finally got off the ground spontaniously! It's like he got the motivation to play better!"
  • Skipper: "I heard Axle found himself a soulmate! Normally someone with an attatude like that getting a girl to like him is impossable!"
  • Kolwalski: "Also a strangely spontanious creation of an underwater automoble!"
  • Chi-Fu: "Someone stopped Psy-rot before he can do a dasturdly plan!"
  • Shifu: "Temutai was reported defeated in a midst of a desistating rampage!"
  • Boss Wolf: "Heard that logging company trying to cut down Ferngully got disbaned."
  • Icky: The funny thing is, those ain't the only odd acts made in the UUniverses! I heard there was a panty raid at the home of the Brit Cats. Plus, there have been other things happening simultaneously! Everyone who witnessed them claimed to have been helped by 2 bats that sounded like Ro--...(Everyone looks at Batty and Robby)
  • Batty:...What?
  • Skipper: Batty, did you and your uncle do these?
  • Batty: No!
  • Tigress: The truth, Batty! You know I'm good at bashing the truth out of people!
  • Batty: I'm being serious!
  • Tigress: Then how did your 'uncle' know where you were? We've never met any of your other family members, nor did we know where they were.
  • Robby: I...uh...I heard that Batty was still alive when the Shell Lodgers came along, and it took me a while to find him in an alley.
  • Crane: What were you doing in an alley, Batty? Weren't you with the CVBDC?
  • Batty: We were doing speeches for Robin Williams, and I couldn't bring myself to speak up, so I flew off and calmed myself down, and came back. Later, I heard someone in the alley, and I found Robby.
  • Spyro:...I don't buy it.
  • Cynder: Me neither.
  • Tigress: All those sounded like lies! You're hiding something, Batty! We have no choice but to confine you AND your uncle until we find out what's going on!
  • Batty: But I--(Tigress pounds the ground, shocking all the Lodgers)
  • Shifu: I'm afraid she's right, Batty. You're not seeming like yourself today.
  • Cynder: Besides, I'm sensing spectral energy on your 'uncle'. I'm afraid you have to stay here until you confess what's going on.
  • Batty: (Gulps)


  • Batty: (The Lodgers lock Batty and Robby in his room, and they barricade the windows) NO!!! LET ME GO!!!
  • Lord Shen: Unless you want to tell us what's going on, we're not doing such a thing. It's your choice! (They leave)
  • Batty:...Robin, what am I gonna do?!? With all this, I'll never get you back to the box! I'm gonna lose my soul!
  • Robby: Don't you know? Like Genie says, tell her...the TRUUUUUTH!!!
  • Batty: Robin, if they find out, they'll kick me out of the Lodge for sure! They CAN'T find out!
  • Robby: "Well, in hindsight, we propbuly shouldn't've brought attention to ourselves. I mean, becoming rich more then once, saving a multitude of dimentions, battling a dark valley full of monsters and villains, among other things, are BOUND to get noticed!"
  • Batty: "But's it's not like we hurt anyone..... Well, anyone GOOD. I can't really speak for the bad people of the universe to be honest."
  • Robby: "Still, I think we may've gotten TOO excited."
  • Batty: "..... You think so?"
  • Robby: "Well...... Yeah."
  • Batty: ".... Darn..... I guess, I got so excited to have you back I..... I got carried away."
  • Robby: "It's my fault too. I encouraged your momentary insanity as well."
  • Batty: "But I am still gonna be in trouble!"
  • Robby: "Well, not entirely! Aside from a Panty raid, and a albeit, rude childish prank apawn one of your enemies, you did mostly good things! You saved a rainforest, prevented the wrong doings of villains, cleasnes a cursed valley of random evils, contributed to socity, saved multiable dimentions, and did people great favers. Espeically me.... You gave me the best start of this icon's afterlife.... And made me wished, I didn't left so soon."
  • Batty shed a tear.
  • Robby: "We been through alot togather, and we'll make it through this one completely alright. They're your firends. I'm sure they won't kick you out."
  • Batty: "...... But they might still make me do WEEKS of chorses!"
  • Robby: "Yeah I'm not gonna deny that. You have to face the music in some way. But trust me that you did, mostly good things."
  • Batty: Okay, I'll tell them! How much time do we have until it's time?
  • Robby: 4 in a half hours.
  • Batty: Pfft, that's PLENTY of time! We'll get through this without problem.
  • ???: Good sacrifice, Batty! (The Lodgers came into the room with Genie)
  • Genie: I always knew you'd come to your senses.
  • Batty: Uh...what's going on here?
  • Shenzi: Well, to spell it out for you, we've known you've been hanging out with the soul of Robin Williams the whole time.
  • Batty: You have?
  • Genie: Don't look at me, I didn't tell them! They found out for themselves.
  • Shrek: Indeed. You see, we've been hearing that there was a Grim Reaper box missing somewhere in the Dragon Realms containing the soul of Robin Williams. We couldn't find it anywhere. We pinpointed the landing site of the box, and found that it was gone. It wasn't until we heard in the news about your actions with the soul that we knew you and Genie found it.
  • Genie: They found out I was with you because they knew you flew off during the CVBDC ceremony and I was out looking for you. Dr. Leaf Good told them everything.
  • Kowalski: So, doing a few calculations, we came to the conclusion that you found the soul, and have been spending time with it.
  • knew about it the whole time?
  • Sam: Yeah. Especially with the Pool of Visions. That thing makes us know EVERYTHING that's going on around the UUniverses.
  • Batty: (Chuckles) You guys REALLY had me there! For a second or two, I thought I was a goner!
  • ???: AND YOU ARE!!! (The actual Grim Reaper appears after lightning and darkness is seen)
  • Grim Reaper: Batty Koda, this is an outrage! You tampered with something that was forbidden to be tampered with! Life and death is a strict power, and can only be tampered with by Gods or those who are permitted! Unlike YOU!
  • Batty: Mr. Grim Reaper, I'm sorry!
  • Grim Reaper: I'm afraid apologizing cannot get you out of punishment! Your actions of tampering with the soul of Robin Williams just earned you a trip to the Underworld FOR ETERNITY!!!
  • Batty: NO! YOU CAN'T! I've got a life to live!
  • Grim Reaper: Oh, I assure you I can! Do you think it would be wise of us to allow souls to be free in the mortal world without consent? I'm sorry, but this cannot stand. You must pay for your crime!
  • SpongeBob: That would be ME, SpongeBob Backsass-Pants! I say you're making a big mistake! Batty here was just confused over the death of a voice actor, and couldn't resist the temptation of hanging out with him. I don't know how thing work in your version of the Underworld, but don't YOU hang out with souls every once in a while?
  • Grim Reaper: Yes, but that's for immortals only! His actions could've meant the crippling of my business!
  • SpongeBob: Yeah, but look at all the things they did! They might've gone too far with the pranks and stuff, but they helped innocent lives. They saved an ecosystem from dying. They saved the 9th and 8th dimensions! They even acquitted a poor badger. He saved you the trouble of taking in souls that died for no reason.
  • Genie: Plus, I hear that you HATE when people die for false accusations or misunderstandings.
  • Grim Reaper:...I...well, I guess that is true.
  • SpongeBob: Plus, he was intending to return the soul, wasn't he? He knew how much trouble he was gonna be in, and he was willing to make a sacrifice in order to return the soul. Surely that counts for something.
  • Grim Reaper:...That is also true....Very well! You've all convinced me. Find the box within 4 in a half hours, and I shall spare Batty's soul. But if you can't, I'll have no choice but to take it anyway, whether he deserves it or not. That's the rules.
  • Batty: We'll do what we can, sir! (The Grim Reaper disappears)...WHEW!
  • Genie: Well, let's get going! (Teleports everyone away)

Box's Location

  • Genie: (They teleport there, and see the chest where the box is located) I hid it in here so we can ensure it's not in the wrong hands. (He opens the chest, but when he looks inside, his eyes stretch out, and he literally falls to pieces)
  • Mr. Krabs: What's wrong?!?
  • Genie: THE BOX IS GONE!!! (Everyone looks to see the box is gone)
  • Viper: Oh, no!
  • Genie: But that's impossible! I ensured that it was magically protected!
  • Cynder:...Anyone we know who has been acquainted with Batty and Robin?
  • Batty:...(Chuckles) Well, we had no idea those actions would get attention!
  • Icky: (Sees a parrot feather)...Anyone know why this parrot feather is here?
  • Monkey: Not to mention some human hair?
  • Tulio: And some monkey hair?
  • Max: A Spore gear?
  • Iago: "Anyone notice a weird smell of brimstone, cemicals, machinery, and skales?"
  • Mushu: And...cotton candy?
  • Robin: Oh, God, don't tell me!


  • Darkness Qui, her cronies, and the various villains they humiliated have the box!
  • Professor Eagle-Beak appeared.
  • Professor Eagle-Beak: "Here's your proof, Qui. I told you one of the lesser lougers and a soul of a fallen celeberty were respondsable for your misfortunes, as well as these guys."
  • Psy-rot: "I told them I would seek my REVENGE, for ruining my parrot utopia?!"
  • Grox Emperor: "And humiliating the Grox?!"
  • The Logging CEO: "AND RUIN MY BUSINESS?!"
  • Crrog-Croog of the 8th dimention: "ME TOO?! ACK-ACK?!"
  • Cottan Candy Monster: "And ruin the Dark Valley!"
  • Narcotic: "Yeah so.... What do we do with the thing?"
  • Professor Eagle-Beak: "Nothing. We just simply hide out and wait until the Grim Reaper disposes of the fool for us."
  • Celisus: "So asentually, do nothing for 3 hours?"
  • QP: "......... So, now what?"
  • Professor Eagle-Beak: "Well, simply get to a hide-out to wait out the louger's attempts to seek us out and wait for the ineditable."
  • Croog-Crrog: "Where to do we hide? MOOK MOOK?!"
  • Darkness Qui: "Ok, seriously, could you STOP doing that? It's getting old!"
  • Croog-Crrog: "Can't! KOO KOO! My people do it on impluse! BLAH BLAH!?"
  • Professor Eagle-Beak: "ENOUGH! We'll merely hide in that lonely swamp cave! It's highly remote. Come, let us make quick haste!" (Qui teleports them all off)
  • Dodger: (The Lodgers and RW' soul appears there) Aw, man! I hate it when the smell gets lost due to teleportation!
  • Lord Shen: WE WERE SO CLOSE!!! We've got only 3 hours left to get Robin back in the box, and we've got NO IDEA WHERE THOSE DINGBATS ARE!!! HOW ARE WE GONNA FIND THEM IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS?!?
  • ???: Perhaps we can be of service. (The entire CVBDC Club appears)
  • Dr. Leaf Good: We may not be fighters, but we ARE willing to fight for a dead celebrity!
  • Heathcliff: We've all got enough skills and power to get the job done!
  • Stanley: Absolutely! I've stood up to evil before, I can do it again as long as I have FLOWER POWER!!!
  • Ratigan: Unfortunately, we can't help. As much as we want to, our villain teams would be pissed if we did a good deed, especially for the CVBDC.
  • Zigzag: You guys are on your own. Besides, we need to get back. And I guess it's as good a time as any to say the usual villain line: WE'LL MEET AGAIN, SHELL LODGERS!!!
  • Ratigan: Indeed! Bye-bye! (The two teleport away)
  • Fender: I guess it's time I showed what I'm really made of again! TITANIUM! Cuts through diamonds! (Gets a diamond and tries crushing it, but he can't)...URRRRGGGGHHHH!!! (Exhales in exhaust) Okay, maybe I'm NOT made of titanium, but I certainly am made of steel! That counts as being tough!
  • Emperor of China (Mulan): Yes! As much as I don't know a thing or two about fighting, I'm with you.
  • Mushu: Wait, YOU'RE part of them? I thought you were replaced in the second movie!...(Looks at the Mulan 2 DVD, and he sees Pat Morita's name on it)...Oh, yeah! (Chuckles) 2004, the guy was still alive back then.
  • Sandy: At least that crazy Master Udon isn't here considering he was one of the last roles Pat Morita did.
  • ???: Speak for yourself, Sandy son! (Master Udon from Karate Island appears)
  • Sandy: Oh, horny toads, I HAD to say it!
  • Master Udon: As much as I HATE you and your yellow friend for ruining my plans for your real estate, I am not like Ratigan and Zigzag. I'm of no league to ANY of the Villain teams. They see me as pathetic and a big failure. I'm willing to prove myself not to be made fun of by those cursed villains!
  • SpongeBob: Are you sure we can trust you?
  • Master Udon: For the moment, yes!
  • Emperor of China: He's right, you two. We've been acquainted with each other for a while, and he's closer to being reformed than I expected.
  • Sandy: Well, I don't feel comfortable with him after he left a bad taste in SpongeBob's mouth.
  • SpongeBob: Besides, I remember what you tried to do to Sandy! Especially in the fight. Oddly enough, that's what I remember the most.
  • Banzai: That's because Sandy was in her bra--
  • Shenzi: (Grabs Banzai's mouth, stretched it back, and let go as it slapped him in the face) Easy on the words, bark-breath! You've already embarrassed him and Sandy enough when we were helping Axxus!
  • Banzai: Sorry!
  • Ed: (Chuckles in amusement)
  • Trixie: "Ok, we need to think like villains! If we were stealing an object that belonged to a group of Grim Reapers, where would we hide?"
  • Icky: "Other then this one swamp cave I found, nothing."
  • Everyone had a realisation!

Chapter 5- Time to Go

Swamp Cave.

  • The Villains prepared themselves a camp.
  • Darkness Qui: "There! All these supplies will be good until the reapers did the deed!"
  • Celisus: "Honestly, I don't get why the lougers are going through all this trouble for such a minor member like that annoying bat! How do they put up with his, idiotcy!?"
  • ???: "Ya learn to love it, douchbags!?"
  • A backet of water lands of Celisus!
  • Poof!
  • Celisus was ash again.
  • Celisus: ".... Why would this acursed gag DIE ALREADY?!"
  • The Villains look to see the Lougers and the CVBDC appeared.
  • Psy-Rot: "What? What are the CVBDC doing here? They're not a violent group?!"
  • Grox Emperor: "Well, now, they're gonna be a DEAD group!"
  • The Grox Emperor pressed a button, and Grox Soldiers appeared!
  • Grox Soldiers: "FOR THE EMPEROR!?"
  • Qui's Drones appeared!
  • Croog-Crrog: "Croog-Crrog will sit this one out. BLUU BLLO?!"
  • Crrog-Croog: "Me too! BLEK BLEK!?"
  • The CEO and Corrupt Boss hid away like cowerds!
  • The Cottan Candy Monster summoned the other Dark Valley evils!
  • Psy-Rot pressed a button, and he gets in a Battle-Robot Mech!
  • Fender: "........ Anyone else getting second thoughts?"
  • Icky: "Please tell me we have more then just a non-violent club." (Suddenly, someone appears. It's Piper from Robots)
  • Piper: Did I miss the butt-whooping?
  • Fender: PIPER?!? What're you doing here?!?
  • Piper: Genie came and told us about Batty's problem. So I brought some people who are willing to help. (Suddenly, behind her they see the Robots group, Aladdin's group, the Ferngully group, the Happy Feet group, and the friends of the characters with dead voice actors) So let's get started!
  • Fender: Wow, Genie, you sure think ahead for us!
  • Genie: It's a habit!
  • RW Soul: Well, what're we waiting for? Let's fight!
  • SpongeBob: CHAAARRRRGGGEEE!!! (All the heroes and villains battle against each other)
  • Fender: (Does war cry)
  • RW Soul: (Flies around the fight, but before he can reach the box, he is caught by Qui) WHOA!!!
  • Darkness Qui: You're not going anywhere, Williams!
  • Batty: Come on, he needs our help! We've spent 2 1/2 hours looking for the cave, and we are NOT gonna let these villains waste our time! Come on! (The Lodgers pursue Qui, and they free RW' Soul)
  • RW Soul: Thanks! (Zooms towards the box, but each time, he is caught, and the heroes free him, only for the same thing to happen again)
  • Fender: (Is surrounded by villains, and he suddenly breaks into his 'Hit Me Baby, One More Time' routine and knocks them all out)...How do I do that, anyway?
  • Stanley: (Uses his green thumb to surround multiple baddies with vines, flowers, and sometimes carnivorous plants) FINALLY, I'm useful for once! (Chuckles)
  • Batty: (With RW Soul riding him) Just be careful with that thing, okay?
  • RW' Soul: Relax, I'm sure it's as simple as a single twitch! (Twitches his antennae)
  • Batty: L. Caesar, Emperor of Rome!
  • RW Soul: Okay, maybe not! (Does it again)
  • RW Soul: Okay, not that one! (Does it again)
  • RW Soul: Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!
  • The Bandits of Dark Valley are seen fighting the Mulan group!
  • Genie: (Turns into a ninja and duplicates himself, scaring off multiple enemies)
  • Discord: (Suddenly arrives with the Mane 6, Celestia, and Luna) Don't forget us Equestrians!
  • Robin Hood: Fortunately, there are some heroes in the CVBDC like us, a' Johnny boy?
  • Little John: You took the words right out of my mouth!
  • Napoleon: CHAAAAARGE!!! (Trumpet sounds are heard)
  • Lafayette: YEAH, WHAT HE SAID!!! (A ton of other cartoon characters are seen fighting the forces of evil as Batty and RW' Soul is seen flying above the commotion as they head straight for the box)
  • RW Soul: Come on, Batty, you got it!
  • Eagle-Beak: Make a fool out of me, will ya'? (Aims his scepter at them, and fires freezing energy to freeze them in place)
  • Batty:...Uh-oh!
  • Psy-Rot: (Takes out a laser gun, holds the blast in, and fires a massive energy blast)
  • Batty: Oh, this is gonna hurt! (The blast strikes them) OOF! (He starts flying in different directions without control) WHOA-OAH! GENERAL, I'M HIT! I'M GOING DOWN!!!
  • RW Soul: Batty, come on! We've got only 3 minutes left!!!
  • Batty: It's been an honor serving you! This is Private Batty, over and out!
  • RW Soul: Thin, Robin, think!...(Twitches the antennae again)
  • Batty: You're gonna eat lightning, and you're gonna crap thunder!
  • RW Soul: WRONG CHANNEL AGAIN! (Twitches the antennae again)
  • Batty: (In one voice) I won't give into you're timeshare vacation scam! (In another) Then give into my fists!
  • Master Udon/Sandy: AW, COME ON!!!
  • Batty: (Batty starts using Karate to battle against the evil, and dodge the weapon fire)
  • RW Soul: (Yoda impression) Use the power of the Tube, you must! (Chuckles)
  • Batty: (Continues fighting, and makes it closer to the box)
  • RW Soul: 1 minute left!!!
  • Qui: NOT SO FAST, BAT FU!!! (Blocks their path)
  • Batty: *Bzzz* (Takes Merlin's wand) YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! (Smacks the wand on the ground, pushing Qui out of his path)
  • Sandy: WAY TO GO, BATTY!!! (They try reaching the box, but Narcotic and Celsius block their path)
  • Narcotic: You're not going anywhere, bat-fart!
  • Celsius: We'll fry your ass if you even move a muscle!
  • RW Soul: 20 SECONDS!!!
  • Batty: *Bzzz* If you will not be turned, you will be destroyed! (Suddenly, electrical currents come out of his antennae, and zaps the two villains away)
  • RW Soul: Whoa, this guy is unpredictable!
  • Batty: *Bzzz* YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!!! (Begins throwing Narcotic and Celsius around like the Penguins as they try and intervene)
  • RW Soul: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4...(Batty throws RW Soul towards the box and everything goes into slow motion as all attempts to intercept it miss, and the soul goes straight into the box, and it disappears)
  • Qui: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo!!! (All the heroes cheer)
  • Everyone: BATTY, BATTY, BATTY, BATTY, BATTY, BATTY, BATTY, BATTY!...(They suddenly see Batty laying on the ground seemingly dying)
  • SpongeBob:...Batty! (They all go over to him, and see that he's weakened)
  • Batty: (Coughs) Come closer, Sponge!...It's getting' dark! *Bzzz* Tell Aunty Em to let Ol' Yellar out! *Bzzz* Tell Tiny Tim I won't be coming home this Christmas!
  • Fender: Okay, is this an act or is it real?
  • Batty: OH, IT'S AN ACT!!!
  • SpongeBob: Oh, WHEW! That was close!
  • Eagle-Beak: Dammit! We were SO close!
  • SpongeBob: Alright, Qui, you and your associates have done enough! You nearly cost our friend his life!
  • Qui: Well, do you have ANY idea what he did?
  • Shifu: We'll be sure to punish him dearly for that, but death isn't the answer! For your sake, it'll last for weeks!
  • Narcotic: It'd better! I'm not afraid to infect him with one of my viruses! An incurable one, no less!
  • Shifu: There will be none of that!
  • Shenzi: But just for your sake, we'll give you a 10-second chance to run for your f*****g life! You'd better run! 1, 2, skip a fe--(Qui, Narcotic, Celsius, QP, and Eagle Beak teleported away)...DAMN, I forgot they could do that!
  • Psy-Rot: "Uh..... (Heroes began to surround the left behind villains)..... Now now..... You wouldn't hurt a parrot with glasses on, would you?"
  • Croog-Crrog: "Mommy..... SOAP SO-" (The villains appear in jail all of a sudden, and they all scream as the camera is on the prison building)

CVBDC Club Building

  • Batty:...And he wasn't just funny to us, but he was funny to himself! He knew how to have a good time, and he enjoyed his characters just as much as he enjoyed his career. He killed himself because he thought there was nothing left for him, but now that he knows that he left a great legacy for us Robin Williams characters, I am glad to say that Robin Williams was a great and awesome person who we'll never forget. (Everyone cheers)
  • Ramon: Bien dicho, Batty! Bien dicho! (Spanish: Well said, Batty! Well said!)
  • Batty: Well, I'm at least glad that this whole thing is over with.
  • Icky: "Not just yet, Batso."


Dragon Temple Bathroom

  • Batty: Or not! (The toilet cubicles are seen smelling foul and covered in green slime)
  • Shifu: We were originally intending to have you do this for 3 weeks, Batty, but since you gave that amazing speech, we'll tone it down into 2 week. But 1 isn't gonna work because a promise is a promise, even to villains.
  • Batty: (Sighs) Very well, Shifu!
  • Cynder: "We do owe it to Qui and those other villains. They may be jerks and how, and do have to be punished for being such, but that only works for them if THEY did something to justify it! Villains are very dangerious people to prank, and Qui is not an exception."
  • Icky: "Yeah. We only screw them over if they try to screw innosent people over. That's the "Villain/Hero" agreement."
  • Batty: "Sorry guys. I gotten too excited for Robby."
  • Lord Shen: "Happens to the best of us. Now, commence your ogblingation."
  • Batty opens such a cubicale.

Outside the Temple.

  • Batty screams!

Meanwhile, at a concert.

  • Squidward appeared, Cleanet in hand!
  • Squidward: "THANK YOU MY ADORING FANS!?"
  • Fans cheer!
  • ???: "Yes, but they ain't gonna be from you!"
  • Squidward looked to see Squilliam.
  • Squilliam: "Simple! I'm here to succeed EVEN better then what you succeed in! I brought in the most talented Jazz Musition from a New York Grotto."
  • A Recolor of Squidward is seen, with a mustace, a jazzy suit, and a cleanet!
  • Squillam: "Squidward, say hello to, Squidmond."
  • Squidward: "Oh what does that pretender think he'll ever turn my fans against me? There is no way he--" (Squidmond starts playing far better than Squidward, and half of the audience adores him while the other half boo and throw garbage at Squidward)...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Squilliam: (Laughs) Not even your silly Shell Lodgers can get you out of this one! Enjoy your misery, Squiddy! (Laughs and leaves)
  • Squidward:...That f*****g douche!
  • SpongeBob: It's not that bad, Squidward!
  • Squidward: IT IS THAT BAD, I JUST LOST THE FAME THAT BATTY AND ROBIN WILLIAMS GAVE ME TO MY JERKOFF RIVAL!!! (Shrugs) If he didn't have 20 lawyers, I'd have his ass SUED for this!
  • SpongeBob: Well, at least WE still think you play well now.
  • Squidward: I don't care! My life has been ruined! (Cries away)
  • SpongeBob:...(Sighs)

Dragon Temple

  • TV: Good evening, I'm Scorch Scorchington! Our top story, The Giant and Little Monkey Men have escaped from prison, and have re-claimed control of the 9th and 8th dimension. And in other news, UUPD Police Officer Axle Watt was heard by neighbors to have been in an argument with a girl that resulted in domestic violence, and has been suspended from the police force for 2 days. Can you believe that he had won her heart for only 10 hours? He desided he would blame himself for being his free-spirited, open-minded self, and that his untameable nature is to blame, and desided to avoid trying to get another girlfriend for as long as he lives. Though he will be more cautious of accepting dating advice from Cartoon Characters that sound like dead celeberties.
  • Icky:...Wow, some of Batty and Robin's accomplishments are wearing off by the minute, aren't they? I mean, aside from Squidward's popularity falling flat on his face because of Squilliam.
  • Skipper: Yeah, now Squidward refuses to leave his room! He's been crying his eyes out since Squilliam humiliated him.
  • Fidget: It really SUCKS that Axle lost his girlfriend. MY GOD, things don't go well in his life, huh?
  • Sparx: Maybe he should consider going on a dating service. (Everyone looks at him)...What? Wouldn't it work?
  • Cynder: We'll pretend we didn't hear that!
  • Spyro: Totally!
  • Icky: "Well, I guess that means we should work on saving the 9th and 8th dementions from the Monkey men again."
  • Lord Shen: "In good timing! At least Batty's and Robin's previously successful attempt brought forth inspired heroes to stand up to Croog-Crrog and his clone. They won't be so oppressive these times around."
  • Cynder: "It's also sad that I heard overly concerned eviomentalisets had the underwater cars backlashed and boycotted, and the "Idiot Dragon" Painting got universeally pan thanks to harsh art critics, and we would soon have to deal with Psy-rot again."
  • Merlin: "But at least the Badger was able to be given justice, and the Galactic Federation made Ferngully a perimentally protacted forest, and not ALL of the accomplisements are being undone. Thankfully, Karma desided not to be THAT cruel to Batty."
  • Batty: (In the bathroom as a sloshy splash is heard) OOHHH, GROSS!!! I'M COVERED IN S*** AND P***!!! MOTHERF*****, MOTHERF*****, MOTHERFU--*Bzzz* Who wants chowder? (Barfing is heard)
  • Merlin: "...... With exception of THAT."
  • Sparx:...And I'll pretend I didn't hear THAT! (The group mumbles in agreement)

THE END (This scene played at the end)



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