Kratos has a forgotten and anicent history so old, not even Groch is aware of it. Inside the planetary heart of Kratos, is an anicent and powerful world destroyer Kinya Oh Jlies Salaboom, a god serpent of doomsday, it's more anicent then every form of good and evil in exsisence, even to that of the darkspawn and the devines! Gritch-Titanious grows desperate when the Dragon Army and a mere madman named Stoddart are becoming more imfamous then him! Gritch-Titanious, against the pleas of his own allies, goes forth to awake Kinya, only to end up becoming it's slave. Now Kinya threatens to destroy all of kratos, and usher in the end of all exsisence. Yet another insanely epic battle against evil, awaits the lougers, as well as this will be Ororo's biggest challnage yet.

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