The High Sisters are a group of 9 Alternate UUniversal females who are the leaders of The Dark Sisterhood who are known to be very neutral, yet ominous with their powers. They believe in a matriarchal society and reside on their Dark Sisterhood stronghold of Xeexar VI. They are known to bestow the powers of both science and magic and wield them in protecting their kingdom and even serving for bounties or for allies like the former Villains Act. While they are neutral, they are still known to be very mean and have sadistic personalities. They have strict rules that males aren't allowed, and male trespassers are killed no questioned asked. They embraced the use of illegal sciences and dark arts such as mental-attack spells and illegal resurrection technology. Despite their infamy, they are not evil, but they just run a kingdom that they believe is their own. Their dark religious beliefs in 'The Mother' is what gives them their edge, as the Mother is considered an unknown being that is, in Xeexar VI legend, had gone to illegal and dark extremes to protect her children. Some have rumored that some of the High Sisters are descendants of the Mother. They only follow the beliefs of the Mother, and do what an assassin's guild would do: a few odd jobs for 'colorful' clients for the right price.


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  1. Mistress Zalkiri- The leader and founder of the High Sisters and the Dark Sisterhood. She is the one considered to be the most related to the Mother herself, and she prefers dark magic instead of sciences. No man has ever met her and lived to tell the tale. She despises males because she believes that, due to their history of being the dominant gender like in our world, she had created a kingdom where only women were allowed, and men were killed when trespassing. She is a very ruthless leader, and was trained in martial arts and the magic that the Mother was rumored to have possessed.
  2. Charwoman Xade- A precognitive sorceress who serves as Zalkiri's soothsayer. She predicts the future and has a vast knowledge of dark magic, yet believes that men shouldn't be treated that badly because of what Zalkiri thinks of them, and that they have as much rights as women do. Zalkiri respects these beliefs because she respects her for her abilities and usefulness. She is soft-spoken and wise, and she knows when to defend herself with her martial arts skills.
  3. Falora Tharch XII- A feline galactic witch who was raised on a distant moon where she was taught in 'the language of violence' and therefore learned how to psychically predict her opponent's moves. She never speaks and since she was one of the most feared females, Zalkiri invited her to become a member of the High Sisters. Her reputation has lasted for 12 generations.
  4. Beast Keeper Zoella- The keeper of the High Sisters' long line of smuggled alien steeds and monsters, some of them rescued from the Helix Lord's destroyed monstrous creations. She prefers both dark arts and sciences since she had a personal fascination for magically or scientifically-created monsters. A near-fatal attack from Master Stromge has left her paraplegic and reduced to sitting in a rocket-chair.
  5. Sorceress Sarette- A cephalopod sorceress who had tragically hated men the same way Zalkiri does since her old boyfriend had betrayed their relationship. She ended up murdering him after being taught in dark arts by Zalkini, who protected her from the police forces that tried to arrest her for murder. She had since become a discriminant jerk who usually has the pleasure to kill male trespassers of the DS kingdom.
  6. Halcyone Dablee- An Ohrugan master of light magic and technologies. She was the mother of Master Stromge who had hated men ever since her husband tried to manipulate their house's deed so he could keep all their belongings following a divorce, which was illegal, and went as far as giving her a scar on her left eye. She had since left with Stromge and was forced by the High Sisters to raise him outside the kingdom for obvious reasons. Despite having strong feelings against males, maternal instinct prevented her from hating her son, as well as the small hope of making Stromge different from most men. But she unintentionally caused Stromge to declare a gang war against the Sisterhood after the founding of the Darkness Brotherhood, which cost Beast Keeper Zoella her ability to walk. Outside of being upset that 'typical male stupidity' corrupted her son, she still has feelings for Stromge, and secretly upset with Zalkiri for technically causing this, even when Xade did warn her that Stromge's fate was 'no doubt inevitable'.
  7. Mistress Galar- A female Korbiquat magician and scientist who was raised on Planet Recex, which was known to be a world where science and technology was replaced with magic. Supersoldiers, weaponry, medicines, even the power of flight was all created/powered by magic. Galar was an orphan from Korbitex, and while she still had her species' natural fascination with undersea life, she never showed it that much and was very ruthless after having been part of a magical enhancement project that increased her strength, abilities, and magical spells. She was soon chosen to be a member of the High Sisters since her experience with Recexian cultures and technology, and she was chosen to be an organizer of the DS's technologies.
  8. Tareen VIII- A former cybernetics tycoon who's family line went on for 8 generations until she lost her position due to her projects going over budget. Out of anger, she joined the High Sisters after stealing her projects' blueprints and had used them to help out with the Dark Sisterhood. She has a hard time learning dark spells since she doesn't find them very good for her taste, so she resorted to lighter magic. She helps provide money for the DS' technology and experiments.
  9. Doctor Charene- The head of the Dark Sisterhood's medical technologies. She has an entire group of doctors to help heal fallen guards for the kingdom. She is the only member of the High Sisters to have retained a relationship with a husband who was only allowed to contact her through outside means. She only visits him and her 8 children on holidays like an alternate Christmas. (Which they named 'Kraanmas').
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