After his last attempt to conquer Kratos, Tyranious has been believed to be dead after being blasted by an ion cannon. But what they don't know is that Tyranious has survived the impact and is still on the loose. However, the blast destroyed most of his body armor, and after years of evil, he is looking more like Tyrone again. But the ion blast has left him into short-term memory loss, and has completely forgotten about being Tyranious. This turned out to be a delight to his old friends when he was found by soldiers of Master Algor. Part of his body is hurt, and he is immediately treated. Tyrone's old friends decide that this is the perfect time to get him back. Given with the hieroglyphic walls that explained Kinya's other weakness, and the fact that Tyranious is temporarily stopped, they need to act and fast. Unfortunately, Ke-Pa becomes aware of this, and plans to restore Tyranious. Luckily, Tyrone's friends tell everything to the Shell Lodge and that they have the chance to get Ororo and Tyrone back. The Lodge accepts, and an epic race to restore friends' lives is hanging in the balance. They even convince Veronica to help them on their journey. They go on a search for the Superior who has the power to repair the hieroglyphic wall and reveal the true weakness of Kinya and save Ororo once and for all. They actually wind up with a Superior lizard girl named Ginger Lizardworth with nothing in her life after a series of horrible tragedies. But soon, the Lodge discovers that Ginger has the potential to get the job done because Grotch's ghost arrives and reveals that Ginger is the descendant of another wizard who was a friend of Ororo's ansister who sacrificed herself to save Kratos from Kinya. But they have to hurry fast because Ke-Pa and the Dragon Army have finally found Tyrone, and is about to remind him of his life. Will the Lodge save him before it's too late?

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