The Hurricane King

Subjuncta Storm, AKA The Hurricane King (Is that BADASS for a father of Storm King, or what?)

The Hurricane King, AKA Subjuncta Heaven or Subjuncta Storm, is an Equestrian satyr from the same conquering clan as his son, Sacana Storm, AKA The Storm King. In his time, he was a great conqueror who, like Storm King, believed that everything around him was too weak and relied on his conquering to protect them from themselves and other threats. In contrast to the Storm King basically being pseudo Hades, The Hurricane King was beyond dead cold serious, as he was literally heartless, cold, sadistic, and a persistent monster. However, ever since Storm King, his heir and co-second-in-command behind his daughter The Valkyrie Queen, was killed by Tempest Shadow by being smashed as a coal statue thanks to his power of the Obsidian Orbs, The Hurricane King started to falter with his family, given he would eventually lose his disowned son The Undergrowth King, who was disowned because of losing a clan tournament to Storm King and not taking it in stride, and lost track of his nephew The Sky Duke, along with that he deviated from the clan's ways as a sky pirate, as the rest of the family crumbled apart more then because of existing deviations. He in particular was dying of a broken heart, and by the time Valkyrie resurrects Storm King, the afflictions will be all too fatal, and before his death, he hands his son his staff, the Staff of Subjuncta, as it is 10x more powerful than Storm King's destroyed staff, the Staff of Sacanas, and is indestructible as his magic prowess was infamous. According to the bonus trailer in The Cephalopod Lodge Returns, he has the voice of David Warner (Narrator in Pooh's Grand Adventure: Search for Christopher Robin and Ra's al Ghul in Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond).


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Hurricane King's clan has been out conquering lands since he first became a conqueror himself, even dispite devients that either partically left their ways or became radically different then the clan. reguardless, the clan is still consistent congurors. He has a family of powerful Satyrs who are unique in one way or another, but they always traditionally carry the ability to manipulate weather along the side, as each member's staff is designed to steal magic and grant the user the power of whatever magic they steal. They have apparently been the reason why many lands outside Equestria are hostile and represent real life more than Equestria. Since the Chaos Wars left many lands independent since the ponies all centered themselves to Equestria, leaving other creatures, sentient or otherwise, to claim what was left, the Storm Clan in their homeland of Pana took advantage of it, conquering countless lands, yet Equestria proved problematic as ponies were the purest creations of the deceased Alicorn Gods, and could pose a possible threat. So, Storm King brought hope by killing the father/husband of Tempest Shadow and Aphelion Shadow, hoping to get a pony servant to discourage the land and make it easy to claim. However, it wouldn't be so simple. For more detail, click on the highlighted title.


Hurricane King is not only much more physically fit and muscular than his other family members including his son, but he has much more experience in combat and his magical prowess is notorious. He crafted many magic weapons for the Clan, and is the ultimate wielder of their trademark Collector Crystals that power each staff or weapon of the family. He has acrobatic capabilities, he can endure severe pain, he can survive the most fatal of situations, all through his cold-dead serious willpower.

His arsenal makes him the most powerful, if not feared, member of the family clan. His armor is composed of the same anti-magic metal that the clan uses to make anti-magic cages and shields, allowing him easy, but not complete, resistance to any magic spell. His left gauntlet is armed with Collector Crystals that allow him to punch and strangle the life out of his opponents and steal their magic for his own use and wield it should he lose his ultimate trademark weapon: The Staff of Subjunctas.

The Staff of Subjunctas is one of the most powerful weapons in the clan, and is not only indestructible thanks to Hurricane King's magic, but is 10x stronger than his son's staff, the Staff of Sacanas, as it serves as a weapon of combat and is in a way enchanted with a mind of it's own, and will only allow itself to be touched or wielded by someone suggested by it's real master, as it is easily theft-proof and shocks anyone unworthy but can still be lost, and though it is indestructible, it's power can be lessened with the right power. It also has the same Storm-based powers as all the other clan members, and can steal magic for the wielder's use.

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