Xandy is a great and magnifisent hero of the Alternate UUniverses, belonging to a proud and friendly species of sea squirrels called Hydrocabiais...or so she and everyone else was lead to believe. Turns out, the events that lead to the water tower incident and the devastation of Xerxes' kingdom was carefully manipulated, Lord Xandronian, a trusted former adviser of the last rulers of the sea squirrel kingdom and the as of now current ruler of Xandy's people, appears to be hiding secrets, about what really happened in the events that forever lead Xerxes down the wrong path, and that Xandronian may had been the one respondsable for the Villain's Act, or was among the few behind it. Xandy, Serpentos and Magnum invited the Lodgers to help them study more into the history of the prank that ruined everything, and are beginning to discover that the prank was magically rigged to destroy the town, and thus the populous was magically malmitulated into committing the devastation over a historical landmark already known to even just fall apart on it's own accord, and later upon Xerxes' invasion of lead to some but not powerful enough redemption for the race. They discover that there is a hidden room of filled with shocking scerets is found. Through this, Xandy is begining to discover a horrible secret about Xandronian: he is the one who had rigged the prank so he could trick the Hydrocabiais into invading Xerxes home, and killing his parents, thus creating a spark that would make Xerxes begin his evil reign, and thus kidnapped Qui to become the leader of the villains act. in otherwords, he's the real reason why there was a villain's act! After that, Xandronian corrupted every Hydrocabiais in his world into becoming greedy and power-hungry. However, he failed to realize that certain Hydrocabiais remained unaffected due to their wisdom being too great, including Xandy herself, and it also didn't help that Xerxes ended up wanting to destroy the sea squirls, and won the villains act over to his side on destroying them! And it's getting worse because Xandronian is planning to make Hydrocabisis the new dominant spieces by detonating a megabomb that will turn every creature in the Alternate UUniverses into a Hydrocabiais. When things turn bleak for Xandy when even her aunt and uncle turn against her, she, Magam, Serpentos, and the Lodgers must find a way to convert the Sea Squirrels from their evil before another Villains Act uprises.

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