The Ice Queen, AKA Gelus Heaven or Gelus Storm, is the beautiful yet menacing sister of The Typhoon King and one of the members of the family that went past weather based magic to see the raw power of the elements. The Ice Queen harnesses the power of ice and snow and sends lands of enemies and future slaves into a desolate winter kingdom more intense then even the frozen north. She mainly resides in the mountains of said Frozen North in because she has grown to like the cold and that she can no longer be unable to bare with anything less then super below celisus. She deemed the christail empire to be an insult to her frozen kingdom and thus aims to dispose of the christail heart so it too can become a proper part of a winter kingdom. Then she would proceed to turn Equestia into a winter wonderland to make sure her Freezing Empire Plans can't be easily thwarted. She not only has a goblin-eqsed Barbegazi underling named Freezey and a Klugetown-style black shapeshifting ferret named Black Snow, but she also several pet psonens (Ice phoenixes).


In having the body no different then The Love Queen, she is less flamboyent about her appearence and dons a complete typical ice queen attire and regel robes and capes. Because of being with the element of ice for so long, her fur was lost and left her to be without hair, leaving her bald, of which is isn't bothered with since she can no longer bare heat. She even keeps around a instint freeze pool that will freeze anything, even herself if she is not careful or without her ice spector to keep safe, and the effects are usually periment unless a force hotter then an entire galaxy's worth of suns are out. So if anyone aims to defeat the Ice Queen like such, be sure to get The Fire King out of the picture, because dispite the two being extreme polor oppisites, Fire King cares expanetionly about the Ice Queen as a fmaily member expanationly, because he would be hot enough to free her.

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