The Lougers, celebrating a huge victory against the demise of the Time Overlord and restoring all of time to it's proper-place, deside to spend some time with their friends in the heroes act. At first, they enjoyed hanging out, but when Masked Bolt comes in urgently about a new threat to his homeplanet, A new addition to the darksiders named Groamomo, a mammoth like monstristy with unbelieveable earthquake causing powers, the heroes act must act quickly, but then suddenly..... The AUU council already called in, and said a mysterious new hero came and ALREADY HAD defeated Groamomo, and vanished as quickly he appeared. Warson stated him as The Liberator, a lost legend that been's hiding out in a certain planet. Somehow, the Liberator must've dsicovered a lost teleporting relic talisment and used it to be able to appear in any world at once! Warson decreed that anyone capable to single-handedly defeat a beast like Groamomo MUST be included into the HA. However, Kafar and the Darksiders also know of the Liberator and plan to punish him for taking away their new member, all the while, including a new villain who's a deadly rival of Liberator: Enslaver, An convicted slave driver of the VA who also fought against Liberator and now wants revenge! Can the Heroes Act get to Liberator before the darksiders do?

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