The Lodgers end up accidentally into a multiversal mixup thanks to Tricky who puts them on a 'trial' to see what life would be like for them in different realities, timelines, and universes, while at the same time teasing those universes' Lodgers to do it including the Equestria Lodge Squad and the Clam Loungers. Experiencing different lives and outcomes seem to get to their heads and they must catch Tricky to end this insanity. But what was meant for Tricky to just mess with the misfits backfires on him as now Trickys of those other realities and timelines and universes have appeared as well and accused him of interfearing with their funbuddies, now all the Trickys began fighting each other! Can the Lougers and their counterparts be able to rid themselves of the annoyence of Tricky once and for all?

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