Cassity Mindrow, a man who was a victim of a Louger mishap thanks to trying to stop a super villain, sues the lougers for all their worth. Cassity hires Hammy Hammerhead, who intents to use all the past mistakes of the lougers and all the "Questionable choices" they made against them, in hopes this will make Judge Hourice Horse find the lougers guilty and force to pay all their money and budget on Cassity's injuriys. This may mean the end of the lougers by a financal standpoint. But The High Council has no intention of allowing the louger's end by using their resources to pay for the damages the louge caused in the past year and Saldaron making another contibution to them by rendering Cassity's desire to put an end to them a paradox and make the lawsuite alot easier make it that Cassity's injurys during the louge's mishap was an accident.

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