Devious Puppet and Jokester have a new friend: Maverick/Morte Bills, who at this point, is now the "Two-Face of the Alternate Universes", who appealled mostly to Morte while Maverick is helpless to break free and gain full control of his body and is just an alternate personally. Calling himself as the Lord of Persona, He, Jokester and Devious went on to commit a crime-spree throughout the original universes as the trio of dispear! Nation, distressed that his brother is being dragged against his will by a thug trapped in his subconcious, goes out of his way to get his brother alone, and forbids outside help! However, the presence of Devious and Jokester made it difftcult to even get near Maverick. Would Nation have to swallow his pride and get outside help from the lougers, before Maverick's name gets even more soiled then it is already?

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