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The Lost Boys

Lost Boys are a group of ragtag young boys led by Peter Pan in Never Land in Disney's 1953 film Peter Pan and its sequel. The Lost Boys are all boys until the release of Return to Never Land, where Wendy's daughter, Jane, becomes the first (and only) Lost Girl.



Slighty is the second in command. Slightly wears a fox costume and is shown to be the oldest member (and the tallest) of the Lost Boys.


Nibs is the most active. He wears a rabbit costume and doesn't talk much. Nibs may be the most minor Lost Boy.

The Twins

A set of twins that finish each other sentences. Although they are known for this, they do not carry it out in the sequel; instead, they talk at the same time. They wear raccoon costumes.


The toughest of all the Lost Boys. Cubby may be the most famous Lost Boy. Cubby is large and overwieght and speaks as if he does not have much knowledge. Cubby wears a Bear costume.


The only Lost Boy without a speaking voice; to compensate for this, he uses a large pad of paper to communicate (though this isn't revealed until Return to Neverland). Tootles is the youngest of the Lost Boys and seems to be the most cunning of the group. Tootles wears a Skunk costume.


Peter Pan

In the first Peter Pan film, the Lost Boys made their first appearance when Peter took the Darling children to Neverland. The jealous Tinker Bell told them a "Wendy-Bird" had started a flight across the island, and needed to be hunted down. This later led to conflicts between Peter Pan, the Boys, and the Darlings, John and Michael Darling wanting to join their wild brigade as not only the natives of Neverland, but Lost Boys themselves. The Lost Boys also viewed Wendy as a mother-like figure, demanding she told them stories. It eventually all came down to the final battle with Captain Hook, the children victorious in the end. The Lost Boys were sad to lose their "mother," but reluctantly allowed the Darlings to return home under Peter Pan's watchful eye.

Return to Never Land

In the seqeul to the Peter Pan film, Wendy has grown up and has a daughter of her own: Jane Darling, a high-spirited girl who does not believe in her mother's stories of Never Land as her little brother does (though this is mostly due to war pressure). Her opinion is forced to change, however, when Captain Hook kidnaps her. Jane is rescued by Peter Pan and is taken to the home of the Lost Boys. Tootles reminds Jane of her little brother. It is then the Boys' job to teach her how to have fun. It all winds down to yet another final battle with Captain Hook, the Lost Boys having finally unlocked Jane's inner child.

House of Mouse

The Lost Boys made numerous background appearances in House of Mouse. In "Chip N' Dale", the boys were seen struggling to open a bag of peanuts until they were helped by Tinker Bell. In the episode "Donald Wants to Fly", the boys are apart of a Never Land band and can be seen on stage singing along as Peter sings a version of You Can Fly. After the song they all fly back to Never Land with Peter and Tinker Bell.

Note: For some unknown reason, Tootles was not seen flying back in the end of the episode.

Role in the series

In the Spongebob series, the Lost Boys reprise their role from the two films. Later on, after Captain Hook is defeated and the Phantom Heartless destroyed, the Lost Boys join the Shell Louge Squad while Peter Pan decides to go to Yen Sid to train to become a Keyblade Wielder due to the fact that Axel/Lea did the same thing in KH 3D.

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