Utrillon. A forest planet which has prehistoric-like fauna and flora, large rock and lava formations, beautiful landscapes, and several Teadr 6 communities which consist of kingdoms and city-sized villages. This world has been distinguished for it's high amounts of magic inhabitants, though a quarter of them has no magical capabilities and believe they can live well without it. The world is primarily ruled by the Mage Kings, powerful masters of magic who control the Mana Territories, while the rest of the planet is occupied by non-magical inhabitants called Freelanders, who, despite starting out as slaves and soldiers who rebelled against their former masters and now control a quarter of the planet's territories, are allowed to be free in their own territories in return for their loyalty to the Mage Kings. However, tensions have existed between these two sides before, often because of their conflicting habits including magic interfering with the Freelander's non-magic traditions, in turn sometimes causing wars between the two people which seemed to allow the Freelanders to discover technology in the form of guns, mobile devices, electricity, and holograms, though they still retain a feudal society with the Mage Kings. However, the problem now escalates as the Freelander leader, King Mortass, has made a declaration that magic should be removed from Utrillon and that it should be a Freelander planet only! As such, Mortass proposed the creation of an anti-magic weapon designed to render spells useless and destroys magic users! The Mage Kings have been offended by Mortass' affrontful behavior and have declaired that the freelanders should no longer be free anymore and should go back to be under their control to prevent another such threat! The top Mage King, Mage King Arcane, leads this crusade to quell the freelander uprising and has called for the use of magic created abominations to destroy Freelander areas, whether their millaterry outposts or even villages. After being informed of the problem by a spy drone, the HA alarm the lougers of what's going on, and this situation puts Pang Bing in personal woe. She's conflicted whether to fight for magic's side since Mortass is a clear jerk, but to defend the freelanders because Arcane is encouraging their bad behavior. Fortunately, it's desided that both these kings have lost their way and need to be removed. Luckly, they have heirs, Mortass' son, Prince Nortbutt, and Arcane's valued daughter, Mage Princess Spellcraft, are two star-crossed lovers seperated by their idiotic fathers and mothers afraid to get scorn from their husbands to ever truely be supportive other then in secret. Even their friends are too cautious about the idea of a freelander and a magic user being in love thanks to established tension created prejudices. Nort and Spellcraft are perfect to liberate these sides of their bitter rulers for good, all the while, keep the two safe from a envious rejection intolerent suiter for Spellcraft, Mage Prince Dorkus Arts and from the creater of the anti-magic weapons, Hammerforr The Blacksmith, who doesn't want his creations to go to waste for anything, espeically not two star-crossed lovers. Can our heroes save both sides from themselves against a terrable war?

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