Magic Realms

The Magic Realms

The Magic Realms, also known as the Realm of Magic, are 26 united dimensions that are the biggest source of magic in the multiverse for being the central location of the biggest mana cluster in the multiverse inside colorful unigalaxes. Magic is known to exist as molecules charged with quantum energy, otherwise known as mana, the power source of all magic that can manipulate reality and thus gives magic it's unexplainable methods of working. The Magic Realms are composed entirely of quantumized matter and therefore is entirely mana. Thus the dimension is inbound of all normal physical laws and nothing is completely sensible. But because of it's unexplainable physical laws, as well as it's elegance and beauty, people who enter have a habit of forgetting who they are and often end up trapped there forever because their minds can't process the beauty without losing their self-awareness, and can only remain self-aware if they are beings of pure magic or mana, which is referred to as a 'thaumadyte'.
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