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Magic Realms Unigalax

The Magic Realms, also known as the Realm of Magic, are 26 united dimensions that are the biggest source of magic in the multiverse for being the central location of the biggest mana cluster in the multiverse inside colorful unigalaxes. Magic is known to exist as molecules charged with quantum energy, otherwise known as mana, the power source of all magic that can manipulate reality and thus gives magic it's unexplainable methods of working. The Magic Realms are composed entirely of quantumized matter and therefore is entirely mana. Thus the dimension is inbound of all normal physical laws and nothing is completely sensible. But because of it's unexplainable physical laws, as well as it's elegance and beauty, people who enter have a habit of forgetting who they are and often end up trapped there forever because their minds can't process the beauty without losing their self-awareness, and can only remain self-aware if they are beings of pure magic or mana, which is referred to as a 'thaumadyte'. This magic can be administered via 'magic pools' that can exist in select worlds chosen to spread this magic, though sometimes magic doesn't always come out as it traditionally does, as in some worlds, it transforms into radically different sources of a world's greater power, be it Chi like in Dreamworks China, Superpowers like for worlds with superheroes or villains like the Superiors of Kratos, or even just enter the imagination of those without those powers and inspire them to create science and allow for futuristic creations, making the Magic Realms more influential in less-magic thriving worlds than some would believe. All this made possable by it's heavenly core and it's tree of life sytile giant cosmic tree and ever producing shorce of all these things, The Everything Tree. Alchourse, the flow of these gifts need to be balenced and distributed equily so to avoid over-powering and underpowering realms, so it works in unison with it's planter, Thaumorpheus, the Magical Elder of the Amoral Ones.

PTE Redux Conditions: The Magic Realms won't be the only source of magic in PTE's United Universes, but it will be an important part of PTE-X's U.M.S. (short for Universal Magic System).



The Magic Realms are the multiverse's source of magic. They bring not only magic, but they also bring the ability for one's life force to manifest, creating Chi or Ki. They also inspire the sentient mind's ability to imagine due to mana's ability to alter reality and it's presence in quantum energy across a dimension.

Mana takes the form of any of the four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. As a solid, mana comes in many forms. When metallic molecules are quantumized, they become mythril, a mythological substance used to forge magical weapons. When minerals are quantumized, they become agas, or crystals that can be used as a fuel source or ammunition for any magical weapon, including Firaga, Blizzaga, Aeroga, Thundaga, Curaga, Graviga, Stopga, Magnega, and Reflega, among others. As a liquid, mana is similar in manner to the most commonly-found liquid in existence: water. Though viscosity is 20% greater to where a glob can stay in the palm of your hand. Liquid mana commonly appears gold, but it can also come in different neon colors. As a gas, mana can be the most dangerous, as it makes up most of the atmosphere of the dimension, and is the most responsible for the Realm's amnesiac effects. But depending on the kind of mana gas, the effects are random. As a plasma, mana is at it's most powerful. In this state, mana does the job of magic and it is the form it takes when in use.

But there are also different variants of magic. Mana is very sensitive to the body, mind, heart, and soul of the user, and emotion can give it changes. Black magic is created from negative emotion and can appear green, purple, or black. In it's purest form, it appears dark purple. Black magic can also be contagiously corruptive to the body, mind, heart, and soul. It creates Lucid, Dark Matter, Writhing, Dark Ingot, Rampant, certain Dream Piece, and Sinister agas, can create monsters as a liquid due to it's collective nature, can corrupt as a gas, and can be wielded as a plasma. Chaos magic is an unstable magic created from mental torment and an instability between light and dark. This magic takes no consistent form or color unless it assimilates existing matter. As a solid, chaos magic creates Chaos, Evanescent, Illusory, Mystery, Ankharite, and certain Dream Piece materials. As a liquid, it has a brainwashing and intoxicating effects to even aquatic wildlife, and can creature monsters of chaos due to it's collective nature. As a gas, it's a very haunting hallucinogen that can damage one's perception or mind. As a plasma, chaos magic can be dangerous and toxify reality. Equinox magic is the stable version of chaos magic and is created by enlightenment and inner peace. It mainly appears white or a very light color. As a solid, it creates Orichalcum, Betwixt, Spirit, Adamantite, Soothing, Twilight, Wellspring, Hungry, Remembrance, Tranquility, Shining, certain Dream Piece, Electrum, Fluorite, and Damascus materials. As a liquid, it has enlightening effects and can rejuvenate to a maximum level. As a gas, it can enlighten and guide those who breath it. As a plasma, this magic is capable of doing anything the other kinds of magic can.

However, the Magic Realms can also contain an opposite of magic. There exists antimatter that is quantumized. This kind of magic is dubbed 'antimagic' or 'antimana'. This magic is dangerous and has the ability to destroy magic. As a result, it has been forbidden in the realm. Antimagic appears in a blackish color and is 50% more viscous than water, acting like a sludge. As a solid, antimagic can destroy any magical weapon no matter how adamant or dense it is, and it's mere presence in a magical or enchanted environment can completely destroy magic in it's proximity. As a liquid, it can poison one's mind, wiping one's magic, chi, or imaginative qualities. As a gas, it can destroy any mana it comes in contact with, and poison the magic, chi, and imagination of whoever breaths it. As a plasma, antimagic appears green and like black magic, and is summoned through negative emotion.

Physical Laws

The Magic Realms are known for it's effects. The mana composition of the dimension can effect one's self-awareness, self-control, cognition, intelligence, memories, or thinking when exposed long enough. Though like normal matter, the effects differ depending on the kind of mana inhaled. It can cause hallucinations, mood swings, bodily changes, and even death. Prolonged exposure can even cause people to get assimilated into the dimension, turning them into living mana, and into creatures called 'thaumadytes'.

Though remedies exist to nullify the Realm's effects. Though only the Realm's keepers can reverse the effects, concoctions of imagination and joy, such as certain desserts, can make people immune to the Realm's effects. Sugar is a cosmic concoction very common in the Realm of Magic, being found in even the soil of it's worlds, and it partially explains it's hyperactive effects. Ingesting it in different forms in the Realm of Magic can cause different effects. Pudding, for example, can restore the sanity of the one who ingests it. Gelatin can quantumize the matter of the one who ingests it for a limited time allowing them to use the magic and wield it like a god. Rock candy can allow the one who ingests it to synthesize any kind of magic in it's four states of matter. Chocolate can grant increased awareness and intelligence of the realm for a limited time. Jam can turn one into a thaumadyte for a limited time. Ice cream can enhance the bodily system to handle the physical laws of the Realm for a limited time. Yogurt can heal any magical ailments. Syrup or molasses can enhance one's senses to the magic of the Realm for a limited time. Custard can improve the personality of the one who ingests it. Any combination of these remedies in a recipe can allow for anything to happen.


Magic Realm Environment

The Realm of Magic has life of it's own. Though the most prevalent can be found in space, certain worlds can house a variety of lifeforms. Common ones include manajellies, jellyfish that can fly in the denser mana gas of the Realm like water. Other animals include thaumavores, which consume magic for nourishment. Crystalloids are giant brain-like living aga crystals that are sentient because the light reflecting in their bodies act like data and therefore a brain, and have magic powers depending on the kind of aga they're made from. Sauricorns are burrowing colonial iguanid lizards that can use magic as a defense mechanism and eat the sugars that can be found in the soil of their subterranean homes. Drakes are komodo-like lizards with elemental breath fuelled by their mana diet. Manaflies are prevalent fireflies that can use their bioluminescent quantumized abdomens as a defense mechanism. Narwhals have horns of mana allowing them to wield it, whales can swim in space and grow to be the size of a star, amphibians can take hundreds of metamorphic forms, flying stingrays, sea serpents, among others.

Flora can also be prevalent. Plants include lillypad trees, manaberry bushes that grow purple fluorescent berries that can only be consumed by creatures native to the Realm, flowers bloom very quickly and can come in different sizes, trees can grow into the size of a skyscraper, cactuses have glowing regenerative thorns filled with mana and have biology similar to sea urchins, among many others. Fungi can even be prevalent and contain mana, and ingesting it can cast a spell on you like consuming hallucinogenic mushroom. All flora in the Realm are bioluminescent.

The magic oceans of the realm are also very sparse but beautiful. Corals can have hundreds of metamorphic stages and have random appearances. Many of them are bioluminescent. Kelp always appears in neon, swirling colors and are also bioluminescent. Anemones of the oceans are known to use stings that cast spells on their victims. Reefs are almost everywhere in the oceans of the Realm. Like flora, all reefs in the Realm are bioluminescent.

Some of the most dominant species of the Realm is unicorns. They have sentience and the ability to channel magic with their quantumized horns. Dragons are also common and feed on magic to power their elemental breath. Some other forms of wildlife were accidentally introduced from the Realm including Lion Dragons, Capricorns, Hydras, and so on.