The Map sends the Mane Six and Young Six to the land of Lycania, which is the homeland of a race of griffin-wolves called Feonixes, who wield magic like chi, and discover through someone named Infinity Clover that the feonixes have been joined to a summit with his own race, the Hippofeonixes, the Feonix equivalent of hippogriffs who hid in an enchanted forest since the Storm King invaded for it's magic. However, there is a giant debate over the Hippofeonix king King Quarko over the fact that they fought the hippogriffs and yet proved just like them when they hid upon Storm King's attack and left much of their ancestral race to die. It's discovered that a rogue hippogriff named Updraft Cyclone, one of the most fierce loyalists of the lost sister of Novo, and abandoned Seaquestria upon being the most angry at Novo's actions, and has sworn to prepare the world for another threat like that, but is doing it as a sociopath out to bring a world war. What can be done to stop this?

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