The Magical Elder, known by many other names such as Thaumorpheus, is an Amoral One and the most magical entity in the multiverse. He is the owner and creator of a mega universe that is noted as the biggest source of magic throughout the entire multiverse called The Magic Realms which is essentially the heart of magic itself. Made entirely of reality-warping quantum-charged molecules called mana, The Magical Elder is the guardian of all the magic in the multiverse from his own dimension where he takes the form of a graceful angelic creature of 90% magic, and appears the same way in other dimensions. Being an outer god, the Magical Elder is an amoral transsentience who decides the fate of magic in any dimension that uses magic. His own dimension has physical laws that are inconsistent and never the same and thus is incapable of harboring certain people from different dimensions. He is magic incarnate, able to do anything possible and yet the results of his power vary, being both the beauty and darkness of magic itself, can control and read all uses of it, can bend the use of magic in any conceivable way, and he can see magic's ultimate potential.


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