The Masked Bolt

Barvin Tory Flume

Barvin T. Flume, AKA The Masked Bolt, is an Alternate UUniversal Rarrip from Planet Tarcidon. He was just your usual swordsmith from a family of sword makers and didn't cared much for something as trival (to him) as fame and was pretty happy being just another ordenary guy. His brother, Earsin Flume, is a total outcast and the family black sheep. He stolen things, pranked people, and commited some rather innapprobeate acts with a can of paint concerning, "privates." Barvin was always forced to bail him out by speaking in his name and pays for all damages. Until one day, when Earsin stolen, of all things, a ring belonging to a rekindised dignitary of the AUU council, he had enough and desided to let his brother be arrested and to learn his lesson for good. However, he didn't expected Earsin escape, frame him for a bank robbery and became a reknowned terrorest known as "Eviscerator", thus forcing Barvin to vanished into obscurity, become "The Masked Bolt", and take down his brother and any other forms of villainy, and find a way to clear his name. He has a speical engry sword fittingly shaped like a thunder bolt, a cape that is battle damaged from many fights, and basicly, is like an alternate universe batman... Except, for being an alternate alien raptor with lazer swords.


Barvin was born on the ecumenopolis planet of Tarcidon along with his twin, Earsin, as the son of a family of sword-smiths who created energy blades for many of the planet's police knights for eons, each of which represented justice and loyalty. Because the parents died from a violent mugging and the two had to be raised in an orphanage, Earsin became a bit of a troublemaker, which lead to him becoming the black sheep of the family, and commit a mess of 'dishonorable' things such as thievery, peace disturbances, and many others that the police decided to place him in probation and said that he would be sent to jail if he continues his actions. Barvin had to live with Earsin's growing recklessness because he felt it was his duty as a brother and the closet to a real caregiver.

Barvin watched over his brother for a long time, as Earsin kept doing stupid thing after stupid thing after stupid thing, which was a challenge to maintain, as well as maintaining a successful smithing business. But the act that pushed it too far was stealing a ring from a Grand Council dignitary. He was caught just before he could even get near the exit, and convinced the naturally-angered authorities to have his brother vouched for him. Despite his begging for his brother to protect him, and not realizing that the dignitary was a relatively-understandable and forgiving person, Barvin decided that he should learn his lesson and be sent to prison for his own good, essentially considering stealing from a Grand Council member to be what crossed the line because he was afraid his business would not survive justifying someone who stole from a respected dignitary, and failed to realize that the dignitary wouldn't have any true hard feelings.

Filled with anger and heartbroken betrayal, Earsin turned more rotten than he already was to begin with, and sought out a not well-thought-out way to make his brother want to be sympathetic again. He was able to escape prison, and use his identical looks to Barvin to frame him for a bank robbery. When this lead to the police chief into believing that Barvin has turned rogue because of years of financial and reputational damage stress caused by having a rotten brother that kept wasting time and money and assumed that Barvin became a victim of self-corruption and turned renegade, he aimed to turn him in. It helped little that the same chief of the police was known to be very dimwitted, and pretty much the entire force that obviously known better were unable to convince him otherwise of the fact that Earsin was missing and were forced to begrudgingly go along with it on the 50% chance Earsin would screw up and commit another crime to prove Barvin's innocence. However, Barvin escaped and got angry at his own brother for costing him his own normal life, and scarred out his eye with his father's energy sword so that he could no longer frame him for any of his crimes again. Both of the brothers are still chasing each other around to this day.

With his life ruined and the police chief still moronicly persueing the capture of Barvin not realizing his innocence to the annoyence of fellow cops and even the general public who are being fully aware of Barvin having a rotten twin, Barvin started hiding in the shadows and using his own swords to do what they were meant to do, seek justice. Thus he became the masked vigilante known as 'The Masked Bolt', who would move in and move out on a crime and stop it, leaving no visible traces of his existence behind. He has been hiding ever since he was framed by his brother, and while his own brother would become a terrorist, it would be up to him to stop him until the very end.


"Who am I? Your worse nightmare, dirtbag."

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