Cult of Mimicry Stmbol

The Mimic Cult's symbol

The Mimic Cult
is a cult of Superiors that all share the Superior superpower of Power Mimicry, the ability to absorb and copy the powers, memories, and talents of anyone they touch. It is lead by a group of 7 Superiors, the main leader being a llama named Copyrightous, who was banished from Prometheon for his crimes against the public. Since it's founding, the Cult has been planning to take over Kratos with their powers by finding the most successful power-absorbing Superiors and showing them what tempting but evil things their powers could be used for. Their forces have the greatest stealth and tactics of all, and when they want to capture a target, nothing was able to stop them. No Superior has been able to resist the urge to join them, and one of their recent targets is Ororo Joltzen, a humble ocelot that Algor tried to protect from them.


(I'm still not ready to tackle this again. The last time I tried, it ended up failing because, reasons over a pizza break.)


  1. Copyrightous
  2. Copyrat
  3. Ripper-Offer
  4. Mocker Bird
  5. Spontaneo
  6. Leo Chameleo
  7. Mimicrier
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