The Heroes Act are beat from another mission and decide to spend time on Harbanisan, hoping to spend time with Olarm and friends. But because of unexpected circumstance, they instead go to a planet in the same system called Morbius, which Goodblood recognizes as another ghost-story-filled planet, including the story The Monster From Lake Izidor invoving a 16-year old human child named Gus who fell into a toxic lake and mutated into a fish monster, and was never seen again until he tormented girls until he was inevitably slayed. No one knows if this story is true, but no such lake has been found. But this changes when The Heroes Act goes for a camping trip to Camp Rodizidor, the cheapest camp available, and it is apparently a calm and beautiful camp at best. Things seem fine for the Heroes, but Xandy seems to be terrified when Goodblood tells the story about Gus and Lake Izidor, showing legitimate fear of the water, and doesn't go in even when Chase does. Things get worse when Chase disappears the next morning. The heroes hold their breath when they discover the not-so-subtle word play of the name of the camp that might suggest that they are at Izidor, but Xandy is too convinced to find her best friend, fearing that he may be suffering. But then, Hudson disappears the next day, and thus they decide to contact the Shell Lodgers. Feeling that nobody is making the investigation go any faster after they spend much time doing little to nothing but ding wacky things and so on, Xandy feels it's up to her alone, and she heads down into the lake for clues, finding enough to locate a hidden cave that leads to a disgusting slimy tunnel, and discovers that Gus is real, and is planning to drown Xandy's closest friends and boyfriend as an act of revenge against Xandy's family. It is revealed that when Xandy's father, Xavier, was young, he went to Camp Izidor, and was bullied by Gus himself. Xavier, at the time, was scared of water, whereas Gus was a natural at swimming. Xavier decided to swap places during swim-time, thinking it was contaminated. Turns out, it was. Thanks to the toxins from a nearby factory, Gus' extended stay in the lake turned him into a mutant fish monster, and he blamed Xavier for this, and plotted revenge. But before he could do it, he was forced into hiding when Xavier reported this to the Morbius Department of Health. The toxins in the lake were cleaned out, and Gus hasn't been heard from ever since, and had spawned the highly-exaggerated horror story for 'movie drama'. Now that Xavier is dead, Gus went for the next best thing: his orphan daughter, who actually later on gets a crush on her and decides to turn her into a fish mutant like him using much of the toxins that he preserved from the sterilizing of the lake. But the Lodgers discover this as a result of Sandy planning ahead for Xandy to do this on her own and sending the SpyBug (Which now has a water-proof bubble shield) and show the footage of Xandy's underwater investigation and follow her paddles to the cave and rescue her, Chase, and Hudson, though after hearing Gus' lust for Xandy, they decide they want to help Gus and cure him from his state because he is a human (or technically was), and is but a victim of a troubled childhood and misguided feelings, and decides to bring the only person who can identify: Olarm, which they manage to contact and bring no problem despite the HA's failure to get there. Will our heroes stop Gus and give him a better life?


Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom music - Industrial Park

Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom music - Industrial Park

Intro/Climax Theme

Intro/Climax Theme (SpongeBob Battle For Bikini Bottom Soundtrack- Industrial Park)
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