The Mooqin

The Mooqin is an Alternate UUniversal monster which is the AUU version of the Kraken. But instead of being a cephalopod, it is actually a blend between an octopus and a deep-sea bioluminescent fish. Dispite it's seemingly laughable name concerning the "Moo" part, this creature is not a stuff of jokes. Legends tell about it destroying several spaceships in some space pirate territory and even a few lightyears beyond. In actuality, the Mooqin is a solid-light holographic monster created by the legendary Hagry Moans as his own personal guardian, having an extremely advanced design, and is also capable of controlling Hagry's other holographic robot soldiers and monsters. It is unknown where this beast resides to this day, but it's assumed it's never far away from Hagry.


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