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The Multiversal Hierarchy is an outerdimensional pecking order and foodchain of Lovecraftian beings and inrealm beings in the multiverse of SAF, which the very top consists of Outer Gods, who are outerdimensional beings that run divisions of an infinite amount of universes also collectively referred to as multiverses, all part of the true infinite multiverse. These beings run these multiverses amorally, not being either good or evil, and not even both. They do what they do because it has to be done.

Beyond Outers

This covers entities that are Outer-like or Outer Adjacent but are beyond outers but rather are truly cosmic forces of nature.

The Omnyonder

The forefather of the All-Mother who upon his death literally became the vast Multiverseal Seas.

The Souldra

The Souldra is considered both a greater fragment of the Omnyonder's soul yet is also a cosmic force of it's own right, in essence making the Souldra the foremother of the All-Mother in that in the process of the Omnyonder making a fragment of his soul broke of and became it's own living entity, being the Souldra, or by it's more complete name, the Soul Hydra. In a forgotten mythos, the Souldra was severed as the ultimate over-seer of the final fate of the souls of ALL things in the Multiverse, Inrealmer and Outer, and has an implied responsability for the many complex versons of the afterlife that desides who gets perminant residence or who gets to be reincarnated, along with the intritique process of how souls are recycled in this way, including but not limited to, the existence of spirit realms, ghost realm afterlifes, even in some degree Kingdom Hearts, and how heavens and hells and culturial equilents play an intermediate part in this system. But the most key of this system is none other then the soul streams, in which play a vital process of taking souls of their realm of final fate while breaking up the soul layers to send soul compotents to proper places. This process was once under good ownship of the Souldra itself, until created by products of the conbined energies of Heavens and Hells made by Mril Thorian trying to create his own Outers to be able to counter Mlandoth, called the Daeva (Misconceptioned sometimes as Daevites), usurped the Souldra of the realm and banished her into the banished realms, and perverted the soul streams with "Soul Recycle Plants" and usurp control of heavens and hells to usher in unrealisiticly attivable standerds and force problems to make themselves the solutions to.

Mlandoth and Mril Thorian

The Feuding Entities of Chaos and Order that are the driving forces of how any and all Outer's behave. They were once Omnyonder's sense of morality for both his best and worse natures now represented as entirely separate realms. Mlandoth holds responsibility for any and all deviant outers or any defected or defecting Intendeds, whereas Mril dictates how Grand Design Loyal Intendeds behave and bares responsibility for the Daevites as Mril's first attempt of making it's own outers, of which the process is slower then Mlandoth's but has proven just as intense.


A Penultimate and corruptive cosmic evil from well beyond the Hierarchy's familiarity.


Bondlinks are a mysterious though benevolent forces that exist as the inner souls of the realms within Multiverses, both as the dimension, the worlds within, and even down to the simplest landscape. In essence, the Bondlinks are like the very power of the Omniyonder itself having a life of it's own and emulating what the Omnyonder would've been like still alive. The Bondlinks' greatest power is that they're beyond every Outer in the SAF Hierarchy, even the All-Mother and all of her direct kin. Their power transcends beyond every established rule in the Multiverse, even that of fate, time, space, even all things power cosmic. Bondlinks are responsible for the existence of Lovecraftium, in which it can deside where to give or take if it's prudent to do so for the realm's sake if it is asked to, and why realms produce them after harm by rogue Outers or that of misfires or over-reactions from Grand Design loyalists, are responsible for why Astra's Mewni came into the Center AUU despite being of a different timeline and are why Astra was there to begin with, which in speaking of such, Bondlinks are the greatest forebearers for realm merges. This is because, with realms more alive then commonly believed, they empathize of when realms are suffering and in pain well beyond what conventional heroes, chosen ones or otherwise, are capable of fixing, and thus are driving forces of causing mergings to occure, via the aid of select cross-dimensional followers that listen to them, called The Bondlinkers, powerful and capable enough beings, Inrealmer or even Outer, that aim to represent whatever the Bondlinks want, which often involve establishing prophecies that lead to 0-Braves or something adjacent to it to help it through, though by all means it doesn't always end with merges, rather sometimes the Bondlinks make a 0-Brave or something similar to happen simply to correct a grave problem, mergings only happen with the Bondlink between the conflicted realm and another realm or even a mere planet has been chosen to be strong enough for such. The Bondlinks most famous merged realms are New Mewni and the two previously unremarkable OUU and AUU copies now merged into the OUU-AUU it has merged, if in fact, the OUU-AUU was the first that got merged by the Bondlinks in cause both these realms didn't felt unique enough to the vast copies and the Bondlinks gave this realm that uniqueness thanks to two Bondlinkers assigned to that realm, with New Mewni the second and slightly more controversial of the mergings. Thus far, only the All-Mother truly knows of the Bondlinks whilst her children and grandchildren outers either know not of the Bondlinks, or like alot of other things, deemed them cosmic myths. Bondlinks are hyper-adaptive to any challnages of anything they're responsable for and/or any realm of interest and adapt in accordence to the challenge, even if it's something greatly imposing and absolute.

Top of The Hierarchy

The All Mother.

At the very top of the Hierarchy of all the Multiverseal Sea is alcourse, the All-Mother. The All-Mother was the shource of a vast majority of Outer Gods across the Multiverseal Ocean, whether intended or otherwise. It can be speculated that the All-Mother herself is but a player of an even larger cosmic hierarchy, but for Multiverses, she is the one even the darkest of Outer Gods and Beings universally respect absolutely. Though of very high rank, the All-Mother is strictly a non-interventionalist, often referring to usually let her children and grandchildren handle things themselves, with sometimes, less than ideal varying results. Though by all means beyond benevolent, her non-interventional nature unless an ABSOLUTE must sometimes leaves her children to, shall we say, get abit carried away or missed the point entirely.

The Infinite First-Born.

Sharing the position of highest Outer God is the direct specific daughter of the All-Mother, the Infinite First-Born, an endless producer of Quantom Energy used by all other gods. Because of her importance, she is under the protection of the Cosmic Powerians, who also tend and care for her as she creates weapons and creatures of infinity with them along with primordials and pre-sets for the Amoral Ones to execute into Multiverses and for inrealm beings to adopt-and-use as fit. Even for Outer God standards, she is so mind-numbingly beautiful, that nothing else inrealm or outer realm will never, ever compare. Though off by a few sizes compared to the All-Mother, plus-absence of the Quantom Hair, she is still a titan of an outer god on her own right and still dwarfs even an-Xexaxez.

The Naturally Selected Second-Born.

The Begrudgent fate decider of all beings and creatures of the Multiverses. Her over-analytical logical mind has put the Second Born to be at a purpose conflict to accept her purpose or be rendered a defect. More often or not, she typically admires the growth of the creatures and beings of the multiverse, only doing her job of deciding their fate if dead ends or if forced to thanks to any of the Destructor Classes.

The Sisters of Light and Darkness.

Known in Lightfly and Mothron Cultures as "Mother Light" and "Mother Darkness", they are twin-borns of the All-Mother and are morphed into be extreme opposites of each other, but yet still exist in balance thanks to a strong sisterhood, and that the two are life-linked together to discourage one of them of going rogue in an event one of them got "Too passionate" about their purpose, which also encourages the two to protect eachother in times of trouble. Though they do have a competitive rivalry that encourages the never-ending battle between good and evil, the two are more closer then their routine disagreements and competitive hazings can lead you to believe, as like the All-Mother, they need eachother for the sake of balance. They exist to govern and decide the morality of beings of all spectrums via their influence, as the two are even responsible for the Outer Realm of Kingdom Hearts. The two are typically the size of legendary pokemon. They also pocess a direct creation in worlds like Final World that pocess Final Takers, large serpented dragons that collect the hearts and bodies of those that had departed or are about to.

The Orderly 5th Born

With the Sisters of Light and Darkness basically reckitnsed as the for 3rd and 4th borns, the 5th born was that of Order, and is designated as the Outer to maintain order for the SAF Multiverse. However, the state of the Outer Rims alone drove him to anger, making him decide that if order is to be possible, he would have to take over the entire Outer Rims, something not meant of him. Thus, he went into the Outer Rims and has been out of sight from the Outer Community ever since. Even to the Cosmic Citidel, the Orderly 5th Born's whereabouts had been a mystery.

The Soulful Born

The Original "5th Born" before Ordain came to be. The Soulful Born was the most impourent of Outers in that it was the only Outer that was able to affect and control Mlandoth, a realm that came to be considered a Legend to Outers nowadays, cause the Soulful Born ended up being Hibernation Realm'd by the violent actions of Glitchier, believed to be gone for good. But Outer Legends spoke that the Soulful Born would be brought back by a vessel of any inrealmer of unfathomable kindness to even the worse of entities, something the Soulful born was known for as being the Outer Goddess of the morality of all existence, Outers included.

The Peacebringing Born

In technicality, the Peacebringing Born is something of an outer equivalent to a basturd child, or in their tongue, "The Improper Spawn", a name of something that is a spawn between Outers and Inream Gods, in that the Peacebringing Born is the offspring of the one time the All-Mother "Got too friendly" with a T.O.A.A. level cat god from United Universe-CAT of which was the assigned head inrealm god that helped the Amoral One creator create that Uuniverse. It is also the one Outer not born from simply the All-Mother using her cosmic hair or in the case of Ordain just turning such into an Outer but rather having to go through the rare process of having to give birth to the Peacebringing Born, of which had forced the All-Mother to go through a process of entering extreme systems of pregenacy side-effects, which introduced her forever infamous "Moods", caused a brief moment of her going on eating tangents even when Outers don't need sustenence, and come the birthing process, forced a premature heatdeath and rebirth in that the All-Mother, in the stress of giving birth, was forced to aborb all of the Multiverse in an extreme super-nova event that effected all of the Multiverse just to help with the process of giving her the strentgh to go through with the birth sucessfully! By all means the All-Mother loved her new child as she did with all of the other borns, but new that given how strict her own Outer child are with actual birth giving, espeically after a "Rather Embarrising Episode", she's afraid of being scrutanised and that of losing her child to Hibernationing or at the least be a reason for the Realm of Rejects being repurposed if she was lucky, while she would be perminantly made to be "Babysat" by the cosmic citidel so to avoid repeats, even if she is capable of learning from her own mistakes. As such, the All-Mother was able to keep the Peacebringing Born a personal secret in knowing that even she is not above having any Improper Spawn, and when the Peaebringing Born was old enough, was serectly introduced to the main United Universe and was told to secretly introduced her existence as an inrealm god of what would beome Purria, the home planet of the Purrians.

High Ranked Outer Gods.


All-Watchers are the mysterious eyes and ears of The All-Mother that are Outers that are above even the Amoral Ones but still answer only to said All-Mother and her direct spawn. They're also a special brand of Outer not directly born from the All-Mother, unlike her direct spawn or that of Outer Races born as pregenitors from her, as All-Watchers are born after the mortal death of a 0-Brave and re-incarnate as an All-Watcher. They often resemble giant cosmic cat creatures with wings and with features based on the personal experience of the once 0-Brave. They are essentually cosmic guardians with connection to the Bondlinks and are how the All-Mother is able to be in tune with the Bondlinks and know when to get involve or not. Their existence alone helps keep the other outers in line and ensure that even dispite the All-Mother's insistence to keep non-involved that her athority is still acknowledged and embraced, for as once prior 0-Braves of previous Multiverseal Cycles, the powers, abilities and knowledge is increased tenfold and would be able to counter any outer, Intended or Devient. Yet also those same experiences can be able to negosiate and converse with Outers that may be troubled in some way. While otherwise immortal as any outer, their prior mortal existence does give them a sense of not wanting to be like other outers forever and just end up as numb as other outers are, so they are permitted a special system that for every cycle, current All-Watchers will get to retire and step down for new All-Watchers to step forth and take over. Retired All-Watchers get to go in the Outer Dimension of The Rest Post, a realm where retired All-Watchers go and relive their prior mortal lives in the form of the mortal forms they once bore with the company of the immortalised spirits of all they had loved and cared for, living out their former days and glories of prior mortal lives.

The Amoral Ones

The Main Defacto Creators of the Universes and Dimentions of the Muliverseal Seas. Apart from the Main Monitor-Headed Beings of the Same Names, the Amoral Ones also have direct outer god creations that tend to things beyond anything the strongest of Inrealm Gods can do, or would do. Of every Multiverseal Ocean the Amoral Ones make, they always have a center United Universe that is designed to be the most balenced of any of the United Unvierseal Dimentions in the entire Multiverse. Along with this, they always create a Magic Realm that is the shorce of the Multiverses' magic, as selected planets are choosen to be distributors of the magic, which can sometimes transmutate into things beyond conventional magic and evolve into radically different things, like in chi, Super Powers, or even the drive to invent a wild creation of science. Hence why no world is like the other, and some are wildly more different then others. Apart from that, anything else the Amoral Ones is completely opitional, thus sometimes there are dimentions that are wilder and more crazier (And more dangerious) then others. Sometimes they can either be extremely abstract and beyond things rekitniseable in earth standerds, or even radically different rules, hence the term "Phsyical Laws". The common thing that can exist within dimentions is "Pandimentions", which is baiscly primordial bedrocks for Big Bangs that bring spefiific universes into existence, and are home to creatures known as the Primordials, Pan-Dimentional Spiritual Creatures of things yet to exist and/or COULD exist that crave existence. (More on them later). The Amoral Ones often like to put number codes on Multiverseal Seas, which in the case of the SAF Multiverse, if Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy is anything to take notes from, is 42, basicly meaning that the meaning of life is the penultamate abstract philosify that it can be what you want it to be.

Amoral One Creations.

Order Retainer Class.

Order Retainers are basically the Amoral One creations that exist to maintain balance and order in the Multiverse Seas. Though they're not responsible directly, they did influence Inrealm Gods to see the vision of the Amoral One creators through.

  1. Councilors- Specifically, Councilors of TimeSpaceMatterEnergy and Physic. Though the Creator Amoral Ones made the Multiverses, the Councilors exist to be the needed specifics on how the Multiverse would function, and basically make sure everything is in working order. Councilors are basically the first Amoral One Outer God creations, thus their authority is rekitnesed well, even by the strongest of other outer god creations, as well as mortals and inrealm gods that would come to directly work or occasionally do biddings of if they were strong or influential enough for it, I.E. with Time Councilors, they have Time Lords.
  2. Time Butterflies- Basically the litteral embodiments of the "Butterfly effect" mixed with other time theories. They're giant translucent Butterflies that embody timelines, their basebody the main timeline, and the veins in its wings alternate timelines of alternate paths and destinies, sometimes they're not TOO different from the main, other times they are radical departures, as the Time Butterflies exist in a dimension outside of the Multiverse as they basically travel in an endless dimensional stream in large herds. They are often pets to Amoral One creators and tended to by Time Councilors. 
  3. Infinity Libarians- Recorders of Knowledge in the Multiverses and exist to record order, basically to serve as notes for when the Amoral Ones aim to create another Multiverse to avoid mistakes and flaws of earlier attempts. Alongside that, they are guardians of The Multiverse Book. They also have a cousin race in the Infinitaries.
  4. Wasteland Guardians- Basically the rulers of purgatories that exist within United Universes of the Multiverses. They exist to keep the rejected and the mistakes from coming back into the universes proper to mess things up. They do so with great power, paper-like skin that absorbs concepts into them like tattoos, size, and direct assistance from their own creation, Worxians.
  5. Cyber Guardians- Amoral One Creations that resemble Console Gaming Systems with metallic insectoid/spider legs that protect the Cybervoid to prevent leakage of Cyberspace. In an event of such, even if at the expense of the infected, the Cyber Guardians absolutely suck up all cyberspace and cyberspace-infected stuff back into Cyberspace. Cyber Guardians are a compairingly new creation just as the Cybervoid is a recent dimension due to the invention of the internet and subsequently, cyberspace.
  6. Fearbenders- Fearbenders and their Starscreams may not look like it, but they are in fact Order Retainer Class Outer Gods. They exist to use the influence of fear to basically inspire caution against things that would be risky (And/or doing something that could risk the birth of an Inter-Dimensional Empire), thus in not just giving sentient beings an ability to be cautious of individuals that could cause a grand design disrupting action, but in also, giving them an ability to know and reckitnese things greater and more powerful than them, thereby inspiring obedience to forces greater than them. It may not be a popular job even with other Outer Gods nor is it one where thanks are common, but it's a job the Fearbenders enjoy nonetheless, for they zealously believe that fear is an impourent arbiter of balance in the Multiverse and protect the grand design from disruptors, though sometimes they can get a misguided appreciation for the existence of fear mongers or those that managed to harness the power of fears.
  7. The Sleep Reapers- The cautiously respected Sleep Reapers of the Hibernation Realm. Though not one of the biggest outer god creations, roughly just taller then an average human, other Outer Gods, even if not of direct lineage of the Amoral Ones, reckitnese the power of the Sleep Reapers being designed to withstand even their strongest attacks and their blades imbued with the sleeping powers of the Hibernation Realm. They also are the only Outer Gods able to be in the Hibernation Realm without being subjugated to Hibernation, provided obedience to their purpose and the Amoral One grand design is greatly maintained. Though for help to make sure particularly strong Outer Gods don't try to develop an immunity to the effects of the Hibernation Realm, the best Ally a Sleep Reaper relies on, is the Hybernatian.
  8. Mirroriods- The Mirroriods of the Mirrorverse are Order Retainers that decide everything about the lives of mortals, what quirks and flaws they possess, their fate and destiny, and even decide whether which side of good and evil would win, even when they deemed morality to be an invented concept of what are still deemed to be animals in their eyes, as Mirroriods are often cynical and pessimistic to mortal existence. Their mirror-based bodies allow them to have a great understanding of any inrealmer, having the greatest recognition of their traits, flaws, quirks and attributes, even knowing their inner feelings and inner shames. Even for what is expected of Amoral One creations, Mirrioriods are amoral to the point that they view morality, good or evil, to just be a matter of opinion.
  9. Dispellers- A personal creation of Thaumorpheus, Dispellers exist to maintain the peace in spells.
Destructor Class

The pretty self-explanatory name. Like Order Retainers, they too maintain order and balance in the Multiverses. Though they do this, in more aggressive ways. Destructors are not always popular with the Order Retainers, and often than not, the feeling's mutual, but they are united by universal respect for the Amoral One Creators that at the least, they mostly stay out of eachother's way, quietly criticizing and mocking eachother in secret.

  1. The Xexaxez- The fearsome Xexaxez, and their direct creations, XirdsXoldiers, and for a Xzar each, an X-Fate, are a race of living galaxy monsters that exist to basically remove an entire offending dimension in an event an Inter-Dimensional Empire is about to be born. Their power to devour entire dimensions is so infamous, depictions of them are often censored like mad and that they have an outer-mental illness based on them, called PTXRSD, Post-Traumatic Xexaxez-Related Stress Disorder. (Sometimes surnamed as Xzar-Related Post Trumatic Stress Disorder, or XRPTSD, but this mispronounciation is rare to either mistakes or regional dialect). The Xexaxez themselves are the size of an entire universe, with hands capable to grab a universe to devour. When in a direct presence of a world, they shrink to become the size of a towering Kaiju, so they are still imposing. Typically, the Xexaxez are unstoppable, or at the least, they're not very easy to deal away, but there had been reported rare instances of individuals able to overwhelm and defeat an Xexaxez, the most netourious involving The Four Constellations being able to imprison a Rogue into the center of Dreamworks China's world, and a Superior of Kratos famously named World's Strongest was able to scare an Xexaxez away with a stareing contest after the Xexaxez in question was actually intimidated by W.S. being relentlessly brave even at the face of shere adversity. Alongside this, the methods the Xexaxez adopt are sometimes clumsy and sloppy, as not every inter-dimensional is easily captured, as with the Manapedes and Mewmans, and more often than not, these missed dimensionals often end up bringing smaller scale trouble of the kind of disasters the Xzars were supposed to prevent, of which the Xzars are driven to correct the issue as soon as possible to at the least prevent more disasters.
  2. Erasers- Basically smaller scale Xzars, but more in line with traditional Lovecraftian traits, if not also the most diverse of the Destructor class when Xzars are limited to being galaxy-themed, as Erasers can adopt many forms beyond the standard Chuthulu inspired motiv. Erasers also function differently from Xzars, whereas Xzars destroy universes that get too powerful, Erasers are basically glorified extinction events personified and basically either wipeout evolutionary dead-ends or societies that have no hope for resolving a crisis or couldn't adapt from a disaster, as pretty much they serve as hard resets for planets so newer and better life can take over. Also unlike Xzars, Erasers CAN be defeated, as they exist to test a world's worthiness by how they are able to stop an Eraser from doing their thing. In addition to being further unlike the Xzars, they are more receptive to having followers, albeit often these followers are rewarded with being mutanted to gruesome forms and becoming extensions to the specific Eraser. Their greatest drawback is that they are not as well-organized as the Xzars, as Erasers are proned to rebel against their purpose and often serve their own interests due to the cosmic awareness that they're basically stuck to do a specific job over and over again, and sometimes Erasers would even go rogue against this purpose. Basically, where Xzars do their job as Destructors TOO well to the point that mistakes happen due to over-confidence and blinding pride, Erasers are a drastic mixed bag, where only some Erasers are loyal to their purpose while others had gone the path of deviancy. Erasers are often only assigned to either one planet or more, or even given a minor dimension to reside in. They mostly can be found in worlds the Amoral One creators are most iffy about or have low expectations for. Erasers were once plentiful in the AUU, but in litterally the time of the AUU's AF era, Erasers were hunted and slain to extinction by the AUU's elder races, spear-headed by the Gate Sintari, that believed all life deserved a chance and had denounced the idea of "creatures of vicious cycles" existing in their united universes, of which has fascinated the Amoral Ones on how much the AUU has proven to be such a superior dimension that they litterally hunted Erasers to extinction, alongside having to ensure the AUU has to be the most balanced and carefully crafted dimension of them all, hence why the Amoral Creators ensure the Elder Races of the AUU reckitnesed this importance, and that if they do, they are allowed to rule the AUU as they see fit for as long as they never form Inter-Dimensional Empires. (Alliances are allowed, but they must always be balanced out and never allowed to rule everything).
  3. Deity Quellers- Insectoid Musquito-Looking Beings that exist to reign in Inrealm Gods, Demons and Immortals alike and keep them from defecting from the Grand Design with the advent of Morality Illness. Of the Destructor Class Outer Gods, Deity Quellers are pretty much the more subtle, or at least one of the more subtle, and litterally smaller scale of them, being roughly around the same height as an average Mothron. They are able to use their giant chest eyes as a means to monitor for defecting deities and the like, and utilize Morality Illness if a defector was found. Fortunately, they can be lenient when apparent exceptions are noticed depending on the nature of the world, but for the most part, if any higher being defects from the intended path, more often then not, Morality Illness, as the intended failsafe against defectors of such, will either scare them of the gruesome side-effects back into their intended path, or be killed off and then replaced likely by a new age god that'll do the job better, of which the Deity Quellers had long ensured that Immortality in the Multiverse of SAF is laced with Morality Illness, and ensured that typically, it's not impossible to cure other then embracing your intended path. Harsh as that is, Higher Beings being allowed to do what they want before the Deity Quellers' existence lead to Inter-Dimensional Empires, and eventually for Multiverses to become failures, so there is a method to the madness.
  4. Omni-Hearts- An extinct Pre-Curser to the Xexaxez, Omni Hearts were intended to utilize the power of Kingdom Hearts, a wide-spreading Outer-Realm that connects to the souls of all living things, but the Omni-Hearts made the mistake of creating the infamous Great Cycle, something that ended up making the Omni-Hearts over-qualify to even the vicious cycle standards expected from the Destructor Class, thus, the Omni-Hearts were outright annihilated, and Kingdom Hearts became a realm even the Outer Gods would oughta treat with mad respect to never tamper again.
  5. Puretons- Rainbow Sun-Headed Judgers of a World's Level of Purity or that of a general universe or even a resident dimension. They are pretty much the Destructor Class' admissions forms and approval offices for when something has to be removed from the Multiverse. For Erasers, they judge for how much a world has kept pure in how it has kept it's dark forces balanced out and/or general sentience competence, and depending on their assessments, an Eraser's ability to be able to destroy current life depends on their decisions, so often for as long as any life can out-match dead ends and if planets are kept pure and from falling into anarchy, Erasers generally can't do anything without their approval, but when a planet has been deemed filled with unimproving life or fell into mindless chaos without any form of standards, then an Eraser will be permitted to act on it. Even The Xzars themselves have to go through their permit requirements to eat an entire dimension, purely on the grounds of whether or not the inhabitance are proven dangerious, commonly via Inter-Dimensional Empires or because an individual REALLY screwed the pooch with Outer Gods. While technically not destructors on their own right, what prevents being classified as order classers is because they're pretty much the approval guys for Destructors, ergo, what they decide could affect the destiny of worlds, universes, and entire dimensions forever.
  6. Buzzeons- Giant Vulture creatures reminiscent of Aeon the Terrible that decide the changing of bygone eras and what gets to move on or not. They're often creatures that work in conjunction with other Outer Gods, commonly Xzars, Erasers, and Time Councilers unsurprisingly to decide the fate of current trends of the periods, and even that of entire species and races themselves. Though at most they can pardon revivals if specific conditions like ways of self-revival or De-Extinction being invented are met.
  7. Pestillancers- Plant-Insectoid beasties that're the shorce of all mortal sicknesses and bringers of outbreaks. Pestillancers are behind the existence of germ microbes, viruses, parasitic creatures and plants and fungus, and cell-based sicknesses, among many others. Often the creatures would balance out mortal beings and animal populations with sicknesses, amorally believing that doing this will allow the strong to thrive while the weak are "taken cared of". They view cures and vaccines to be an annoyance in their craft and deemed healing the sick to be "Misguided protections of weakness". Like Fearbenders, Pestillancers take their craft WAY too seriously. (Image coming soon)
  8. Wipers- Outer Gods that basically fulfill what the Destroids were meant to take but were deemed overqualified for. Though Wipers are destructors, they take their methods in more, extremely subtle and district ways, something the over-powered Destroids weren't able to achieve. The idea with Wipers that they go about dealing with non-hiding survivers of a would-be Inter-Dimensional Empire in ways more, subtle. Their deal is that when Inter-Dimensional imperials are in a dimension not designated to be destroyed, and if they hadn't already interacted with other life and have a proven existence nor if other destructors insisted on letting the matter be their business, that is when the Wipers are used. Eye Probes monitor the status of the acknowledgment of the escaped dimentionals and ensure they aren't already acknowledged in where they are hiding, Portalings would then appear forth to where the isolated Inter-Dimentionals are located to stealthfully snatched one-by-one, as their presence disrupts electronics to prevent early exposure, where they would be taken to the wipe dimension where a Wiper Queen will proceed to convert the captured dimentionals into more wipers, and Wiper Superiors are the forefathers and superiors of other wipers as they asexually had produced the queen. Though Wipers are arguably of equal level to what they replaced, they're balanced out by only being if certain conditions are met or if other Destructors grant them permission if they don't deem the dimensionals too much of a threat or if they are still unacknowledged by other dimensionals. Though Wipers are far from being considered useless, they are the base definition of extremely optional because of their specific requirements for use.
  9. Mavores- Outer Gods that can be utilized to remove magic and it's branches from a dimension of a dishonored stance with Thaumorpheus, along with going after types of power not intended to exist, like things with no limit or balance.

Middle-Ranked Outer Gods.

Multiverseal Support.

Multiverseal Support consists of Outer Gods not of direct liniage of the Amoral Ones, though sometimes can either have a kinship with them or work in unison to their direct decidions. They're basicly cosmic janitors, presvationists, or recyclers of Multiverses the Amoral Ones have moved on from, or even work within a still accepted Multiverse in certain matters.

  1. Fabricants- Fabricants are amongst the most valued of Multiverseal support as they are like the Councilers rolled into one force, looking after the fabric of a universe in accordance to Einstein's theory of relativity. They're like a cosmic ammune system. 
  2. Worlders- Reptilian Raptor-Dragon Outer Gods the flock in packs and over Scala ad Caelum as the creatures exspeariment with physical laws at what a future eventuall world would have to eventually release to a new realm that the Phys Counilers will ensure is obeyed as envisioned. They are able to adjust to the changes and are areodyamic creatures in alot of ways.
  3. Celest-Layers- Sun-Headed Outer God Birds that lay Suns of various colors like eggs. Well structured suns are taken to the realms to give life to them, while defectives are held to waste away in the Dimension of Unstable Suns. Celest-Layers also test on how a sun is able to last as long as desired and how stable it is so to avoid giving a realm a bad sun. (Picture comig soon).
  4. Verse Scrappers & Preservers- Two sects of Outer Gods that're extreme oppisites from one and another. As their names suggest, Verse Scrappers basicly collect failed or abandoned Multiverses to recycle in very love-craftian ways, while Preservers are basicly adopters of Multiverses that still have some chance for revival and to be repurposed. Had it not been for the shared respect for obeying the All-Mother's wishes, the Verse Scrappers and the Preservers would've gone to an Outer War ages ago. Verse Scrappers are more diverse in castes while Preservers basicly are all robotic insectiods. The two have varing reputations with the Amoral One castes, though while the Verse Scrappers are look down apawn as scavingers, the Preservers have a mostly respected reputation with Amoral One castes that do try to care at least abit more about what lives in the Multiverses while keeping within the rules of Amorality.
  5. Edgewall Guards- Outer God Vulture people with giant beaks that guard the Multiverseal Egde of an assigned Multiverses to keep out migrating devients, though their heavy athoratarian ways and Abridged Mr. Popo demeaners leave them alot to be desired.
  6. Pathmakers- Self-explanatory name. Pathmakers are spider-eqsed beings that basicly connect the dimentions of the multiverse to eachother, hence why inter-dimentional travel is even a thing.
  7. Resurrectorates- Basicly oppisites of the Xexaxez, though they are not of direct liniage to the Amoral Ones (Potaintionally not anymore) as often they restore destroyed universes and/or safeguard surviver dimentionals from the Xexaxez. They avoided being considered Devients due to personal approval from the Preservers (And possabily of liniage of them).
  8. Harmonizers- Abstract Outers that play a role in the existence of sound.
  9. The Citidelians- The Cosmic Citidel's native outer god defence force that protects the cosmic citidel from defectors or devients from trying to make an attack to the ever impourent cosmic capital of the Multiverse. They have weaponry buildt in the same way like the Sleep Reapers that send attacking defects and devients straight into the Hybernation Realm disapating to nothing. They thus serve as the cosmic citidel's law and order for the capital of the Outer Gods, which also serve as a police force and peacekeepers in times of cosmic disagreements and are espeically previlent in Outer God Trials as Baileffs that would be able to prevent escapes. (Pictures coming soon).
  10. Realm Reapers- Souped up versions of Sleep Reapers but for realms that are suspectable to be taken to the Shadow Multiverse, basicly sort've like the DC's Dark Multiverse beyond that. They are able to take away realms that bare things far worse then Inter-Dimensional Empires or because they bare cosmically redundent, risky or offensive things to outers, like Mimi-Multiverses or the one thing the Outers don't want to be allowed an existence again. Inspite of potantionally being related to Sleep Reapers, Realm Reapers are support class outers.


This Discripes Outer Gods that are not exactly devients but are still considered not exactly intended to be neither. Often they ranged from accsidental hybrids between outers and inrealmers in some way, hybrids between Outer Gods going through a transition to a different type, common with Ressors and Xzars, or at most cosmic flukes or aftermath of a spefific case involving an Outer.

  1. Xhosts- The unoffical creations of the Xzars in that they're often in accsidental existence simply cause of residual Xzar energy in the infected being's soul apawn any death based on contact with a Ressor Weapon and/or if they can never find true happiness beyond their point of encounter, or on occation, the end result of Xzar Worshipping Cults that demanded too much and kept harping to their Xzar masters over it and is sort've like karmatic punishment. They're extremely common scavingers in the Dimension of Nothing and are known to prey on those that are resisting Xoldier assension or are considered too weak for any Xzar assendsion, as well as going after weak and/or exiled Xirds to leech off of cosmic energy. Xzars view them no different then how people view bugs, but because they are frighten of X-Fates and the Xexaxez themselves and only target weak stragglers or those unlucky in the realm, there was no need to declare them devients, though they don't have a serious offical purpose neither, other then keeping the Nothing Dimension involerarly clean of less useful and exile Xzar creations and those capable to resist transition, basicly preventing the fear of vengeful uprisings. This grey area status of their's is often because Xhosts can sometimes get out of the Nothing Dimension and cause quite some trouble as Xhosts bare even if weaker versons of Xzar abilities, being more like Ghosts with Outer God powers, but that they can become stronger with each new victim, whether infected by Xzar energy prior, or when they get strong enough, can make Xzar Energy within a victim via useage of powers simular to Main Xzars so to make victims more deceptable for consumsion, and even if an escape occures, they can always sense where the escape victim is so to hunt down later. Thus, the Ressors introdused a special counterpart for cases involving a Xhost outbreak or leak: R-Renavents, basicly like Xhosts but with Ressor Energy, often from purifived and cleansed souls of Xzar victims or even Xhosts themselves. With weaker Xhosts, they get converted to R-Renavents, but Xhosts that already become too strong, R-Renavents posscess an ability to summon and alarm Sleep Reapers when inside realms, or if in an Inbetween plain, R-Renavents can alarm Pathmakers of a Xhost, thus will get the attention of a Xhost-consuming specialist that even the strongest Xhost will fall to, or even the Cosmic Citidelians if a Xhost manages to get too serious of either prior opitions. Either way, it would end with the Xhost getting Hybernation Realm'd. Sometimes Xhosts are even subugated to get captured and contained by Outer Force to hold over to either cure the souls or surrender them to R-Renavents if too badly infected. Xhosts can have a mixed reputation with Xzar cults, either viewing as unintended flukes of Xzars, and/or depending on the Xhost origins, pariahs, espeically if the Xhosts were of cults that were in a Xzar's bad side, or in some cults, as equilly sacred forces, thus often those cults bring Xhosts over, either as summons, security, creatures of sacrivice, weapons, or even be how they can make Avatars if trained enough.
  2. Counterparters- A low-class type of Outer God that are derived from any one individual and their counterparts, and have access to them like the facets on a diamond.

Outer-God Level Beings.

This is a collection of those that aren't Outer-Gods in tradition, but are Outer God-like in how they behave. Though they can be referred to as Outer Gods cause of their nature, in truth they're just beings that ascended even beyond inrealm ascension and became truly immortal forces.

  1. Demi-Outer Gods- The Cosmic equivalent to inrealm Demi-Gods, only they have the benefit of not being so easily tied to the same rules as Outer God propers. But this is only a negated benefit to the price that they're deceptable to the same rules Inrealm Gods must face, including being subjugated to Morality Illness if a Deity Queller infects them. The thing here is that they're just as strong as a traditional Outer God and stronger then your average inrealm god, even if sometimes to a slightly limited to degree if they're just as strong as other Outer-God level beings. Sometimes radically evolved Erasers belonged to this category, like that of the Black Emperor and Spookivainia's Tentigus because of having evolved from an Eraser Prime so much so that they technically don't qualify as proper Outer Gods, or often are higher-ascended beings that transcend traditional levels of beings that reach Outer God levels of power, like the "Mana Lords" of Manatera. This can even apply to something like Helixis, a crude reconstruction of what a Ressor is.
  2. The Cosmic Beings of the Marvel and DC Universes- See this and this for specifics. They're here for clarity's sake. That, and Deadpool IS from the Marvel Universe, so we may as well bring it up before he does.
  3. Navawaku- The Reckitnesed ascended beings among the VERY, very few that managed to ascend beyond Inrealm Godhood. But they exist in stagnant numbers thanks to the Darkspawn. Coo and Wou are among these survivors, and already rule human versions of the OUU and AUU. Though Coo has an issue with violence, as such had made her's absolutely peaceful, while Wou had a better understanding of a balanced universe and made his perfectly like any other dimension.
  4. Manapedes- Manapedes were Millapede Beings that were able to have a high intake of magic that allowed them to be cosmic-levels of strong to be considered near-Outer God levels. However, thanks to an un-enlighten ruler, the Outer Gods were forced to destroy their dimension via the Xexaxez when this same ruler wanted to make an Inter-Dimensional Empire, leaving stagnated survivers stranded across the Multiverse forced into hiding in places like inside the inbetween dimensional plains with other inter-dimensional survivers. The most infamous of these beings was Lord Millipede.
  5. Mewmanity- Human-like interdimensional beings that are differed by hidden fairy-like wings, butterfly-like transformations, and a phase called 'Mewberty' in which a male-obsessive metamorphosis of uncertain conclusions occur starting with purple removable heart pox upon the sight of any male and then a heart chrysalis. These beings are masterful of magic and interdimensional travel, but they are under Xexaxez trial for the event that brought them out of their destroyed home dimension and into what is now Mewni, which more or less was no different then what occurred with the Manapedes. Star Butterfly is one of the strongest of this race and manages to eventually develop a spell that destroys Outer God-creations to finally defeat Toffee, an Xexaxez avatar.
  6. Finalfinites- Seemingly cute and innocent but unknowingly and deceptively strong and powerful in being the result of unstable pocket dimensions being concealed into pieces in dimensions, including the most dominant, Final Space, that are cute creatures with the power of a million suns. Though not nessersarly reckitnesed as official Outer Gods, not even devients, but they still bare the justified right of being reckitnesed as to be in the same level without the official pedigree.
  7. Biotiens- Biotiens are Kaiju-Sized Matid Race with an extreme mastery of genetics and DNA to the point that they caused their planet to be ever-changing and transformative. The Biotiens are responsible for reducing the "Genericness" of humans by reducing their commonality via causing worlds to be so radically altered from being another earth that you can say they're why aliens and sentient animals etc exist and why the Multiverse is so crazily diverse. Though they're not doing this out of hatred or malice for humans, it's just they deem humans "generic" and feel like if they don't do what they're doing, the Multiverse would've stagnated if everything had humans in it.
  8. Moogles- A race of small adorable creatures that occur in the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises. In the Kingdom Hearts games, they always run one of the game's shops, generally operating their omnipresent stores through holograms, instead of in person, as they hate getting their pom-poms ruffled. They run synthesis shops to make magical weapons and armor. Moogles are known for ending many of their sentences with "kupo." In SAFA lore, Moogles are creatures that lost their homeworld during the Second Cartoonian War and are very resourceful in magic material. In fact, they have so much surplus on magic material they sell it to others to fight against the forces of evil.
  9. Antithaumites- Magic-hating creatures commonly of green sludge that have been known to detest and despise magic and had often been known to pocess the worse victims of magic to basically take over their forms and way of thinking. Alas, often once someone is infected, short of an early intervention, any who fell under their influence after the fact is doomed to their fate. Thaumorpheus hates and dispises these creatures with all of his heart, even for being considered the nice guy of the Outer God Creators, cause often these types of creatures threaten the Magic Realms, which is the Multiverse's most impourent shorce of magic.
  10. Kaos Beings- Outer beings of pure chaos from a dimension of the 5th Dimension category. They held responsibility for the creation of the Draconequui of Equestria, Mr. Funtimes being the specific creator of them.
  11. Glossaryck's Kin- Glossaryck and kin were' defected Infinitaries that shedded their Book-Headed, Feather-Quill-arm forms because they wanted to do things beyond just recording knowledge, descended from Outer God Hood and became what they are now in the desire of wanting to help and interact with the mortals of the inrealms, to the ire of the Outer God inner circles.
  12. Phantasmagorians- A race of immortals from a very sparse dimension where quantum energy is more tangible and actually use 10% of their brains (Unlike the average dimension where such a theory was deemed a myth) as a result of a different cranial physiology, but with the right quantum fusion, could be fully developed to 100%. Their dimension is found close to the AUU via Bermuda Triangle like influence.
  13. The Dummy Catchers- An Outer-God-Eqsed race of Highly Intelligent Beings that're so intelligent, they litterally became flying brains with stem tentacles with insectoid faces. They exist within Pan-Dimensions where they go around to universes that suffers a massive dumbness epidemic to basically turn the dumb beings into entertainment for funny shows that often degrade the beings for how stupid they are. The Dummy Catchers are often are under HEAVY scrutiny from the Outer Gods cause of how dangerously close to an Inter-Dimensional Empire their actions are.
  14. Pan-Dimensional Animals- This includes Zeorbo, a pan-dimensional Zebra in a Trench-Coat. Pananimals are often dimensional travelers of the Multiverse with a surprisingly complex and sophisticated society.
  15. Beings of the Mindscape- Beings of the Mindscape, AKA "Dream Demons", are outer-beings that are known to torment and screw-around with inrealm dimensions, just because it amuses them. They bare a bad reputation with the Outer Gods as a result, and are known allies to Devient Outer Gods like Mischievers, where oftentimes the Mindscapers worship them.
  16. Mind-Flayer- A sort-of outer god/being grey-area that're often connected to lost and/or broken dimensions that gained parasitic qualities, Stranger Things being an infamous example of this.
  17. Inter-Dimensional Wildlife- Creatures higher than even Space Life Creatures and can exist and travel through many dimensions and universes.

Deviented Outer Gods.

Outer Gods that're either accidental after-thought creations of the All-Mother, products of quantom glitches, or are side-effects from the power of Outer Gods during a Big-Bang exsodius. Either way, the Devient Outer Gods are a mixed bag. Some have been adopted, others looked down as vermin, others even feared and abhorred by the intended Outer Gods. Deviants are often viewed to be low rankers, but are called "Deviants" because actually calling them low-rankers would imply they were meant to exist, thus their purpose are often based on their side-effect based power. Sometimes there'll be the rare instance where the Devient doesn't even have a race to be apart off, just unique oddities to further prove their deviancy.

Raceless Devients.
  1. Gliticer- The great exidus of all deviated Outer Gods. It was a force so fearsome that the All-Mother herself had to defeat and vanquish the force. However, in doing so, it's influence survived in the form of becoming what created the Void, and the many things that went wrong even after the Void was taken cared of.
  2. Erroris- (TBC).
  3. Mingle Master- An accidental by-product of All-Mother's battle with Gliticer, and essentially the bastard child of outer gods. In technically having no specific purpose, he aims to get himself one, even at the expense of the Universes.
  4. Butcheroth Protothus- A once Proto-Eraser that violently defected from the Amoral Ones so hard, he won't be accepted as one and descended to pure deviancy, earning a status so feared and hated as a sports hunter of the strongest forces of the Multiverse, even Plainspawn fearfully give him space at his fearsome power.
Devients with Races.
  1. Destroids- Lovecraftian beings of destruction and former overqualified Destruction-Class Outer Gods that is also known as the Titans of Final Space once meant for the purpose of being a back-up in case mortals survived initial destructor actions, but like Omni-Hearts they were eradicated due to risks of being too much for mortal society to take, even if they would create an inter-dimensional empire if left unchecked, so the Destroids were instantly Hibernation Realm, save for clever survivors that retreated to Final Space, a dimension with an unstable shapeless form and unstable physical laws, something even other Outer Gods prefer not to trifle with aside from Kingdom Hearts. Originally meant to be a more extreme version of the Xexaxez, which in their own right are already extremely powerful of the Destructors, All-Mother and the Grand Amoral Elder saw them as too dangerous and imprisoned the vast majority in the Hibernation Realm while lucky evaders retreated to Final Space.
  2. Gaiantators- A race of rogue mutanted Worlders that turned to Devientness and proceeded to make worlds more different than the usual standard. They made an impressive method to avoid being Hibernation'd by life-linking themselves to the worlds they're responsible for the radical change for, making it that if anything happens to them, will happen to that world, ergo forcing the Intendeds to leave them alone, enabling these creatures to basically do as they please, including influencing inter-dimensional races to do their work for them. They do this exclusively to all the versions of Earth throughout fiction.
  3. Corruptioners- The Devients that even other devients fear. Even Butheroth, though begrudgent about it, prefers to give the Corruptioners as wide a girth as possible.
  4. Verse Hivers- An example on why Intended Outer Gods are so heavily strict on the Multiverses about Interdimensional Empires to the point of vicious cycles and heavy amorality. The Hivers started out as a quickly spreading alien race with biology too adaptive and quickly evolving for it to be contained, and Hivers congured their Multiverse in a matter of one millennia's time, wiping out civilizations and enslaving species and even deities that weren't able to stop them. Cause of this, the Hivers ascended to Outer God status and started to try and spread into the rest of the Multiversal oceans to basically do the same thing all over again. They are considered high threat level deviants cause they are able to spread beyond their native Multiverse. Even Verse Scrappers are helpless to do anything about the Hivers realm because any sent member are instantly turned to slave, where even an Empire Buster was pinned down and slain when a Hiver General figured out a weakness, and the Verse Scrappers that were assigned to deal with the Hivers Multiverse ended up witnessing their Cosmic Recycler captured and were threatened with its death and a trip to the Hibernation Realms if their superiority to the other Outer Gods isn't reckitnesed, thus, the Verse Scrappers were forced to agree and backed away from their Multiverse, with left-behinds still treated like slaves. The Other Outer Gods deemed the Hivers to be aprostated abominations and swore to ensure that any attempt of Hiver expansion is to be met with assured destruction at once. Even Plainspawn don't have that level of infamy in comparison to the Hivers.
  5. Verse Raiders- Outer God criminals of outer rim dimensions, which are often either neglected, yet to be born or are dead or unviable. Verse Raiders are deemed an equal plague to Multiverses that the intended Outer Gods are trying to bring down as much as possible. They are viewed as disgraces to the Grand Design. Verse Raiders are opportunistic and would target any universe and dimension that offers something worth the hassle to them.
  6. Schrödingers- Basically Outer Beings that're often cat-like in nature and are often capable of time-like powers. Time Councilors have basically tamed this sect of Outer Gods and made them enforcers of time alongside Time Lords of mortal, immortal, or god origin. Though often or not, Schrodingers are not always considered serious outer gods as they often have mortal origins, though are still levels above gods and immortals.
  7. Timeisites- A species of indescribable anthropod Outers that are often parasitic creatures that hunt for beings with Schrodinger-like effects to them so that way, when they get to the main one, all alternate selves follow suit.
  8. Realidons- Devient Outers that're often a created consequence of either time travel or simply because specific events were not able to happen naturally.
  9. Mind-Destroyers- Parasitic Outers that are basicly the antithesis of Infinity Librarians that use knowledge in a bad way hat as suggested, destroy minds with more then the desired knowledge on anything.
  10. Deity Burglers- Dog-Mantid Outer Gods known to prey on gods or god-like forces, even immortals. Deity Quellers had tamed Large Quantities of these outer creatures to reduce problems from the tamed ones or outside feral packs. Since then, Deity Burglers became common pets to outer gods, intended or devient.
  11. Avian Romancers- Or just Romancers for simplicity's sake. Being the only Outer Gods with actual genders and not just simulating it, Romancers are heavily attracted to places heavy on love to have the best place to reproduce, though sometimes bold and/or greatly inexperienced Romancers would venture outside of these safe zones to find mates in other realms, often ending up going well until the chick is born and ends up having that Romancer and family captured and held in secret government organizations, as a best-case scenario compared to how devients are usually treated.
  12. Plainspawn- A feared outer god parasite from quantum glitched universes, as they often aim to feast on the energy of the universe they appear in to eventually infect the Amoral One creator. Disposing of Plainspawn is often considered a must for the other Outer Gods because of this.
  13. Outer Drinkers- Outer Drinkers are sort've like the Verse Hivers in that they started out as mortals that got too strong and became Devient Outer Gods, but in ways worse then Hivers. Drinkers are responsible for Outer Gods being cautious to mortals period, even before Hivers introduced Inter-dimensional empires. Hailing from what is known as "The Blood Multiverse", drinkers were the apex race of the multiverse and over-dominated all realms the moment space and inter-dimensional travel was discovered. A Cosmic Power Powerian referred to as "Blud Power" had tried to put these beings in their place, but for all his power, he underestimated the Drinkers being cosmically aware and having discovered an anti-matter metal capable to wound and hurt Outer Gods, surrounded and over-whelmed him, and absorbed his cosmic-power enriched cosmic blood, of which the absorption made the Drinkers that got to drink him outer gods, and they grown addicted to this fresh new tonic. The Drinkers began to go after the Outer Gods that resided in their Multiverse, even going after the assigned Amoral One Creator, essentially leaving Drinkers with a feared and damned name and reputation rivaled only by Plainspawn and Hivers. Drinkers don't discriminate on what Outer God they go after, fellow devients, Destructors, of which drinkers are why this class came to exist, among other things, Order Retainers, even the Highest Outer God that could be encountered. Even the All-Mother had to stay clear of a Drinker. Thus, Edgewall Guards turned the Blood Multiverse's border wall, meant to protect IT from devients, into that to protecting the Multiverseal Seas from IT. Unfortunately, sometimes Drinkers can manage to bypass the wall and get lose onto the Multiverseal seas, putting Outer Gods on red alert.
  14. Outer Hawk Wasps- Predatory Outer Goddesses in the form of Tribal Wasp Women that are known to target other outer gods, espeically so to Destructors for reproduction purposes. Often Erasers are a favorite target, but bolder and/or alpha-level Outer Hawk Wasps can go for the Xzars themselves. Any Outer God, even if a devient, that is capable to make even the Xexaxez fearful about them, is clearly reckitnesed as Outer God Apex Predators.
  15. Quantom Eaters- Unsentient Bug-Eqsed Creatures that're also Quantum energy eating parasites, though thankfully not at the same level as Plainspawn, though they can do serious damage of their own right if left unchecked. Luckily, Quantom Eaters are solitary creatures and are rarely found in groups unless it's mating season. Typically, they exist outside of Multiverses and feed on fields of excess of Quantom Energy, though sometimes one or so can stray from proper feeding grounds and end up in a Multiverse.
  16. Mortal-Nappers- Dark Fly Spiritual Outer Gods based on raw negative outer god emotion from the Cosmic Shadowverse that used an enslaved meat puppet in the form of a snappy-dressed fly being to lure it's namesake targets, mortals, into its realm to feast on their lifeforce to turn into more meat puppets.
  17. Willtopians- Vampiric creatures that make people stay in an imaginary realm of a perfect Utopia to feed on their willpower to make them stay forever.
  18. Xenosites- Xenosites are parasitic-bird-eqsed Outer Gods that feed on fear and hate within inrealm beings, often mortals cause they are easier to feed off of, often contributing to their self-loathing and doubt, even often why those in such states do bad things to themselves and others, just to intensify the hate and fear energy they process, as the more they feed, the stronger a Xenosite gets, and the more victims they can control. Thankfully, their power is dependent on mortal beings being hopeless to their weakness, and rising above such things quells their power, freeing themselves from their influence for good.
  19. Chancespawn- The Swindlers of Outer Gods and Unsolicited rulers of the Gamber Dimension. They are known to gamble on universes and dimensions in one fashion or the other, often for gambling ownership of universes, and bragging rights. They're also among the only outer gods with a sense of acknowledgment for wealth, hence why they often stake heavy claims on wealth-based dimensions, like the endless gold rush dimension and the money tree dimension and are inventors of "Cosmic Cash". They can also use secret portal routes often unfamiliar to Pathmakers to best protect themselves and other devients willing to use their service to go into a universe of interest, for a price. And when a secret portal route is discovered, the Chancespawn make a new one and stop using the old one. The Amoral Ones and other Higher Outer Gods are often annoyed by Chancespawn Shenanigans, to the point that once one has been captured, it's a very sweet victory for it'll mean "One less wealth obsessing parasite disturbing balance and disrespecting the grand design".
  20. Mischievers- Though Mischievers are not at the same level as Plainspawn, they are an equal burden in that they disrupt the peace of the Multiverses for personal amusement and are often difficult to catch and dispose into the Hibernation Realm. Even Pathmakers struggle with these annoyances at times. They are viewed as pests in the Outer God inner circles and hardly ever find a proper use for them. They often tend to hang out in Multiverseal outer rims, referred to as The Mad Rim Realms, places rarely touched and scrutinized by other Outer Gods, thus often a safe haven. They even sometimes disrupt the process of an Outer God being sent to the Hibernation Realm and turn such into one of them, adding to the infamy with the Mischievers.
  21. Cartoonemons- Cartoonemons are essentially considered to be diet Mischivers and are not considered as much of an organized threat in the cosmic scale as they're like golden age cartoons, they just, do whatever as if they're like products of old-timey shorts. They are a pain for Pathmakers to put up with and try to catch though cause of their cartoony looney tune eqsed ways.
  22. Disharmonizers- Tainted byproducts of the Mischivers and the cursed traitor Tru'nembra. Come Tru'nembra's defeat, the Disharmonizers have slowly been going extinct without his leadership as the Intendeds are doing well enough to correct this strain of devient outer for all the trouble they caused and in because of being direct Mischiver creation.
  23. Physicbreakers- Deviented Outer Gods borned from Multiverses that died in a Heat Death and live in shere misery of powers they can't always help, sometimes to the point of being driven to nihilism, having earned an enemyhood with Physic Councilors as a result.
  24. Scramblates- Pretty much the least threatening and/or the least troublesome of devients because at most they just moved things around from specific realities and confuse people. That's it. They're more annoyances than anything and beyond correcting the deed, the Intended Outer Gods don't even bother with the Scramblates themselves, cause the although-forgetful nuisances are otherwise not malicious or cruel, they're just basically the idiots of the outer god spectrum.
  25. Fiction Reapers- Creatures with the power of bring fiction to life and/or fictionalizing real things.

Outer God Creation Pre-Sets.

A very low-level but still impourent Outer-Being/Creature Gods that're helpful in the Amoral Ones' creation of Multiverses.

  1. Outer God Animals- Outer-God Animals exist as the pre-sets to what animals in the Multiverses would be like.
  2. Primordials- The Afforementioned Orange Spirits of creatures and bests yet to exist or COULD exist. They strictly have to be kept in the Primordial Dimention, or the Pan-Dimentions, and kept from entering Dimentions proper, else it would risk them absorbing quantom energy and become primoridian creatures that'll brith a new spieces, which is dangerious cause often these creatures could drasticly changed a world they're set in forever.

The Inrealm Hiarchey.


Now we enter the food chain for the realms inside of the Multiverses. This will be more considerably straightforword then the Outer God Hiarchey cause it is something the universes in the Multiverse better understands well enough. To keep gods and immortals in line, the Amoral Ones introduse the infamous fail safe known as "Morality Illness", a sickness that can drive gods mad yet also cause their immortality to fail, their blood turned blacken, to look paler, and finally, death.

  1. The One Above All- Basicly the big man himself. Or simply refered to as "T.O.A.A.". He is often the first thing the Amoral Ones create first, of which would proceed to introduse life as envisioned by the Amoral Ones.
  2. Elder Gods- A.K.A. The Pre-Patheon Gods. They're often beings or creatures that help T.O.A.A. with creation of worlds, often in many complicated ways. As a result, they often fall into sheer obscurity cause often they become one with the world they created or simply become one with the world's energy there-after.
  3. Other God Patheons- T.O.A.A. doesn't believe in having EVERYONE follow him, so he allows the rise of other god-based religens to introduse a diverse belief system. Obviously, it hasn't always been a perfect method with relijustus wars and other belief brohaha that has occured as an end result, but end of the day, mortal-kind still atthived realitive peace. This ranges from the basic human world god patheons, to that of alien patheons, and yes, we're including the Alicorns of Equestria into this.
  4. Evolution Masters- To discourage the idea that this is a heavily relijustus crossover to those that're a fan of Charlies Darwin, Evolution is still a true as ever thing (Heck, I'm not heavily relijustus myself). T.O.A.A. believed it would've been stupidly lazy of him to just make a perfect socity as easy as a snap of the fingers, so he introdused the Evolution Masters to evolve beings and animals for him.
  5. Beyond Enlighten Races- Races that assended so far up the hierarchy that they transended all mortal wants and needs and basicly become God Races. Keep note that Beyond Enlighten Races are steps beyond Hyper-Advanced Races, because Hyper-Advanced Races would still have some flaws holding them back. Often times, they would transsend having a physical form and be balls of engery beyond comprehendsion, though sometimes they would still maintain reckitneseable form to still be understood depending on their path.
  6. God-Level Animals- Sometimes certain animals are blessed with god-levels of power. Either they're often stronger versons of normal animals, or radically different creatures. Sometimes they're kept as pets by gods or are hailed as herolds by mortals, or be a symbol of ultamate tritumpth when a mortal defeats one if it's a darker verity.
  7. Devine Plants- Devine plants are ALSO an impourent thing for Multiverseal life (As it has always been). In the case of the Main United Universe, the most impourent plant respondsable for all plant life is the Golden Life Lily. It is a plant with a heavy enfluence on all plant life.
  8. Dragon Gods- Ranging from the ones in Equestria to even the ones of Dreamworks China.
  9. Angels- The loyal familiers of T.O.A.A., they come in many shapes and forms.

Pure Spirits.

  1. Great Spirits- Assended mortal beings and creatures that exist to be the guiding hands to ensure mortal kind, for being and animal alike, are kept on a good path. They are often the spirits of passed heroes, sages, or beings and/or creatures of signifigant impourence.
  2. Magical Forces- Ranging from Pang Bing's Magic Ball Mother to the Tree of Harmony, Magcial Forces are often the greatest of aide in spreading magic, even protecting it from undesireables.
  3. Holiday Spirits- Basicly the spirits of the holidays. Like pretty much the Guardians of Childhood.
  4. Forces of Fate- The penultamate desiders of desteny. The common denominators include many variments to the Sisters of Fate and beings and creatures based on fate.

Higher Beings.

  1. Time Lords- Saldaron being a penultamate exsample, Time Lords are often beings, creatures or forces that have the ultamate trump-card with the power of time travel and the ability to change out paradoxes or alter time for more favorable existences if permitted by the Time Councilers, so no matter how powerful a force is, for the greatest weapon Time Lords will always have is the ability to effect the past of this force and litterally remove a would-be threat from existence as if it was never a thing. Luckly, Time Lords are more often those that take this power with shere respondsability as demanded by Time Councilers.
  2. Titans- Basicly super-giants, on omega steriods. Though typcially considered to be Precursers to Gods in Greek Mythlogy, Titans in actuality are just upgraded giants.
  3. Amutt's Family- Amutt's family, and the desertian himself, are beings of such a high level of power along side the power exlusive to Deserta known as "The Will to Protect", Amutt and his family, along side other Deserta rulers, are basicly gods among mortals.
  4. Equinox Masters- Equinox Masters are often those that found the perfect balence of light and dark magic and have transended to Higher Force status. They are reckitnesed as the highest form of magic users.
  5. Immortals- Beings that atthived or already have the power of immortality and are able to live beyond many lifetimes.
  6. Indigo Dragons- An ultra rare varient of Dragon Realmian Dragon Albino to the point of legend, to put it lightly. They are said to be cosmicly aware super dragons that could pocess powers that could even have them worthy to fight Outer Gods, and Tyro was such a dragon.
  7. Scarlet Dragons- Scarlet Dragons of Dragon Realmian fame are like even rarer and powerful variments in tune with the Purple Dragon, but with the trait that only one can exist in a time where the Universe has atthived ultamate peace as a gift to ensure it stays that way. However, one was prematurely introdused in the form of Quidilen. Beyond the standerd dragon realmian elements, Scarlet Dragons are said to even be able to adopt abilities even outside of the range of their native world, making Scarlets respected figures rekitnesed in worlds aware of the Dragon Realms.
  8. Purple Dragons- Purple Dragons of Dragon Realmian Fame are basicly like super-powered near-god level purple albinos of usual Dragon Realmian Dragons in that they can weild more then what their element is based on. Purple Dragons can have the power to enfluence and change the world they live on, often being great protectors, or if corrupted, great destroyers. Purple Dragons are actselly compairitively more common then Scarlets and Inigos, but still rare all the same, espeically when often Purple Dragons fall victims to dark conspiracy, and/or were virtually annilated by the Darkspawn in the First Cartoonian War.
  9. Elemental Forces- Elemental Forces are beings, creatures, or what have you, are often based on the many elements needed to make a world work. You have your basic elements like Fire, Earth, Stone, Wind, Ice, Water, Poison, etc, and other such elements.
  10. Weilders of Illunos Crystals- Those who weild the Illunos Crystals of Mythos and master them can artificually assend to Higher Being status. The catch is that they have the handicap of only having to be in Mythos due to the christails explosive reaction of being too far from the planet.
  11. Godspawn Beings- Beings that're either of direct bloodlines or personal creation of Gods and are often basicly upgraded Demi-Gods with enhanced god level abilities. Daemons of Equestria are apart of this catagory.
  12. Reapers- The ever thankless job of having to collect souls into the afterlife reapers bare, but someone has to do it. They're basicly the highest form of undead you can find in this hiarchey.
  13. Santas- In the Multiverse, there can never just be ONE verson of the beloved Santa Claus. That is true for the Main United Universes. The majority match the citeria of jolly saints, but Deviants Exist.
  14. Karma Fairies- The Ultamate Bringers of good or bad karma and luck, if though sometimes netouriously fickle to those that provoke karma.
  15. History Sprites- History Sprites are the Chronologically-aware race of Sprites that can record history as they are aware of it through art and many other recorded forms of knwoeldge.
  16. Mythics- Mythical Creatures, while few steps shorter then God-Level Animals, are an equilly special selection of beings and creatures rekitnesed in mythologies. Sometimes they are connected to magic or other greater powers, often times they're beasts unlike anything reckitnesed by socities and would sometimes be deemed myths, hence the word "Mythics".

Assended Beings.

  1. Lightflies and Mothrons- Two set of races advanced beyond belief. The Lightflies are beings of pure light while the Mothrons are pure darkness, both are connected to Kingdom Hearts.
  2. The Uniter Line- Those who have been selected to become Uniters are being gifted to have powers that are able to overwealm forces even beyond this rank, except for Outer Gods at times.
  3. Keybladers- Those that can weild giant key-shaped blades that not only have connections to Kingdom Hearts, but can also be used to seal Keyholes to prevent them from being a danger. Keyblades are often the product of Lightflies or the Mothrons, or even direct creations of the Light or Darkness of Kingdom Hearts itself.
  4. Seers- Seers, often refered too as Soothsayers, Prophets, Oricles, Vision-Watchers, Foreseers and what have you, are magic users with cosmic awareness and abilitites to see into the future. Though sometimes these visions can be either inaccreate or can be changed, more often then that Seers will warn that there's little to not stopping their visions from coming true short of an absolute change of path.
  5. Hyper Advanced Races- Hyper-Advanced Races, which includes the AUU's Teadr 1 races, are often beings that assend to god-like levels, but under the handicap of tec, albeit very advanced and long refined tec.
  6. Magic-Users- Magic-users, Wizards, Souccerors, Witches, Warlocks, Etc, are often those embued with the power of magic thanks to heavy training and embracing of the magic-force.
  7. Chi-Users- In the cases of Dreamworks China, Chi is hyperly evolved from magic to the point that it doesn't tecnecally count as such anymore and allows it's barers to do equilly powerful things in connection to martical arts.
  8. Telepaths- Penultamate personifications on how the mind is the greatest weapon you can have. Litterally in their cases.
  9. Force-Users- In the Star Wars universe, the biggest players were the force-users, whether the Jedi or the Sith.
  10. Super-Powered Beings- Super-Beings and Animals, like the Superiors, have the benefit of super-powers, another divergent of magic to radical degrees.
  11. Demi-Gods- Basicly a nerfed verson of a basic god. They have God Quilities, but often have mortal weaknesses.
  12. Moon Spirits- Beings or creatures that're spirits of the moon.
  13. Space Living Creatures- Creatures actselly able to thrive in space.
  14. Living Sentient Celestial Bodies- Sometimes there can exist things like sentient suns, but are usually a rare occurence.
  15. Living Worlds- This includes Monstro and Alaskan Bull Worm as prime exampleraries, alongside the AUU's Symbim.

Higher Level Beings.

  1. Princesses of Heart- Though the actual princess title is optional, Princesses of Heart are often Kingdom Hearts enfluenced female beings that allow them potaintionally tapable powers that, in the wrong hands, could unleash certain distruction. The title of Princess of Heart often goes to the most kind hearted of female beings, though an extreme few of them have access to their own Keyblade.
  2. Advanced Races- Just levels shy of being "Hyber-Advanced", advance races are still above Earth-level tec and already succeeded space-flight beyond the intermedate planets in the system.
  3. Artifical Intelligence- Never underestimate artifical intelligence. The Machines are not to be triffled with.
  4. Enhanced Figures- Be they cyborgs or are just given an artifical upgrade, the enhanced forces are a step beyond.
  5. Cartoon-Logic Powered-Beings- Beings or creatures with the power of utilising cartoon logic and clishes for the best of their abilities.
  6. Choosen Ones- Pretty much the average choosen one heroes of a forseen propichy that is basicly destened to 100% of the time win a great darkness even if they are beyond this level.
  7. Devine-Enfluenced Beings- Those that have been favored by the devines are enabled to adopt some form of higher-level magic as proof of their favored status. Common with High Presits and Presistesses, other holy figures, Jesus-Level Icons, blessed warriors or those with blessed weaponry, or occationally blessed animals selected to help a world.
  8. Kaijus- AKA Giant Monsters. They are often massively over-sized creatures capable of toppling cities. You may reckitnesed the famous Godzilla as such.

Mortal-Level Beings.

  1. Normal Animals- Pretty much all of the Animal Kingdom. They range from prey, predator, pets, food fodder, beasts of burden, rides, pests, or various other purposes the Evolutionary masters bestowed onto them.
  2. Normal Beings- Generally humans or non-advanced race aliens. This is the square one for any race of the Multiverse.
  3. Normal Plants- Often something just part of the scenery. Plants would be the first sight as proof of viable life in a Multiverse.

Forces of the Supernateral.

  1. The Undead- Ghosts, Zombies, Liches, Wraiths, Mummies, Non-Reaper Skeletons, Etc., they are often spirits that weren't able to atthive purity, held back by rotten bodies, or spirits that weren't able to atthive rest. Often they haunt the living until they get it, if they even want that.
  2. Weres- You would reckitnesed the famous Werewolves of many horror movies. Well, Weres extend beyond that as they touch other forms of animals as well.
  3. Vampires- Made infamous by Count Draculas of various worlds, Vampires are noted for blood lusting tendingies, shape-shifting, and a somewhat imperfect immortality provided they do not befell to the many weaknesses that can get rid of them.
  4. Cryptids- The label for unrekitnesed creatures often denied or questioned by scientists due to that they're often subject to unrelieable or inconsistent shorces. Some Cryptids were the result of Mischievers introdusing an otherworldly creature from it's home dimention to where it doesn't belong, other times they're lost relics to prehistoric eras that defelupted eradical evolutions, or creatures of more supernaterol origins.
  5. Old-World Monsters- Basically includes the likes of various versions of Frankenstein, the Lagoon Creature, steriotypical closet and bed monsters, anichent monsters of legends, and what have you.
  6. Mutants- Whether a mistep or hiccup of nature via birth defects or deformaties, or the result of science gone wrong, mutants are basically semi-modern day issues facing worlds with science involved. Often times, Mutants are a danger, but exceptions can exist.
  7. Grimaces- Grimaces of the AUU are sort'of unique creatures. Byproducts of Grims, which are basicly AUU Witches and fall in the same category as magic users, they're often a combination of spirits and grim magic and became extentions of their creator's personal feelings, often are reflections of how a Grim views the world. In other words, ya may not wanna piss them off in anyway. The Grims of RWBY fame fit in the same category.

Dark Forces Hiarchey.


  1. Chernabog- The undisputed inrealm source of evil.
  2. The Darkspawn- In the OOU, the Darkspawn are the defacto demon trouble makers in the United Universes.
  3. Exhaeons- The AUU has the misfortune of knowing the Exhaeons, and trust me, they're worthy contenders of giving the Darkspawn a run for their money, even for how much they were quickly dealt with.
  4. Non-Affiliated Demons- Typically, even when not Darkspawn or Exhaeon, these beings are usually wicked and dangerious of their own right.

Dark forces.

  1. Non-Demons- Non-Demons, which are often Higher Levels that fallen into darkness, some even were once gods at some point.
  2. Magic-Eaters- Tirek is apart of this category. Magic eaters are known to eat and steal magic for their own power.
  3. Chi Parasites- Kai and Jindiao are apart of this. Chi-Parasites are basically the chi equivalent to Magic-Eaters.
  4. HeartlessNobodiesUnversed and Dream Eaters- Byproducts of the Darkside of Kingdom Hearts.
  5. Anichent Evils- Powerful enough dark forces that existed before but were defeated or contained at some point. Often a choosen one is required to deal with it in an event of a return.
  6. Nightmarish Creatures- Coming in a veriity of forms, Nightmarish Creatures are personifications of fear.
  7. Dark Spirits- Even more unpured spirits, but only now they're espeically dark.

Mortal Level Evils.

  1. Dark Groups- Often collaberations of many different villains that aim to get the simple united goal of conquest and/or control of everything. This includes The Villain LeageThe Fang Empire and subsiquent evolution into The Dark Dragon Scourge EmpireTeam Nefarious, and alchourse, the ever infamous Villains Act of the AUU and it's many follow-ups apawn departure. To Outer Gods, Dark Groups, or simply villain groups, are the most concerning of mortal evils, cause villain groups are deemed as the first steps to an inter-dimentional empire. Fortunately, mortal socity has been more then capable to balence itself out, so no major extreme has to be adopted against these groups..... Yet.
  2. Super-Villains- The Highest Baddies of the bad, as often their plans for conquest can involve extreme or surreal methods.
  3. False Gods- Whether of Mortal Origin or even a legit level of high power, False Gods are a dangerious force.
  4. Tyrants- Whether corrupted leaders or power-hungry dictators, Tyrants are not fun to anyone.
  5. Corrupt Business Goer- Sometimes there's a reason why Money has been declared "The root of all Evil".
  6. Mad Geniuses- Sometimes brillient minds can fall down the wrong path, often because of being rejected and/or simple insanity.
  7. Criminals- From Crimelords to a petty thug, Pirates, Bandits, Outlaws, Etc, Criminals are just one of many exsamples of a flawwed socity.
  8. Cults- The dangers of fanactisum and unquelled zealotisum personifived in cults. Whether splinter cells of reckitnesed realigens, self-deathers or those fallen into things not meant to be worshipped, Cults are far from ideal to be a club you want to be involved with.
  9. Extremeists- Those that often engage in violent acts often to little or no point other then to push a personal goal or agenda.
  10. Nilists- Sometimes the most dangerious of any mortal evils are ones that just gave up on life and don't even want something as cartoony as wolrd domination or what have you. They just want everything, even themselves, to burn.
  11. Realijustus Bypasser- Professor Latifier is a prime exsample of a Realijustus Bypasser in being capable to malmitulate any into going against things like a promise or a vow and put them on a dark path. These sort've people are often so dangerious in these silver tongue abilities that often they're non-discrimatorly sought after due to being deemed a threat to funtional socity.

The Very Bottom of the Hiarchey.

  1. Purgatory residence- Those left to tend the Wasteland Purgatories of Universes.
  2. Purgatory Creatures- Often times they are at varing levels of either unusual, to unspeakable.
  3. Outer Gods Exiled to the Hybernation Realms or the Realm of Rejects- The final fate of Outer Gods that failed to keep true to a purpose.
  4. Ruler of the Forgotten- An even bigger beast of purgatories for things that came to be forgotten, but was rendered outmoded by Originos, and by extention the Internet.
  5. The Void- Because of it's connections to Glitchier and how it's enfluences created dark forces.

Mortal Bravery Rank.

  1. 0-Brave- The highest demoninator of mortal bravery. Mortals of 0-Brave Status are often able to brave through even the worse of Outer God appearences to the point of it actselly being worthy of respect, even being able to call them out on poor calls and not be annilated in 1000 different ways for it. Thus a 0-Brave would be able to keep the peace between inrealms and outers. 0-Braves are beyond rare however, to the point that Outer Gods had often deemed the idea of it to be a myth, with only a stagnent number of true believers.
  2. 1-Brave- A level of bravery common with hero-level or cosmicly aware mortals that did enough good and learned many things that nothing surprises them too much and often are able to mostly handle the appearence of Outer Gods to a degree. 1-Braves however are not always able to get away with questioning an outer god's athority unless they did fair enough accomplishments worthy of even only limited respect. But they are still short of the kind of respect 0-Braves are given, as not every Outer God would easily heed to the request of 1-Braves nor even take their power seriously other then being an amusing challnage to fight.
  3. 1/2 Brave- The transition between a 2-Brave to a 1-Brave, often for first time heroes or wiser/humbler rulers and leaders.
  4. 2-Brave- The Level of Bravery granted to daredevils, adventurers, idiots, among many types of adventurious souls, are something that is granted to mortals too daring and/or stupid to understand true fear, though the presence of an outer god can still get to them if they had no prior preperation for it. Fearbenders are often annoyed by these kind of mortals, cause it's difficult to make them afraid of almost anything. 2-Braves are also placed onto mortals with ambition that can't be curbed by even the presence nor demand of outer gods (In some cases), as ambition can often translated to selfish or self-serving desires, or open the gates for those that do want selfish gains, which opens the gates to unfairness among mortals in one way or the other, along with that often 2-braves are the shorce of Inter-Dimentional empires, thus often are not the popular sort of mortals if they are not balenced by a wise sage, humble leaders, attentive gods or a rekitnition of balence, much less a hero ready to contend with them.
  5. 3-Brave- The More Average level of bravery, often to those of civilians or unremarkable fellows that just want to worry about their average every-man lives and keeping it stable, and thus are easily startled by even the implication of an Outer God, must less witness one. 3-Braves are the easy to enfluence away from a 2-Brave, but sometimes that enfluenceability can backfire depending on how enfluenceal the 2-brave is with big promsies and big ideas, and without a being of a higher bravery, mostly a 1-brave, often this will end poorly.
  6. 4-Brave- The Below-Average Brave Mortals, often those that are easily more fighten and intimidated by scary enough things, but can graduate into at least a 3-Brave when given enough push, or even higher if the circumstances are correct. 4-Braves are typically young children or easily timid beings, thus often they're intimidated by so much as goofy bugaboos, clowns, and even tiny creatures, much less anything an Outer God would offer. 4 Braves however, can be molded into higher levels with the right circumstances.
  7. 5-Brave- 5-braves are often those even more cowerdly then most 4-braves cause of often being ruled by heavier personal phobias or trumatic exspeariences that prevent them from enjoying life without being hauntedly reminded or going through un-nessersary extremes to avoid reminders of it. They are both the least productive of mortals, but also the least concern. They would litterally have a heart-attack at even so much as the appearence of an Infinity Libarian, much less an actselly terrorfying outer god.
  8. -5-Brave- Awarded to mortals that became so phathicly trumatised and broken that they are not able to recover ever from their pain. Outer Gods often amorally pity these sad cases for being less then the ideal standerd of mortals, but typically they leave them to their devices unless there is a concern they'll devolve into a -1.
  9. -4-Brave- Granted to those that become gothic and emo. Sometimes is it not nessersarly the matter of actual bravery, but sometimes getting a negitive verson where they just don't care anymore, but short of a true nilist.
  10. -3-Brave- Awarded to a mindless drone, often beings robbed of their ability to think for themselves or never really had it as they are incapable of fear due to their mindless state.
  11. -2-Brave- Awarded to mortals with severe and dangerious mental issues, basicly the catagory for psycopaths. -2s are often more an intermediate threat to mortal socities then anything, though Outer Gods are weary of them ever getting powers greater then what they are capable off.
  12. -1-Brave- Granted to a complete and utter nihilist. They are the most dangerious of the minus-braves as they won't even fear their destruction, even welcome it in some cases. -1s are basicly the most dispised kind of mortals to even kinder Outer Gods cause of their destructive and self-destructive tendingices, thus often Outer Gods would want these kind of mortals erased from existence if all other challnages fail or if forced if a greater power is dragged into it.
  13. -0-Brave- The extremely cowerdly oppisite of a 0-Brave. It is something for a mortal so underwealmingly cowerdly and phathic that the Outer Gods are offended by their extreme absolute cowerice, but also pity them to the point that death is deemed not a worthy punishment because of being too phathic even for that. Like 0-Braves, -0s are usually exceptionally rare in the oppisite sense, because very spefific conditions and countless amount of personal woes and tragities have to happen so many times to allow a -0's existence. Even the All-Mother, for all her benevolence, would be revolted to ever meet a -0-Brave, to where only beings with infitnate kindness and/or tolerence can ever stomich a -0, like with the Willtos.


(Outer God Symbols)

(All-Mother Symbol, Infinite First-Born Synbol, Naterolly Selected Second Born Symbol, Sisters of Light and Darkness Symbol, The Orderly 5th Born, The Soulful Born, Cosmic Powerian Symbol, Amoral Ones and Caste Symbols, Fabricant Symbol, Worlder Symbol, Celest-Layer Symbol, Verse Scrapper Symbol, Preserver Symbol, Edgewall Guard Symbol, Pathmakers Symbol, Resurrectorates Symbol, Citidelian Symbol, Devient Outer God Symbols)