Things have gone south since the invasion of the Jiggles. The Dragon Realms senate, under the words of a defecting minotaur senator follower of Tricorn named Senitor Hoofersheen, who was oppressed with perfection and beauty, who considers all mutants and abominations being nothing other than freaks and monsters. It didn't help especially that a gang of friends that became mutants due to a the mad experiments of HMU genius Dr. Morbit Crow, all being lead lead by Ginger Jell, A giraffe with four extra arms, a third eye, and a beak, have grown tired of the abuse to mutants and everyone began assuming that they are evil because of being freaky, judging by appearances rather than character. Thus, they plan to lead a movement with Crow's other victims to prove that not all mutants are automatically evil. However, not only do they have to face Crow again by doing this, but they also have to face both Hoofersheen, and the returning Nonex, who wants to turn all the mutants into an army. Now it's up to the Shell Lodgers, Tricorn, Xenon, Kate, Alister and Jasmine Flamingo and friends, to protect these tragic souls from these wrong-doers. The only question is, with how much power Hoofersheen has, how are they gonna pull this off?

(...I'd hardly call that a good reason, but I guess we'll figure something out. Alright, I'm on it.)

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