Stu Peder, ever since learning about Nastrade and Idion from Drilling for Order from former AUU colleges from that event, Stu has managed to came back and managed to get into the AUU. He finds Idion and wasn't given an oh-so-cheery welcome from the group that kept the planet in a state of ruin, the Anti-Idiological Movement, and it's angry Zyonoid leader, Braindrain, who was the worse victims of Idion's over the top and idiotic punishments when it went too far and cracked Braindrain's brain, subjugating him to have Fractured Knowledge Syndrome, where Braindrain ends up mentally incapable to learn more then he already knows. Basically, he's average intelligence as a result. Stu was able to BARELY win the broken Zyonoid over into letting Stu join the group and tell him of two other worlds run rampant by idiots: Nastrade and Dimentia of the OUU. Thus, Braindrain is motivated to go after Nastrade and Dimentia as a result, Nastrade first of all. However, apawn the Louger's and HA's arrival in trying to capture Stu Peder, Stu ends up learning the truth that AIM were beyond what he was comfortable with when Braindrain plotted to destroy both Nastrade and Dimentia with the same weapon that destroyed Idion to begin with, a specialized Astro Laser named "The Moron Zapper" that'll doom the planets into the same fate. With Stu proven that he at least has the decency to not want the planets destroyed as more like he wants to get rid of idiots, Braindrain further proves he's a complete dick and turns on Stu for not understanding his vision, and Stu gets thrown into the dungeon with the heroes. After the Lougers and the HA berated Stu for his actions, they were recovered by friendly idiots that, albeit stupidly and clumsily, freed the heroes and Stu. They were taken back to a remnant city where they meet the place's hero and would-be savior, Mr. Grey, A greyed Harrathor that is in the perfect grey area of being a smart idiot in where that he does crazily stupid things and speaks with absolute nonsense, and yet makes incredible sense, having found what is called "Intellect Equinox", a sense of enlightenment that embraces not knowing everything and the concept of intelligence and stupidity meaning nothing to good and evil. Now, the Heroes, an enlightened Stu and Mr. Grey, aim to stop Braindrain and his army once and for all.

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