Ever since the events of Superpowers: Rights or Privileges?, though Gazellioia Rightra has prevented the actions of Stonlust from relfecting badly on the misunderstood rights group, Gazellioia herself is at great personal odds with herself, once again being at doubt of her family beliefs because of ever accepting Stonlust's membership since the group's founding and never realising his dishonest motives. Though other members have been proven that they legitamently want superpowers to be rights for the sake of a more fair goverment and otherwise have no wishes to cause anarchy, Gazellioia is still at personal conflict with herself. She's been suspected to eventually giving up and surrendering the leadership of Super Powers Unlimited to a would-be heir made from the most like-minded of her current beleifs. However, one night, that changed. Gazellioia has been encountered by glowing near-skeletal being resembling an Okapi. At first Gazellioia was horrorfived by this, but she then only gets into a state of disbelief and broken hearted state of mind when the creature reveiled itself as her fallen son, Omar Rightra, or as it calls itself now, Omni-Okapi. It turns out, what happened to Omar wasn't really his death.... Well, at least, not a true death. It turns out that Mutotonium may've not been as dangerious as it was advertise, not saying that all of it's concerns about it are false, but some things may've been exaggerated. In truth, Mutotonium just turned out to be a slightly more unpleasent way to atthive an extremer form of the already extreme super-power Omnipotence, and the "Power Flux" witnessed on Omar's previous mutant form was really an albeit painful form of evoution to allow Omar to inhereit a mutanted but highly evolved evoutionary extreme form for Superiors. Omar explained that what happened to him was just him exspeariencing the drug exsellerating the next evolution for all superiors, meaning that Omnipotence is the next extreme for all superiors. But Gazellioia expectedly asked why have Superiors been like what they are currently but never reached this extreme form until now. Omar explained that why Superiors are still their absolute normals is because the superior goverment, then and now, has been pulling the strings on the unwitting Grotch, the Kratos senate, and even Algor to stand by the many restricting rules and laws of Kratos because, outside of keeping a few bad eggs in check, the Superior Goverment is trying to prevent an anicent propicy crafted by obscured prophets. That Superiors are meant to become a precursor-like race and become creaters of new universes worthy to be amongst the likes of even The Amoral, and gain science and pwoers greater then as far as the eye can see. It turns out that the restrictive rules supposingly meant to protect the universes and kratos from rouges, which is still true in a sense, has a main funtion of keeping Superiors in their current state because the goverment leaders not the likes of Grotch or Algor or the Senate, know that once Superiors get into that kind of state, there would be no need for leadership and goverment because each Superior will enter an extreme state of enlightenment that will make them deciders of their own desteny. As such, govermental forces used figure-heads like Grotch and Algor and senates of each form to prevent this propicy to happen to make sure they stay in enturnal power. That means that once superpowers are made rights, not privileges, one day without mutotonium, Superiors can atthive that great state of power and enlightent, and with Omar, super-villains taking advantage of soften rules will no longer be an issue. And luckly for Gazellioia, even dispite the Stonlust outburst, there is still MANY superiors that have began to grow numb to the idea of superiors not being rights, even Grotch and Algor began to question the idea of keeping superpowers as privileges, as well as all major senate members actselly having debates on balencing out the restrictive rules to introduse slightly more benvolent replacements or amendments. Omar and Gazellioia see this as a chance to put Superiors back on the path of becoming a vastly greater force, but the continuations of that same force that were once of the Superior goverment of the past has once again resurfaced to prevent the path of the new age of kratos, known as: The Zeus Brotherhood, a group where each member goes by a codename of being named after Greek Gods, that, while it doesn't have any connection to any known Zeuses of the Universes, the group are made of either desendents or even some still living superiors that once worked with Grotch to make Kratos very strict about super-powers to prevent Superiors from atthiving an ultamate desteny to maintain their power, even if it means condemning them to the life of misery being stuck with the problems of mortal socity as the price of maintaining their ideals of order, assentually being a puppet master goverment behind the real ones, managing to use malmitulation powers strong enough to surpass psyicsheilds and keep any past, current and future leaders in their grip. Cause of this, though not respondsable for every evil superior, their order obcessed ways is the reason why at least the vast majority even exist. Enlighten by the desire to make her wishes happen even more now and with Algor and Grotch momentarly freed from the Brotherhood's grip, she and Omar have the greatest chance ever to make a real change to Kratos. Unfortunately, Algor, Grotch, and all members of the Senate have been captured by the Zeus Brotherhood and Gazellioia has been framed, putting her in a position even her connections can't get her out of. Fortunately, Omar made a new friend in the form of Gazelleen Malmitulatorus Zazzormess who gets him and Gazellioia to escape. Now their only hope is the Lougers, but due to certain events, the Lougers are very likely to go after Gazellioia then help, current events not-withstanding, helped little that this is happening during the Uniter Wars. Can Gazelle be able to seperate truth of falsehoods?

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