Even though the Lougers have been convinced that Gazellioia is innocent of recent events, that doesn't make problems in Kratos any better. With exception to The Justic Teens, The Super Ops, and every single hero in Kratos, Superiors are made to believe that the Lougers have been corrupted by Gazellioia and Gazelleen and Omar, and as a result, the subitude leader of Kratos in Algor's absince, Master Betrayus, has declaired war on the High Council and all worlds under their rule. Even without the support of all of Kratos' finest heroes, Betrayus plans to create an unstoppable super-robot army inspired by Senator Claw's attempt to turn the Omniweapon into a now discontinued and failed robot strain, only giving them the ability of super powers. It's obvious that either Betrayus is a member of the Zeus Brotherhood, a minor stooge or even just another puppet, either way, this mad man needs to be stopped along with the Brotherhood, and all of Kratos' greatest heroes and joining in to stop this madness, along with aide of Lagoola, cause Baron Tritiumlung quickly felt that something is wrong, and the rebeling underground of Hades because Betrayus is a long-standing critic of Hades' way of life and would threaten that life by forcing the entire underground socity to sumbit to the exact same laws at the surface world, showing evidnece that Betrayus is a stand-alone threat, but otherwise possability the Zeus Brotherhood's pawn in a far grander plot. Can our heros halt another war to prevent the Uniter War being even more burdensome?

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