Though our heroes succeed in winning over all Superiors and overthrowing Betrayus, the Zeus Brotherhood are far from stopped. The leader of the Group, codenamed as Zeus Of Kratos, arrived with other members to reveil themselves as the true rulers of Kratos, and that the captured Algor, Grotch, and the Kratos Senate are just figurehead scapegoats to hide behind while they get away with causing rules and laws that hurt more then what small benifit they offered for the means of keeping the goverments of Kratos, Lagooia, and the Underground socity of Hades from being on the path of enlightenment and being on par with the Amoral that would lead the likes of the idea of goverment obsilet since all Superiors would be masters of their own desteny and make their own rules, so if going into these sort of extremes meant that the kratos goverment will never be rendered no longer useful and redundent, then to the brotherhood, it was worth the price of comdemning Superiors to dealing with their bretheren going corrupt or being lost. The Zeus Brotherhood must be stopped once and for all!

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