After a long battle, all of the Zeus Brotherhood were defeated and each of them punished with the removeal of powers not needed to keep them alive or would render them dangerious if left untouched, then sentenced to exsile to Prison 42. With the fall of the brotherhood, Kratos is free to use super powers as rights, while balenced with still trying to be respondsable with them, but no longer to the point of harshfullness. As such, because of what Gazellioia did, she was honored as a redeemed hero, along with Omar hailed as what he's being called as "Neo-Grotch", earning him a place as the protosay of the original Grotch, Gazelleen, having reconnected with Algor, has been reaccepted back into the Phomethus Temple, being choosen as heir for when Algor does deside to retire for real someday, and Gazellioia has been forgiven, apologised to, and rewelcomed as senator when the senate now realises that they and their ansistery and/or prior senators should've been more respectful to Gazellioa's beliefs, where as a result, it is indeed the start of a new age for Kratos.... However, the escaped betrayus during the Zeus Brotherhood uprising, has proven to be a close-minded creep and a old-fastioned fool unwilling to change, so he started to enlist the aide of villains from Kratos, Hades, and Lagooia to make this age end in tragity. Unfortunately for Betrayus, the heroes are already planning to deal with the loose end that is Betrayus. Will this new age prove itself to still be as tough on villains as the old age did?

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