The New Tallest Talltales EVAH! is the 200th Episode Special of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. It is the first day of the first ever "Louger Con", a fan convention dedicated to the Shell Louge Squad's exploits and adventures, and literally everyone is invited, from Deadpool, the Heroes Act, the Lodgers' allies and adventure mates, and anyone just looking for autographs. From celebrating their high points to having deep discussions about their not so great points, The Lougers, and a view invited guests, are more then delighted to attend this first ever convention dedicated to all things Louger and friends. Gazelle is there as well. She is delighted to meet people so dedicated to the Lougers. However, when they reached to have discussions with their fans, they are quickly bombarded by critics that actselly desided to show up, bringing the misfits down and run the risk of having fans' devotion challnage, either demoralising them or risking a riot into the convention! Thankfully, Gazelle had a solution to that! She suggested telling everyone tales of the Lougers adventures that were never given their own episodes until this very one. The idea of never before heard or seen adventures calmed and fascinated the crowd, while momentarly quielled the critics for now. Now, Each Louger or Guest will have to weave a tale of the Lougers unseen exploits to maintain a loyal fanbase while winning over their toughest critics, or at the least have them acknowledge that the Lougers aren't always perfect and be glad there's something preventing a villain's reign from happening. However, when the ever-disruptive Junjie teams up with multiple villains including Tong Fo, Taotie and his son (Permissioned by Team Nefarious alchourse) and his new friend in the form of Roboface of all people as the two met at an evil genius convention in Mugshotra, and decide to trap the entire conventioners into the building with plans to blast them all straight into the sun, stupidly with himself and his followers in it, will there be one story that'll end up giving the heroes the idea on how to escape this particular jam?


  1. The Popstar and the Bitch- Gazelle starts off with telling a thrilling "The Prince and the Pauper"-eqse story on how a Mothron Commander named Napolianlar, a very short Mothron with a Napolian-complex, attempted to make Gazelle as a uniter look bad by forging a fake Uniter Blade and enlisting a nasty biker Gazelle from Zootopia named Misty McBitch, into going along with this with the promise of money, though Misty admited she doesn't truely trust Napolianlar as far as she can throw him which she argued is pretty damn far. The switch was successfuly made. However, he didn't counted on the Lougers being a step ahead thanks to Gazelle, who already plan to counter it by opening Misty up to her true self by giving her something she never had in her broken, troubled childhood: A family, while Gazelle basicly sweetens up Misty's entire biker gang, The Hogrider Pouchers, basicly the Hells' Angels of Zootopia. Will Napolianlar's plans ultamately fall flat on it's face?
  2. Beware the Splatterpunk- Spongebob recollects the time he and Patrick found another ship in a hole in the ground in the way of the Mona Loa. But it is not an ordenary lost ship. It is a trans-dimensional ship known as Splatterpunk, belonging to the Pan-Dimensional Pirate Splatterbeard. The two turned the thing on mistakenly because they found a shiny key in the ignition and spontaniously lead the two into a wild dimensional trip and end up in very wild dimensions, like the Mobsterverse, The Netflixverse, The Busiverse, The Ickyverse, The Bootlegverse, and then crash-landing into a private usually cut-off dimension where a private club for Shell Lougers from across the Multiverse meet up for a relaxing time in a hotel known as The Shell Lodge, of which Spongebob and Patrick totally want to get involved with, but the owners of the hotel, Shell Lougers Prime, the most hyper serious versons of the Lougers ever, turned out to be very critical of the "Central Lougers" and their antics. Would it take the haltting of a major conspiracy by the Leagers of the same various Multiverses lead by the Shell Lougers' Prime Leagers, Villain Leage Prime, to be admittable for membership?
  3. The Mutant Planet- Xandy chips in into defending the Lodgers' ability of actually being a great influence to the AUU by telling the story on how they resolved the issues of the mutant-dominated planet Muton. The planet was plagued by an extremist discriminator group run by Leader Norm called The Faction of the True Norm, who are dedicated to destroy their own planet for becoming Mutons after an airborne disease caused by discriminative scientists who mistakenly released a greatly-flawed version of a virus meant to attack Mutons, but because of it only being a threat to normals and that Mutons end up being walking cures since the virus dies in their vastly-altered DNA, mutation became the new norm, and Norm was replaced as governor by the Muton scientist named Dr. Mutagen, who created and founded the genetic company called Genexski Mutagenics, and the protection force known as Z-Men, who are a group of especially-talented Mutons dedicated to protect Muton from discriminative normal people and the Faction of the True Norm. While the heroes understood that the Faction is indeed the legitimate bad guys, they couldn't help to notice that the mutants themselves need to have their personal scars against their normal comrades fixed as well, considering that they don't exactly get along with the Z-Men other than professional courtesy. Soothsayer and Magnum work together to cure the mutant communities of their own distrust towards normal people and build long-broken bridges divided by centuries of hate made worse by a freak accident, all the while the rest of the heroes contend with Leader Norm's plan to unleash the finally-discovered lost titanic machine that was part of a forsaken project called Project: Titans, which giant machines called Titans would be manufactured to destroy Mutons until it was decommissioned that, after the disease's destruction, in hindsight to their programming to attack mutants, would also mean extinction. The Z-Men stopped Norm from experimenting on these machines using Muton DNA and thus making them unstoppable, and destroyed all Titans forever. Unfortunately, they destroyed all but one. One of which Norm was saving and experimenting on with Muton DNA already, eventually becoming the strongest and most unstoppable Titan of them all, called Titan Ultimus 9000, the first titan and the strongest of the discontinued branch. With the machine proving to be a perfectly-good match for the Z-Men and only getting destroyed by a lucky shot, they realize that, if the Faction is allowed to mass-produce this model, not only would it be the end of Muton, but it will run the risk of being too attractive for would-be conquerors to ignore and use the TU-9000 machines for their own benefits and essentially become the new niche to replace astro-lasers and Nova-Titans. Can our heroes and the Z-Men not only conquer their own personal issues, but stop this unstoppable first robotic titan from being mass-produced as well?
  4. Deadpool Goes to Zootopia- Deadpool appears from nowhere and steals the show to explain his own misadventure with the Lodgers when he was tricked into coming to Zootopia by an extremely well intentioned gazelle Doctor named Dr. Ramzsy Genepool, and his assisent apathic daughter Almitia Genepool. Dr. Genepool has heard of Deadpool since Zootopia was introdused to the world of marvel and DC comics thanks to the comics being sold in Zootopia as part of the new universeal trades Zootopia got to be a part of. Dr. Genepool was amazed by how Deadpool was "tecnecally" cured of his own cancer problems thanks to the Weapon X program, and wants Deadpool's DNA to modify certain unpleasent parts to make the ultamate cancer cure to not only became world famous for curing all forms of cancer, but to save his wife as well, Edita Genepool, who is dying of terminal cancer and is set to die for another 2 weeks. However, thanks to SHEILD's, The Avengers, and The X-Men's rash and unseen attempt to get Deadpool out of Zootopia, Ramsey ended up dropping the un-altered Deadpool DNA onto Edita, though while curing her cancer in a sense, turned her into assentually another Deadpool, who not only is she just as insane, wacky, and mostly homisideal as the original, but also quite infectious where a mere touch turns you into another Deadpool. Edita now names herself as Deaditapool, who thanks to now being aware of the 4th wall, now plans to break into the Marvel multiverse and turn all deadpools of those verses into her allies to "Deadpoolafy" the United Universes! With the Marvel Heroes disabled by being turned into Deadpool parodies of their former selves, now, it's up to the Lougers, Deadpool, Gazelle, Nick and Judy and some friends, to work togather with a select number of heroic deadpools that refused to side with Deaditapool and the more villainious deadpools, must work togather to stop the Deadpooling of the Universe, and curing the real Edita without putting her back on the path to die from cancer. Can our heroes do this and cure all infected deadpoolised people along the way, all the while survive more Deadpool insanity?
  5. Junjie the Dragon Hunter- Hiccup chips in to help another critic's issue about how they hardly seem to aid with Berk's problems with the Dragon Hunters for an exsample. After enjoying Netflix, Junjie did a marathon of the Netflix exclusive show about the HTTYD Show, "Race to the Edge". Junjie is surprised about what has been going on with Dagur the Deranged and Heather, but admires the brutality of the Dragon Hunters, espeically the two brothers that lead them, Viggo Grimborn and Ryker Grimborn. Junjie and his assusiates quickly went out of their way to earn the trust of the dragon hunters, though Junjie and co are clearly still in shakey waters since Viggo has indeed heard tales of a "Extreme Fox who falls short like a court jester's attempt to woe a princess". Though Junjie did quickly re-earned that trust by explaining that he knows where an entirely undiscovered breed of Mystery Class dragon is nesting in the uncharted island infamously known as "Bermuda Island", an island feared by even Ryker, where it is said that the island itself is a giant sleeping Bewilderbeast with a hostile attatude torwords humans and non-dragons. Reguardless, the Dragon Hunters go to Bermuda Island and discover the undiscovered breed, which are assentually Nighthorrors at their evoluionairy extreme called Fright-Knights, who share the island along with other dragons seen from race to the edge. However, thanks to Tai Lung making a dramatic enterence, the island felt pain from his rough landing, and indeed proved the fears current that Bermuda Island is indeed an extremely Titan-Worthy super-Bewilderbeast, which is fittingly enough is named "Bermuda", and has now sought out to not only destroy the dragon hunters, but to claim new terratory in doing so, which due to sensing a new alpha in the land of Berk, as turned it's sights to challnage Toothless for control of the dragons of berk and Valka's sactuary, implying that Bermuda is a rouge power-hungried Bewilderbeast, that Hiccup and Toothless need to work togather to put it and the many dragons that live in it's island-like back in it's place, including some dragons they're surprised are apart of Bermuda, like the Death Song Dragon and the Cavern Crusher, meaning that Bermuda was building itself a large Dragon Hive to gain control of all dragons, implying a never before documented case of a dragon exspeariencing human-like sentence, and unfortunatly, a human-like desire to control everything! That means Bermuda is too dangerious to leave in the World of Berk and must be taken away from it, and thus, the Lougers are needed to save the day. But can they handle a sapient Bewilderbeast, an army of controled dragons, and the Dragon Hunters and Junjie and goons who want to take advantage of Bermuda?
  6. The Mammoth of Zootopia- While Junjie has managed to trap everyone, including himself, into the convention building while a timer is counting down from 90 minutes very slowly, Gazelle keeps the calm by bringing up what happened during the time she went to do a charity event back in Real Tests with Unreal Problems. During which, while Gazelle and Hecktor were attending a big museum charity event in celebration to Zander being successful in uncovering a forzen but somehow still living anichent Zootopian Mammoth, and a missing link between how the Day Dreamers and Night Howlers effected animals of the world of Zootopia. However, A Mothron Soucceror named Moollan has crashed the event, freed the sleeping Mammoth from it's icy prison and began to take control of it to use it to kill Gazelle. Luckly, Judy and Nick intervene for Gazelle and take her safely away from the enslaved prehistoric beast while the ZPD must find away to stop the rampaging primitive. Gazelle, Judy and Nick need to find a way to free the poor creature from it's slavehood from Moollan and bring the said soucceror to justice. Can beauty tame a savage, primitive beast?
  7. Welcome to Galaxharra- Galaxhar desides to share his own story about the shocking truth the villain leage and later the Lougers shall exspearience: Galaxhar is not really the last of his race cause he really did NOT actselly destroyed his RACE'S home planet, just the planet he grew up, of which was one of many but vital quntoium mines impourent for the true planet's ecomamy. Galaxhar had been wanted for a long time for his crimes against the true planet of the race, Galaxharra, and the female Galaxian incharged of the mission, Galaxsia, has finally caught up to her "Long Lost Brother" for his act of planetary terrorisum on his own people, invadion of a less advance world, and multiable acts of world attacks during his leage service. Galaxhar was bluntingly arrested, along with the entirety of the villain leage as a result, along with the Leage's Quntonuim depostits and the Galaxhar clones being captured with plans to later harvest back the quntonium "Wasted" on them, along with massive concisations of Galaxhar's robots and inventions as "Contraband". Things get worse when Galaxhar cowerdly dragged Susan into this, along with stating Kratos which housed Quntonium from an unrelated and now formerly mysterious case of what happened to their one asteriod shipment of Quntonium. As a result, Galaxharra made an invadtion of Kratos and with help of Quntonium retriveal tec, were able to win the war one-sidedly, declaired the planet to be ruled by Galaxharra to become a prison planet for "Non-Galaxiuns" for misuse and unautherised reproduction of their property. Susan is also made wanted by Galaxharra as Galaxiun forces sought to hunt down Susan to arrest her for Quntonium misuse. While Susan is forced to run for her life, the rest of the Lougers sought out help from the Galactic Federation, the only ahtority capable to have any power over alien hostility. While the Galactic Federation agreed to help, they warned that Galaxharra is not nessersarly in their juristiction due to the Galaxuns not being part of the federation, as well as Galaxharra being considered a massively impourent shorce of Quntonium to the rest of the aliens of dreamworks, so intense alien negotsiations are going to be made for not just Susan's and Kratos sake, but begrudingly for the entire villain leage cause not only the Galaxharrian forces not autherised to arrest the leage, but doing so and placing them in their planetary prison could be dangerious as it runs the risk of the leage being able to have a shot at more then what Galaxharra is capable off, espeically since a powerfuller, more dangerious upgraded verson of Galaxhar's usual robot is being displayed today as the newest evolution of the Galaxiuns' robotics by a robot-making coperation. Can the Lougers be able to clean up this giant galactic mess in time?
  8. Grievers From Spookavania- Icky desides to snag himself a turn and explain a story to counter against a critic who brought up the fate of a certain monster from the Spookivainia portion in Icky and Iago's road to Dragon realms. Mysterious activity has been going around that children across the UUniverses are getting framed for awful things, and are being grounded UUniverse-wide. The Lodgers are quickly getting suspicious about why such a thing is occurring until Craig Vesling from Spookavania comes and says that there's trouble. Apparently, all these acts are being done by Dreck, who not only looks relitively alive dispite being originally inside a flaytrap monster's gullet, the local bully who has formed a gang of other monster bullies and formed The Dreck of Spookavania, and have thus begun to relieve the trouble they have gotten into by using magic portals to go across the UUniverses, do awful things, and blame the children for it. And all this, just to provoke the Lougers into coming so he can exspearience a re-match with Icky and Iago, meaning it's all more out of the brutish idiot trying to settle a score the duo didn't mean to commit. Clearly this means that the birdbrains are in due need to make proper amends to Dreck and explain the situtation at the time. Also, since this would risk the monsters looking bad, Vladula has asked for them personally, so they have to go there anyway. However, they discover that Dreck isn't inheredly doing it on his own freewill. It turned out that he was controled by an evil Lovecraftian Horror named Sqagblar who's making the idiot kidnap children for far more nefarious means, while using Dreck as a scapegoat given that he's not exactly a popular monster, as the gang have retreated into the lawless monster city of Splatterpunk, a forbidden and prohibited city where the worst of monsters hang out and kill any trespassers. These monsters prove that they are the scum of Spookavania and do very good protecting Dreck and his gang. But hopefully, with the help of a supposedly-beautiful monster named Sirith, who is actually a non-Equestrian changeling who took a beautiful form because she was in love with Craig. Raised by true monsters, she didn't want to be a criminal like her single father, and so she ran away from home and became a vagabond. With her help, they figure out that Sqagblar wants to plan something big. This plan, it turns out, is to release a creature called the King of All Monsters, which has the power to mind-control monsters at it's leisure and kill with total ease. With concern that the KAM will turn on the overly compident Sqag, along doing so to Dreck and his gang, the heroes must find a way to stop them before this Monster of a Monster King returns to make a monster out of all of Spookivainia.
  9. Way of the Superior- Ororo and friends join in to share a story of how the Lougers are helpful to the Superiors. Kratos is in a bit of a pickle, and this time, it's one that's a perfect match for the Super Ops and the Justic Teens. There's a new supervillain in town named the Quantum Master, a leopard who has the uncanny ability to manipulate the quantonium composition in a Superior's bloodstream and, as a result, control their bodies and their powers. Assentually a more fully realised verson of the kind of thing Gazelleen was doing, but not because of hyperised super-power malmitulation. As such, he has used this ability to make drones out of any Superior he can find. Algor explains that he was an old military scientist during the Kratosian Civil War in post-Big Shake times who offered the undocumented ability of quantonium manipulation as a means to end the criminal community that was plaguing survivors. However, the Kratosian Senate at the time, rejected the offer, stating that such a superpower was too dangerous for anyone to possess, and declared the research be destroyed. The sciencetist felt as if he was dealing with unprofessionally ignorent fools too afraid to play the criminal community at their game and intented to show that morality concerns have no room for a war about surviveal. Determined that such power could've been useful, he tries to fight them off and commits an act of treason, earning him a ticket to Superior Jail for life. With all his research on the ability destroyed and the ability extinct, the Senate didn't realize that he had already injected himself with the ability, and thus is able to find a way to use it to escape. He had since gone missing for centuries, and is possibly swearing revenge and proving to the Senate that they made a mistake rejecting his power by showing it's full potential. With so many heroes and villains alike being turned into drones by the Quantum Master, the Lodgers are called in to deal with it. However, little do they realize that the Quantum Master has already sensed that Ginormica is a technical Superior for the quantonium in her system, and suddenly uses her as a double agent as she is sleeping. With Susan's unknowing help, the Quantum Master has a way to control the Lodgers, especially considering the fact that he has the power to do more than control quantonium. He can augment and alter it's molecular code and turn it into either a drug or a poison, and thus he can kill anyone he desires, thus leaving the Lodgers and heroes with little means of stopping him. However, when it is discovered that he can't control Gazelle because the Uniter Blade wouldn't allow such a thing, as well as the pressence of the uniter blade itself cures all problems, even as serious as what Quantum master tried to do, did the Quantum Master inadvertingly doomed himself trying to bum-rush against our heroes like he did against someone he mistook as a "worthless normal" and that it'll ultamately be up to Gazelle to give him the most epic trip to humbling defeat ever?
  10. War of the Geeks- Samantha chips in to tell a story on now the Lougers helped Clifton and Zosimo out of a petty rivalry to stop a more serious rivalry from ruining a popular event. Clifton and Zosimo have always been nerds who worship the military history and technology of the AUU. And one day, when they end up in a bitter argument, they discover a way to wager their competitive edges. Turns out, a host of a Wars and Weapons gaming event from Planet Mugioh named IJ McSirrunt has announced that he is introducing the popularity of Wars and Weapons to the Original UUniverses with permission from the two Councils. Thus, Clifton and Zosimo cannot resist wanting to compete. So the Heroes Act sign up to represent the AUU in the event with multiple other competitors in the sport while the Lodge would help find OUU competitors from places like Futurasia and Galactic Federation worlds. However, while they are doing this, a legendary warrior from the AUU comes in unexpectedly wishing to challenge the Heroes Act to a battle. This warrior is known as Magne Challenger, a Monacosaur that is durable, strong, and wields massive amounts of AUU weaponry. Yet another unexpected challenger of fighters comes in in the form of Kim the Invincible, who wants a rematch with Po and essentially the Lodge by tecnecality. Both of these challengers end up in each other's way comically as they are evenly-matched in skill and power. The fact of the matter is, both these two are becoming very destructive to the event and endangering the audience, with IJ too greedy for ratings to care about the problem at hand! As usual, the heroes have to clean yet another gaming show gone wrong and deal with some serious problems. However, they have to contend the mirroring rivalry of Zosimo and Clifton as well, preventing the two from thinking straight! Will our heroes stop a petty rivalry in order to be able to focus on a more destructable one?
  11. GFeds in Jeopardy- Pleakly pitches in to explain that unbanning the Intensifiver Cannon wasn't always smooth sailing when the topic was brought up by a safety concerned critic of the lougers. The Galactic Federation has been faced by a new threat. This threat is intending to blow up Planet Turo, the GFed's capital planet, with the use of a planet-destroying space station. The unknown cybernetic leader of the base issues a specific statement: either they surrender all Intensifier Cannons and ban it's productions to complete extinction, or their planet is destroyed, and the GFeds along with it. The Grand Councilwoman believes that this is the work of a terrorist who was a victim of these cannons. But the Lodgers, upon discovering extremely strong defenses such as a temporal shield that makes the station out of sync from the timescale, meaning it cannot be attacked, as well as the invention of a stronger weapon used by it's staff, allowing them to quell any strategic attempt to destroy the station, always letting the leader know and forcing him to count strikes against them before he destroys the planet for good. The Lodgers, after interrogation of other planet-destroyers in Galactic Federation prison, discover that one of them worked for this terrorist, known as Cryller the Destroyer, who went missing during the GFeds' attack on his terrorist group following the Intensifier Cannons' repurposing, and since the guns left him to be forever condemned into a powerfully-built but slow-moving life-support cybernetic suit, he swore to destroy the weapon AND the Galactic Federation. He stole loads of technology derived from those of other planet-destroyers, even from the AUU, and threatened to use them to achieve his goal. The Lodgers decide to use Cryller's imprisoned associate, Gyvelle, to easily get through the temporal shield as a spy, disable it, and allow the Galactic Feds to launch a full-scale assault on Cryller's space station. But Gyvelle is captured apawn the destruction of the generator, with Gyvelle spared due to being an old child friend, deminstraigting that dispie his career choice, Cryller's not a true monster, but at best a vengeful being who only wishes to seek vengeance on the Gfeds and would only harm the Gfeds, and nothing else unless it somehow effects them. Thus, the Lodgers charge in to stop Cryller from destroying Turo. Will they succeed in stopping him?
  12. Roboface's Ultimate Invasion of Futurasia- Roboface forced himself whilest interupting Sandy about how he tried for a take-two event on Futurasia, of which argueably didn't got handled any better then his second attempt as the Futurasians refused to take him seriously. Not even the robots are that afraid of him (Disgusted by his Machinest Attatude, yes, but that's it). Thus, the so-called "Ultamate" Invadsion falls short when Robofaces' own comments only served to have whatever Starbots he can scrounge up to only turn on him and resulted in a self-indused defeat. The Lougers even ended up arriving only a few minutes after and mocked the failure of a villain.
  13. The Tale of Chromefeather- Trixie and Gilda explain the story on how they on their own had to go out of their way to capture Chromefeather, a multi-national criminal wanted for practically every crime on the book, being soughted out by the current ambassitor of Aybissia, only to discover that the ambassitor is actselly Chromefeather's mother and that the two have EXTREME mother/daughter issues to address, Chromefeather bitter about not being able to join a legendary hero group (That the two never got the name of), because the Ambassitor was pessimistic about their actual ability to be heroes. Trixie and Gilda got themselves tied up to an extreme case of mommy issues.
  14. Pastoon vs. Space Pastoon- Sandy tells a story of how Pastoon faced a new threat in the form of a strange world called Yonder. This world, it turns out, is like Pastoon, only it is a Space Western world populated by a handful of alien beings, as well as humans and sentient animals, all under the jurisdiction of the Galactic Federation just like Futurasia. Sheriff Garrot and his deputies have lost outright to an alien gunslinger named Gold-Shot and his Wrummel gang, who are under the employment of the evil owner of a large multinational criminal syndicate on Yonder named Mister Crux, whose criminal syndicate, the Crux, has had the biggest hand in crime all across Yonder, and has remained unchallenged and persevered from near-defeat for eons because Crux is actually an AI once called Program Yonder, until made to imitate an old western movie villain, that controls a global precursor digital matrix found all across the planet that allows him to persevere and rebuild any that his criminal empire has lost. While the Lodge and Garrot feel that they can easily destroy the digital matrix, the local sheriff, Sheriff Crosser, says that that's not a good idea as the matrix is wired into the planet and uses it's core as a power source, and so if the matrix is destroyed, so is Yonder. However, because of legit evidence of everyone suffering under this "nessersary evil", the lougers won't feel right just stopping the Crux and just flat out leaving it alone and hope it doesn't find a way to become more and more dangerious, espeically when it turns out that Crux wants to get ahold of many Mega-Sci Corp weaponry and destroy other worlds to merely show exsample of it's domience, meaning that it's either the lost-cause planet Yonder or whatever still savable world Crux would target. However, the Lougers also feel uneasy sacrificing an entire world even if it's to protect many others. However, thankfully, Yonder is not a real organic world, as proven by the fact that they never encountered or heard of the world until now. Yonder is actselly a giant planet-like space station that turned out to be a lost science project of Futurasia, and that Crux was meant to be a benvolent generator AI that keeps order in the planet. However, thanks to Gold-Shot and his Wrummels corrupting the AI beyond repair, it ended up being a dark force that hides behind it's attatchment to the core to be left alone in it's rampage to kidnap space fairers and others and force them to live in an artifictal space-western, since Gold-Shot turned out to be a total western nut. Though even with knowledge that Yonder's not a real world but at best a life giving space station with planet-eqse quilites, there's still the matter that people still actselly grown to live in the place, still giving the Lougers the morally buggling dilemma of the situation. However, Sandy quickly came up with the idea to rid Yonder of Crux without tecnecally destroying Yonder, de-attatch Crux from the core, replace him with a less dangerious AI, and THEN destroy Crux and forever ruin Gold-Shot's criminal fansity for good. However, with the natives being given the wrong impression thanks to Crux's tricks, can our heroes prove otherwise and free Yonder from it's tyranitcal program?
  15. Making Friends With A Grox- Jumba decides to tell a story after the Lodgers were asked if they pay attention to alien matters, espeically in concerns to the Grox. The Grox have always been a violent race for reasons they refuse to explain. Anything can make them angry and want to declare war. They have killed billions of people during the Hundred-Year Grox War against the Galactic Federation. But now, the Grand Councilwoman has sent the Lodgers to the home planet of a warlike race called the Borrians, as there has been rumors of a Grox spy hiding there with an unknown mission, possibly to steal weapons and equipment for his Emperor. But SpongeBob ends up getting lost and comes across the Grox, who is named Ray, who not only claims that the cyberconnectic chip, that is said to make Grox aggresive, is defected in him, who was actually exiled from his home planet to a barren uninhabitable lava moon, yet escaped to this planet, disguising as a native and earning a well-recognized life. He has since been hiding from the Grox because violation of exile is punishable by death to the Grox Empire, and he figured a race that was powerful and deadly could provide protection. Spongebob quickly felt as if Ray is turthfully harmless dispite his race, even dispite only being like this because of a defected chip that would've made him no less different otherwsie. Convincing the Grand Councilwoman about it otherwise is impossible as she refuses to believe it, saying that 'there is no such thing as a 'nice' Grox' after all the crimes they have committed across the UUniverses. However, a prejudicial alien bounty hunter/Grox hunter named Membula Umber discovers Ray and wished to turn him into the GFeds after his race killed most of her family. With this bounty hunter's highly-competent skill in tracking down Grox, even SpongeBob and the Lodge can only protect Ray for so long. So they had no choice but to try and convince the Grand Councilwoman to try and protect Ray. But while she seemingly doesn't listen to them, instead of exiling Ray to his home planet or his exile planet, she sends him to a penal colony with maximum security, as she feels it's the best sentence because, while she doesn't wish to be like she was when Sourball bribed her, she still felt uneasy about trusting a Grox completely, though at the same time is legitamently curious as to why Ray was crying like a baby when begging at her mercy instead of shouting usual Grox cruse words and racial slurs, seeing this a small possability that there may be more to the Grox then just the obvious, but at the same time, she's cautious of Ray cause of the defective chip, and worries that doing something super negitive will end up restoring the chip to true funtion and make Ray a proper Grox, so she picked prison cause she did it out of sparing him a return to proper Grox behavior, as well as finally having a means to better understand The Grox and maybe finally get a glimse on why they're like this. However, Membula, outraged that her reward was lost, decides to break into the prison and murder the defenseless Ray for good. Will our heroes save him from both Membula and the risk of the defective chip working properly cause of Membula being a total vengeful witch and find a good enough future for him?
  16. The Invisable Planet- Clifton takes the wheel to explain a story that might have an idea on how to get everyone out based on this story. Locco is at best a seemingly-unattractive swamp planet. But at one point, it was once an uninhabitable wasteland planet which has ancient city ruins, boney graveyards, gross-looking swamps, small traces of fauna and flora in the form of nasty vermin, junkyards, and also has a crust poisoned by a space storm that actually cloaks it, making it invisible to space-travelers. This is the actual planet of origin of the Grutts, a race of Hutt-like gastropod beings and the most prominent race of crime in the AUU. Like the Grutts themselves, it's not exactly a pretty to look at planet. As a result of the apocalypse, the Grutts decided that an ugly, ruined, and non-locatable planet is hardly a good place to live in and have desided to move over to a distant planet of Yol Grutta. Locco has since became litterally abandoned and almost forgotten. The planet since then did recover from the damages and new life has florish, though the Grutts choose not to return because they're litterally embarrised of Locco otherwise still being a very ugly swamp planet, so the invisable planet would remain the Grutts skeleton in the closet for a long time. However, little did the Grutts even realise, they had potainionally left alot of their powerful tec there on the planet that would be capable enough to exsellerate any un-expecting creature's evoulion. And that's what happened. One such example of the planet's nasty pests, Mosquito-like creatures, ended up having a run in with an exspearimental device of the Grutts called "The Evolver", a machine designed to accelerate evolution. This device turned these insects into a fresh new Teadr 1 race, naming themselves the Loccsqoids, improving themselves upon the forsaken technology of the Grutts and worshipped the Evolver as a divine. There is little-to-no telling what would happen if the Grutts ever realised that their old home planet now houses new residents who did more then just made the ugly swamp planet better looking, but given their habit of not necessarily believing in morals and that the fact they're usually crime bosses, you can bet they would brutishly capitalise on the poor unwitting race unless outside intervention comes into the poor creatures' defense. However, once such Grutt, named Klanmoye the Exploiter, who's ancestor created the lost Evolver, ends up discovering Locco's new residence in his personal quest to seek out the Evolver. As such, because of being discovered as the one who created the Evolver, Klanmoye is worshipped as 'a god creator'. Problem is, in being true to his name-sake, Klanmoye is a known exploiter, and would surely take advantage of an already-promising situation, and if possible, would no doubt share the discovery with the rest of the Grutts which, given their bad habits, would no doubt become a bad influence to an isloated Teadr 1 society into supporting a criminal empire, even if their reasons for being a criminal empire are by survival standards, given that the Grutts view themselves as evolutionry weak and would've been extinct had it not been "What has to be a way of life to the Grutts", though giving the same philosifives to a race that's clearly the oppisite of their conditions has a potainional to evolve them badly into a hostile race, and that has the potential to be more then a little dangerous. It's up to the Heroes Act and the Lodgers to save the Loccsqoids from being exploited by the Evolver's in-noble creator and the risk of them supporting the Grutt Empire, and by technicality, violating a sacred law of posing as a God for control over a race, one of which is unforgivable even to the Grutts' sadistic yet honorable leader, Qaqomba the Supreme, espeically since devine pretending does not truthfully benifit a grutt's surviveal, which in fact risks them to be jailed quicker then a bank robber caught red-handed with a full sack of loot.
  17. A Tale of Two Junjies- Being pressued by being made to help in out of his own failed from the start plans, Junjie explains one of his sceames he considers to be his most faverite even dispite it's eventual failure cause he met someone he had some bromance with: The VA's own extremeist, Janjirma. An extremest who virtually matches Junjie in everyway, even being a simular fox-eqsed speices, asian like quilities, and three henchmen of his own, Tei Long, a disgraced martical arts warrior with a dark past, Kumanga, a power hungry polotisan from an afraican planet, and Universea, a female galactic overlordess who Galaxhar quickly crushes on! Junjie himself defelupts a bromance over how powerful Janjirma is in terms of Extremeist Stragities, and sympathies with him that he's quickly prevented by the HA, dumb luck or both, like how the Lougers always gotten in his way, along with dumb luck or sometimes both. Junjie invites Janjirma and his crew to join the Villain Leage where they can concote extreme acts togather. However, since Mang won't approve embracing another extremeist, they were secretly disguised as villain enfusiests that Junjie said is undertaking them under his tutering, with Mang begrudingly allowing on account that he can't distrusts enfusiests. With this, Junjie and Janjirma began to socally connect, along with each of their followers, Tei taking Tai Lung on as his student of alternate martical arts, Makunga defelupting a rough-housing frenemy relationship with Kumanga, and Galaxhar practicly dating Universea and enjoyed the fanciest of alien crizene. Junjie and Janjirma plan to create weapon combined with Galaxhar's Quntonium and Universea's tec, creating a planet magnetiser, a super-weapon design to alter and change the magnetic flow of any universeal planet system and threaten to alter it in a way that makes the planet unsurviveablely cold or hot unless Junjie and Janjirma are made kings of the united universes. Even with the Combined efferts of The Lougers and the HA, it might be difficult to handle Janjirma's private starbot army. Will it ultamately be up to Qui to stop this when she discovers that the Junjie Duo have captured the Lougers and the HA, and in essence, her daughter Cynder, and show the extreme fox duo that there was a reason why the VA turned her into a leader?
  18. Welcome to Partooine- Zosimo then brings up the next needed piece for the plan to escape the self-doomed building by bringing up the mission to help Partooine. A planet that was a prosperous peaceful world filled with yellow grass, alien-like flora, introduced wildlife, dark soil and oceans, a gray sky due to it's small amounts of metallic gases, large rock and lava formations, and geothermal valleys. Long ago, it was inhabited by sentient animals that went through ages of prosperity and grew into a Teadr 3 society. Their prized and most sacred possession is a special white substance called glassum, which was a substance that the planet's crust was rich in and could harden to indestructible proportions as it aged. Using this to build their many civilizations, the Partooians found it's many fountains as sacred sites. However, they were tricked into indentured servitude to the Grutts through a treaty as they had hoped it would better them. The people have become slaves for them for years until the treaty was deemed null and void when the Grutts desecrated their glassum fountains hoping to gain access to the precious and sacred substance, all with the help of the OIPD. This lead to the Partooians to revolt against the Grutts, where even dispite the Grutts superior weaponry and even Pharcum aide, the Grutts were forced to deside that the "Business plan in Partooine has failed", and the grutts retreating from the place. The planet is recovering from the Grutts' actions still, their sacred foundtons still ruined, but luckly, the Partooinians long understood that the Grutts didn't do it out of true evil and acknowledged that they're survivalists at heart, this is proven by the fact some Grutt presence is being allowed, epsiecally in the form of a certain Grutt crime lord named Lubbloge the Notorious , a technical 'ruling' crimeboss of the planet cause of his celeberty status and powerful stripper club francise, in due to Partooine not having a goverment of their own, where they don't really believe in having a ruler of a world "That follows no being", though they only took Lubbloge seriously because he offers a chance to advance the socity's technology. That's not to say that the people are still wary of the Grutt's presence, espeically for the well being of the foundtons of this sacred subtence. Fortunately, Lubbloge knows to not repeat history, if mainly cause he's more interested in businesses that "He CAN maintain". However, his slimy Bib Fortuna-lookalike majordomo, Fib Atonalota, had other plans as he cohersed several Pharcums to open up secret operations to mine the foundtains, but doing so only invited Louger and HA attention because of Fib turning out to be a secret VA Benufactor behind Lubbloge's back, and now added with the fact he disrespected the Partooine treaty he established with the people, a Pharcum that was a double agent of Lubbloge ratted on Fib and thus finally Lubbloge has "The Perfect Excuse" to "Retire" his rotten majordomo by leaving him to be dealt with by the heroes AND some angry Partooines that were aware of how distasteful Fib always was.
  19. Attack of the Dark Radical Reserves- Having buildt a device based on Loccoian Tec based on the design of one of Universia's exspearimental ideas and powered by the given glassium by the Partooinians as thanks for stopping Fib, they were able to build a device that canceled out Junjie's little gizmo and steers the group right back into the safety of the planet. With the Villains contained, a surprised guest arrives to explain one more story about how the Dark Rad's Reverses were beaten. The Dark Rad Council were getting desperate to take down the Lougers and have desided to send out LazuriteEXVAN-19KrollonWreakerAxphrionBrolhelmJynyrgyQe QeAnathemaThe McGyvtersSpannerArmsfeverCharging GunzDreamsurgeHeavyarms and GaligherBandit CrugeBrewly, and Hellzone. But little did the Radicals realised, that the name of "Wrecker" was more symbolic then they could ever imagined.


Kim and Magne's Comical Rivalry




Sirith The Changeling


Introduction of the King Of All Monsters


Arrival Of The Quantum Master


Cryller's Threat.


  • The Grand Councilwoman was seen meeting a series of ambassitors.
  • Ambassitor 1: "Grand Councilwoman, the unbanning of the Intensifivers has been very benifital to us. Many of our worlds were finally able to quell our extremeist problems with little direct engagement. They have become one and done deals. Our systems know peace at long last."
  • Grand Councilwoman: "Well, it's Jarcooa you should thank for the intensifivers AND upgrading them with AUU tecknowagey so they can't be easily turned against us."
  • Ambassitor 2: "Oh do not sell yourself short, Grand Councilwoman. Changing the weapons' status to restricted to millaterry use from out-right ban allowed her dream to be revitalised and improved on. The legacy of Sourball is truely washed away."
  • Ambassitor 3: "Indeed. That recent Qui affair turned out equilly benifital to us just as much it helped those AUUians. Soon enough, extremeisum in space communities will become a thing of the past."
  • Gantu busted down the door!
  • Ground Councilwoman: "What now, Gantu? I'm meeting with the ambasitors who's planets were ravished by extremeisum until the unbanning of the Intensifivers was allowed."
  • Gantu: "That's what I had aimed to warn you about. Are you familier with the defeat of the Gogean extremeist group, World Wreckers?"
  • Grand Councilwoman: "Well yes, they were the first to go down when the Intensifivers were unbanned and made in being unable to be used against us. So many of their victims of destroyed planets rejoiced their demise."
  • Gantu: "Well, I'm afraid it's a pre-mature celebration.... There's survivers."
  • The Ambassitors were shocked.
  • Grand Councilwoman: "WHAT!? Jarcooa spefificly ensured that the blasts of intensifivers are not survivable!"
  • Gantu: "Try telling that, (Opens up window binds) TO HIM?! (Points to a Death-Star like Station flouting in the space of Turo, seen in the same distence as a moon would be)..... It's the World Wreckers' Leader, Grand Councilwoman...."
  • Ambassitor 4: "Cryller the Destroyer?! LIVES?!"
  • Ambassitor 5: "HE'S GONNA DESTROY US?!"
  • Grand Councilwoman: "Ambassitors, calm down! The fall of the world wreckers was proof that they're not invinable. Granted, Cryller surviving was, unexpected, but nothing more then an unintended fluke. He has likely be left severely damaged at the least. Another blast will ensure his downfall. Intensifiver Squads will be ready."
  • Jarcooa came in!
  • Jarcooa: "That's the thing I'm afraid. Once a terrorist ever survives the thing that nearly kills them, they'll improve themselves to never fall the same way again. That station has a sheild system that can protect even from Intensifiver Projectiles. Cryller is not gonna let himself be put in that same situation again."
  • Ambassitor 6: "HE'S GONNA KILL US?!"
  • Jarcooa: "(Smacks the 6st Ambassitor silly) IF HE WANTED US DEAD, HE WOULD'VE ALREADY ATTACKED?!"
  • Grand Councilwoman: "Then what does that monster want if not to destroy us!"
  • Jarcooa: "..... He's setting up an ultamatium."
  • Suddenly, holoscreens appeared all over Turo, even near the windows of the Galactic Federation building, as a silluetted hulking metal monstrosity was seen.
  • Cryller's form: "..... Attention, Galactic Federation scum! Did you thought I was like any other of your enemies and that I would die in a single blow?! Did you thought Cryller the Destroyer, would be so easily pushed aside like a pest after bug spray was used?! You may've taken down the large portion of the World Wreckers, but not me! I was able to scroune up leftovers of those that had the nerve to retreat like cowerds at the face of unexpected adversity! I've made them build another World Wrecker Orb, but with a twist. This time, I have a sheild system in place that'll prevent me from EVER feeling the pain of that event EVER AGAIN?! I should just go ahead and destroy the Galactic Federation here and now, but that's not gonna garrentie that reminants would simply go out of their way and avenge their fallen with the same weapons and destroy me?! So I dare not be so careless and haphazordly only invite another event like that fateful attempt to destroy a fuel reshorce planet of the Gogean's enemies! So, I am proposing a, fair trade-off...... I'll be more then willing to pass off every single one of your enemies dreams, to slay the Galactic Federation, here and now, for one, small favor..... THE INTENSIFIVERS GO BACK TO BEING BANNED AS THEY WERE?! I could care less about any misguided dream to eradicate extremeisum in space communities! Cause I will not allow any universe where the goverment has an automatic advantage over it's enemies to exist?! So either I undo it one way, OR THE OTHER?! The least you trogs can do, is either comply, or prepare to die. I'm flexable either way. You have until Turo's full celestial day and night cycle to comply! You would-be destroyer, out!"
  • The Hologram screens vanished.....
  • Grand Councilwoman: ".... (Sighs), A mixed blessing that Cella isn't here to get entangled into this and that she's away on an ambassitor mission to the Insectrons."
  • Jarcooa: "...... (Sighs)..... Look, Vain, this time, I won't hold it against you if you go back to having the Intensifivers banned. I mean, I love the progress we are making here, but.... The basturd's got us pinned. That World Wrecker Orb is more advanced then the standerd. I don't want to see the Galactic Federation fall because of pride."
  • The Grand Councilwoman: ".... (Gets serious)..... Empress Jarcooa! What happened to the same Narcoonian that refused to allow an extremeist group to get away with the murder of her loved one?
  • Jarcooa: "Well, it's my first time a terror group managed to barely survive an Intensifiver Cannon blast and successfully adapted around it! I made my cannons to be absolutely sure such enemies wouldn't survive! So it has to be the universes being cruely fickle that Cryller of all beings survived?! Now he has a well-protected World-Wrecker Orb and has Turo in a vice-grip! There's only so much for even Intensifivers can do. There are things Intensifivers can't always take down in a single go!"
  • Grand Counciwoman: ".... Then let's put Cryller in a position where he will regret trying to attack a Zornet Nest for not liking getting stung."
  • Jarcooa: "..... (Smiles appresiating the Grand Councilwoman's bravery)..... Then we're gonna need a damn good plan to do it."
  • Grand Councilwoman: "Correction: A good plan..... And a certain group of misifts to pull it off."

Fall of Cryller.

Station Prison Brig.

  • Gyvelle was held down in his cell as Cryller stood angerly before him.
  • Gyvelle: "I had to! Cause the World Wreckers were being monsters! We attacked a planet not even connected to the Haggtronbams. It was filled with innosent life, forced to flee when you announced your attack! I wasn't backing this anymore!"
  • Cryller: "It was mostly a test of strength, Gyvelle?! It was a deminstragtion of power?!"
  • Gyvelle: "But at what cost? Causing a severe refugee crisis? Our people denouncing us? The Galactic Federation wanting the group's end? All this to win a centaury old grudgematch? The Haggtrons long won it because of the World Wreckers making our people look bad?! Peace was ushered between our people as a result?!"
  • Cryller: "WELL BECAUSE THE GFEDS JUST COULDN'T KEEP THEIR NOSES OUT OF GOGEAN AFFAIRS, THIS HAPPENED?! I am now a slow-ish moving hunk of life-supporting metal thanks to them?!"
  • Gyvelle: "You have only yourself to blame for that."
  • Cryller: ".... Grrrrr. Be thankful that cause you are like a brother to me, I won't just kill you. But after this gets resolved, I will see you it that you are exiled into an uncharted planet. Now if you'll excuse me, I better get ready for the damage control I am about to be put through. (Leaves)."
  • Gyvelle: "..... (Quietly) Don't count on it being simple."

Main Interior of World Wrecker Orb.

  • The Lougers and GFED forces were seen shooting down World Wrecker soldiers in a very star warsy fastion!
  • Jarcooa gave a battle cry as she fired many Intensifiver projectles at the World Wreckers as they got hit and were defeated for good!
  • A World Wrecker combatant charged at Jarcooa with a large hammer, but in cool slow motion, Jarcooa jumped and triple flipped over him, landed behing him and tail smacked up right up into the air, then fired the intensifiver at the goon, getting rid of him for good!
  • The World Wreckers began to retreat, some of them jumping into the station's abyss just to end it now!
  • Gantu: "Hmmph! Cowerds!"
  • Jarcooa: "Lougers, follow me to the station's core! Gantu, you and the troops go and rescue Gyvelle."
  • Gantu: "Understood!"
  • The Lougers and the GFEDS splited up!

Prison Hold.

  • Gantu smacked the door open as World Wrecker security freaked out!
  • Gantu: "..... BOO?!"
  • The two scared World Wreckers screamed like little girls and launghed themselves into the trash shute and off into space!
  • Gantu: ".... Tch. Miserable trogs. (Gets to where Gyvelle was and blasted open the cell controls)."
  • Gyvelle: "Thank you for freeing me."
  • Gantu: "Don't thank me so soon. We'll have to prepare an evacuation. Cause soon, this place will be like a sun when the Lougers and Jarcooa are done!"
  • Gyvelle: "Then no time to waste! (Gantu gave him a ray gun as the group ran off)!"

Station Core.

  • Heavy Armor World Wreckers were seen around the core.
  • Heavy Armor Leader: "Look alive, men. As expected, the enemy has breached defences, so prepare to-"
  • Suddenly, the doors were blasted open as the doors slam into the leader right into the energy core as he was vaperised instently!
  • Crane flew in!
  • The force push smacked all the heavy armors to fall off their platforms and into the open lazer gun hole of space!
  • Jarcooa: "Okay, (Pulls out Intensifiver Bomb) The Intensifiver Bomb is ready. (Implants it onto the side of the core)..... (Sets it to 5 minutes) Now we will have to haul ass to get out of here before it starts to become like the suns of hotworld here!"
  • Loud stomps where heard as Cryller was seen entering in.
  • Cryller: "...... I, didn't, asked, for too much! All I wanted, was for intensifivers to be banned again?! THAT'S IT?! I WASN'T ASKING TO RULE TURO OR EVEN THE ENTIRE FUCKING GALAXY?! I WASN'T EVEN ASKING FOR MONEY?! I, WANTED INTENSIFIVERS, GONE?! DID IT SOUND TOO MUCH TO ASK TO YOU!?"
  • Jarcooa: "Given that doing so would give extremeists in space communities a chance to recover, YES, IT WAS TOO MUCH TO ASK?!"
  • Cryller: "(Angerly forms a fist).... GOOD TO KNOW I WASTED EVERYONE'S TIME BEING THE NICE GUY ABOUT THIS?! NOW I HAVE EVEN MORE DEAD TROOPS IN MY HANDS, AND WHAT STRAGGLERS ARE LEFT ARE MAKING A BEELINE FOR THE ESCAPE PODS?! WELL, I AM NOT GOING DOWN SO EASILY?! NEVER, AGAIN?! (Looks like he drumaticly charged, but in reality, he was just slowly struting his way there as he still drumaticly screamed)......"
  • Jarcooa: "..... Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh, I'll just, go ahead and make the timer go, Lougers, you go ahead and get your van ready, I may as well contend to this buffoon."
  • The Lougers set off to get their van as Jarcooa activates the bomb as Cryller was still charging slowly!
  • Cryller realises he was moving too slow....
  • Cryller: "..... DAMN THIS SLOW BODY?! SCREW IT, SCREW IT?! (Readies Arm Cannons)! I'LL JUST WING IT FROM HERE?!"
  • Cryller started to fire as Jarcooa actrobaticly dodged the attacks with many jumps and flips!
  • Jarcooa: "..... Okay, you are already on my bad side for threatening the Galactic Federation because of you getting your comuppence! But now you're threatening my people, home and planet?! (Changes Intensifiver setting to extreme levels) You forced my hand."
  • Cryller was about to do another set of firing, until Jarcooa at the right moment, jumped and quadtruple flipped and land behind him, as Cryller tried to slow-ishly turn around to respond, but Jarcooa fired the Intensifiver at him, hitting Cryller right into the core as both energies began to destroy Cryller!
  • Jarcooa realised what happened and was forced to jump down the cannon mouth as she fell and started to flout in the vaccum of space, seeing that the Van and the GFED Ships got out just in time, as the station started to blow up, as the Van quickly zoomed in and rescued Jarcooa with a beam and got her inside as the Van and GFED ships escaped a fair distence!

Escape Pod Area.

  • An exploudsion was heard!
  • WW Commander: "..... Please don't tell me that sounded like it came from the core-"
  • The entire World Wreckers were consumed by a quick flashing energy that vaperised them all!

Core Area.

  • Cryller was in the center of the entire explouding entillala as he was screaming as he died in the way of Jafar of the second Aladdin movie as Cryller began to fade out from sight, as the Camera pans back into space as the explouding World Wrecker Orb explouded like the death star, spectatularly!


  • The citizens cheered at the truely final defeat of Cryller as the exploudsion was seen from space!
  • The Citizens stopped and looked on.....
  • The Grand Councilwoman and other officals looked on concerningly......
  • Ground Councilwoman: "..... (Quietly).... Please be fine, Jarcooa. You as well, Gantu. And just as much to all of you, Shell Lougers."
  • Arriving from the distence, is the Van and the GFED ship as the cheers got louder!
  • The Grand Councilwoman gave a reliefed sigh.
  • The broadcasted event resulted in cheering aliens of many various planets, as did the denizens of the Dragon Realms. Even the AUU having access to it were cheering wildly!
  • Alien News Anchor: "Let it be known on this day, that the World Wreckers are no more!"

Gold-Shot Raids Pastoon


Ray's Lament


Umber On The Hunt


Villain Reserve Introductions

(Spanner's Backstory)

  • (Spanner): Well, first, my birth went as well as you'd think the birth of ANY animentient went... (The two parents are driving crazily and doing comical things along the way)

Flashback was Interrupted

  • Nuke: "I have to stop you there! I, rather you skip certain details."
  • Sue Wai: "It's nothing personal, it's just.... It's likely to get unpleasent."
  • Spanner: "FINE!! But here's a hint! It was a less-gruesome version of THIS!" (Shows them a video of that Family Guy scene)
Family Guy - Stewie Gives Birth

Family Guy - Stewie Gives Birth

  • Spanner: Sheesh, spoil all the fun! Why not just put fun in freak shows, why don't you?
  • Rude: Dude, nobody wants to hear about animentient birth! It's gross, and we prefer to be modest about it! Now are you gonna continue the story, or waste our time with being gross?
  • Spanner: Alright, alright!

Flashback resumed

  • (Spanner): Only a select number of my siblings survived for, obvious reasons, and believe it or not.... I was actselly one of the better looking ones. I mean, you a-holes thought I look unpleasent now, you should've seen my three brothers and one sister. They're, albeit good arguements against beings and animals mating, admitingly."
  • Spanner as a pup was licking his mother.
  • Spanner's Father: Aww, Dick really likes you.
  • Spanner's Mother: I like Dick!
  • Spanner's Father: HAH! YOU LIKE DICK! It's not Dick, you silly doggy, it's Finn! (Laughter was heard)
  • (Pickles): Hey, hey, calm down, have a laugh at yourself now and then.
  • (Spanner):... Not dignifying that! Anyway, when I was growing up with my 5 siblings, things got good from the start. But when I reached a certain period, the time of animentient pain... Kicked in...
  • (Rude): "Physical or mental?"
  • (Spanner): "What do you think?!"


The Reserves Collapsed.

  • The Reserve Villains were seen having completely taken the captured Lougers and HA aboard their Dark Rad cruser.
  • Lazurite: ".... Tch. These were suppose to be the rotters that brought down the VA? Honestly, I felt like the hype was over-dused to maxamum overdrive."
  • EXVAN-19: "Worse then overhyped! They barely put up a real fight when more of us showed up! And yet, villains had FAILED to these guys?! And there was also more of them?!"
  • Krollon: "Ughhh, I almost want to kill them off just for being a disappointment."
  • Axphrion: "Great minds think alike, mate!"
  • Brolhelm: "Remember the prime directive: The Shell Louge Sqaud and HA Members are to be brought before the Dark Radicals for final decidtion making."
  • Jynyrgy: "I hate to agree here, but yes. Those misfits are expected to be in one piece. So no needless slaughter."
  • Qe Qe: "Awwwww, come on! I wanna blow them up and shit!"
  • Qlow: "Ugh, so glad my children are nothing like you, little lady."
  • Etter: "Hey back up, crazy!"
  • Spanner: "I can't believe I was made to kidnap and capture two groups of beloved heroes, ugh, my intentions to be the messiah of genetic perfection that I am will be MARRED by this?! I would have to commit to the greatest genetic perfection ever to revitalised my dreams!"
  • Armsfever: "I am Armsfever."
  • Gunz: "Look, Spans, I ain't happy about doing this to great heroes either, but orders are orders, and we are drafted into these reserves, mostly against our will. Not like we can seriously help it."
  • Dreamsurge: "I don't get why the animent is so upset about this. I've proven my point, that I could've prevented the VA's disbansion, if they hadn't refused me."
  • Galighter: "Tch, I wouldn't count on it being why you get to assend NOW. Not that you would care since you don't care about being a VA member ever anymore. They never did to the few other guys that DID wanted to join, they're not gonna start now. The Vast majority wanted nothing to do with this. That includes me and Heavyarms, right bud?"
  • Heavyarms: "Affirmitive. We were content with being bounty hunters."
  • Bandit Cruge: "Speak fer yerselfs, gold-noses! I actselly hate the idear of being on the reserves! I would do anything to get even."
  • Brewly: "Feelings very mutual, my dear Cruge. I feel so, humiliated, that these so called "Dark Radicals", have turned into pansies since the VA's dispansion!"
  • Hellzone: "I wouldn't consider serving mere mortals my faverite thing in the worlds neither, peasents! I would've sooner focus more on freeing the Exhaeons then fight along side the future residents of hell itself!"
  • Jynyrgy: "Enough. This petty swabbling will get us nowere. It is best to be seperate from eachother until we arrive to the temple."
  • Hellzone: "Good, because I can't stand your mortal stinks!"
  • The Villain Reservers all seperate, but the quiet Wrecker, who stayed behind, waiting for the Reserve Villains to be out of ear-shot.
  • Trixie: ".... So, are you pretty much our on-duty guard then?"
  • Wrecker turned around....
  • Wrecker: ".... (Surprisingly decent sounding voice) I aplogiese this has to happen to you."
  • The Group were surprised by this.
  • Wrecker removed the mask, reveiling that The Wrecker, was actselly a female Yeelalope wearing unisex armor that disguised her skinny and feminate body as it reveils her.
  • Icky: "..... Holy shit, you're a woman!"
  • "Wreaker": "I believe this is where introductions are needed. I am secret Agent W. I was entrusted by the Federations to inflitraite the Dark Rads and uncover these concerns about "The Villain Reserves". I had hoped that I would cause their disorganisation and lack of fondness for the Dark Rads to cause them to crumble quick enough, but alas, you ended up being targeted by them so soon, and after the Dark Rads had grown desperate."
  • Fu Xi: "What's the W for?"
  • Agent W: "Full name, K'jag Wreaks. Hence why, I adopted the persona "Wreaker" and used a spiecal system that allowed me to wear the kind of armor/disguises I need to infiltrate any base. Now, I am to finally make amends for bringing down the reserves too late, by doing exactly that. I will use their conflicting egos and get them to turn on eachother."
  • Lord Shen: ".... Very well. We'll trust you out of lack of better opitions. Good luck."
  • Agent W put the mask back on and redonned her "Wrecker" persona as she left to do her mission.

Lazurite's room.

  • Lazurite was seen organsing the many backburner plans he never got to utilise for the VA before it's disbansion as Wrecker came forth.
  • Wreaker: "... (Disguised voice) Organising the plans you never got to utilised?"
  • Lazurite: "Ugh, can you please bother someone else, you anomamous weirdo? And shouldn't you be babysitting our qourry?"
  • Wreaker: ".... Ya know, you're actselly the only one truely dedicated or apprisitive of the VA."
  • Lazurite: "DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJEC-....... Well, actselly, yes. Most others are either not dedicated or don't seem like they care. I feel like I'm the only real loyalist here."
  • Wreacker: "So why waste your exsellence here and not prove that you can be better then an obscure force? Take the misfits to the emergency transporter and leave the other reserves on this rust bucket and bring them to the Dark Rads yourself. That should more then enough to prove your abilities."
  • Lazurite: "...... You're right. My skills, are WASTED with these fools! I shall hand deliver those misfits to Nuke, personally! (Runs off laughing wickedly!)"
  • Wreaker: "..... One down."

EXVAN-19's recharge station.

  • EXVAN-19: "(Seen recharging himself on a recharger) AHHHHHHHH, nothing like recharging outmoded powershorces from older bots to get re-energised."
  • Wreaker showed up.
  • EXVAN-19: "D'awww, what do you want? (Wreaker said nothing and lifted up an arm that turned into a re-program device). Uh, what're you doing with that arm? Why are you getting close to me?! WHO'S WATCHING THE MISFITS?! (Wreaker jabs EXVAN in the core processer and hacks into EXVAN as he yelps!) AGGHHHHH! (Enters a reprogramming stage)....."
  • After awhile, Wreaker removed the reprogram device.
  • EXVAN-19: "(Without sentience) Awaiting orders, Agent W."
  • Wreaker: "You are to protect the Lougers from those that would do them harm. Ignor others that aim to help them."
  • EXVAN-19: "Understood. Directive Reckindised. (Gets off of the recharger and proceeds to do exactly that)."
  • Wreaker: "..... Two down."

Krollon's room.

  • Krollon was seen squeeseing fruit to deminstraight his sharp claws.
  • Wreaker came in.
  • Krollon: "(Hisses annoyed), What do you want, Stranger? And why, are you not watching over the misfits?"
  • Wreaker: ".... Because I realised that babysitting them is a flight risk. It's time to screw the Dark Rads' orders and just dispose of those misfits."
  • Krollon: "(Snarls confused)...... (Then hisses with satisfaction).... Say no more, stranger. It may cost me a position with these basturds, but I realise now that there was no hope anyway. May as well, make my depature from them.... Offictal. (Leaves with a wicked chuckle.)."
  • Wreaker: ".... Three down. And the rest, are next."

Axphrion's Room.

  • Axphrion was seen counting his asconded money, as Krollon came in.
  • Krollon: "Ax! How do you feel about killing off the misfits?"
  • Axphrion: "Ho-ho-ho-ho! (Readies a gun) Now yer speaking my languise, Krollon. Like you, I don't see myself ever being accepted by these VA-spin-off fuckers anyway, so let's make it offictal! (Axphrion leaves with Krollon as they both chuckled wickedly)."
  • Wreaker was overhearing that.
  • Wreaker: ".... Four down."

Brolhelm's room.

  • Brolhelm was in a rechagring station as well, as Wreaker arrived.
  • Brohelm: "Inqury: What is the reason behind Wreaker of unknown origin's reason to accompany me and not Shell Louge Squad and Heroes Act?"
  • Wreaker: "..... Brohelm..... (Wreaker turns back into Agent W as she took off the mask)...."
  • Agent W: ".... it's me."
  • Brolhelm's programming started to malfuntion as memories are flooding back!
  • Brolhelm's programming dies, as the true Brolhelm returns!
  • Brolhelm: ".... (Normal voice) Ughhhh...... K'jag....... Long time no see, you crazy girl. How's the three feds been treating ya?"
  • Agent W: "Brolhelm, I need to ask you a favor from you. I am trying to stage the reverses' collapse."
  • Brolhelm: "Tch, staging an epic infight like usual, K'jag? Say no more! (Frees himself). I want in."
  • Brolhelm walked off.....
  • Brolhelm stopped for abit.
  • Brolhelm: ".... Thank you for freeing me, by the by. Just saying that before I forget. And, ya may want to put the disguise back on. After that, I have, SO many damn questions to ask. (Leaves)."
  • Wreaker: ".... Go get'im, Brol."
  • Jynyrgy appeared before Wreaker can leave.
  • Jynyrgy: "..... I know who you really are, K'jag...... And allow me to spare you of confronting me, by saying.... I'll gladly aide in your little attempt to rob the Radicals of their reserves. I have no true desires to be with the Radicals, and I'll gladly accept this oppertunity for my freedom. (Vanishes)...."
  • Wreaker: ".... Tch. Good to know I'm already well underway."

Qe Qe's room.

  • Everything was seen to be an utter wreak.
  • Qe Qe sighed....
  • Qe Qe: "Now this is a master-piece."
  • Wreaker came in.
  • Wreaker: "..... You should be made aware that Krollon and Axphrion are trying to kill off the Misfits."
  • Wreaker: ".... No wonder these are the reserves."

The McGyvters' room.

  • The family were seen doing their usual thing as Qlow was resting cowboy sytile.
  • Wreaker came in, getting the family's attention.....
  • Qlow: "..... Can I help you, Gunslinger?"
  • Wreaker: ".... Be honest, Qlow. You don't like to be in the Reserves for the Dark Radicals, do you?"
  • Qlow: "Shoot no! (Gets up) Me and my kin don't care for any of that conqusita stuff! The McGyvters only want to commit to ourselves! We don't wanna waste our talents taking over worlds that won't plumb apprisate it nor oblige us for it! We find ourselves more at peace just taking what we want, and getting out of people's faces afterwords! That makes more logical sense then trying to make yerself king or queen of the planet! Them dark rads missed the point of us!"
  • Wreaker: "Then how's about you hijack this ship to take back to your homeplanet? That would make the Dark Rads want nothing to do with you again if you steal their toys."
  • Qlow: ".... Ohhhh, I get ya! PULLING THE PENULTAMATE HEIST?! But, what about the others, and them misfits?"
  • Wreaker: "I'm taking care of that as we speak. That's all I am willing to say."
  • Qlow: ".... Oh I get ya, Pulling a heist of yer own? Well don't worry partner. My lips are sealed. Ain't that right kids?"
  • McGyvter kids: "YEAH!"
  • Qlow: "NOW COME ON, KIDS?! LET'S HI-JACK A VA SHIP?! YEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAW?! (Runs off with his cheering kids)...."
  • Wreaker: ".... Nice family. Hope they someday get out of their slump though."

Spanner's lab.

  • Spanner was seen exspearimenting on Anathema, a giant beast of an exspeariment and was getting close to finally controling it.
  • Wreaker came in.
  • Spanner: "Whoever it is, I am busy!"
  • Wreaker: "..... Be honest, Spanner..... Do you still want to prove to the Universes that you're a misunderstood good person?"
  • Spanner stopped his exspeariment.....
  • Spanner: "..... (Looks at Wreaker)..... Go on."
  • Wreaker: "Then what better way then to free the Misfits, and turn Anathema into your perfect exsample that you can do good?"
  • Spanner: "..... Say no more. See, I didn't care for that conquest nonsense anyway! I didn't even willingly came into the reverses, I was drafted! I am not even a villain! I am only someone who wants to prove that they can do good?! And what better way to do it, then saving great heroes?! (Laughs crazily)! Brillient! Thank you for this oppertunity, Wreaker! Now, (Resumes exspearimenting) I must ask you make yourselve absint! It's likely to get messy!"
  • Wreaker: "(Does so)..... More then you would believe."

Ship's Bar.

  • Armsfever, Gunz, Galighter and Heaveyarms were seen chilling.
  • Armfever: "(Sighs), I, am Armsfever."
  • Gunz: "Yeah, I hear ya man. I didn't like doing this to great heroes too. But what can we do?"
  • Galighter: "Well.... We could just, free them. For the right price."
  • Heavyarms: "Is that not heavy handed?"
  • Galighter: "Hey, we may not be TRUE villains, but we shouldn't be charity cases too! Doing this for free would just have the Rads pissed off at us for nothing."
  • Gunz: "Oh beleive me, I would give, nearly anything, to have an excuse to leave the Reserves and just go back to being a merc. Though, I wouldn't mind working with you guys again."
  • Armsfever: "I am Armsfever."
  • Gunz: "Yeah, I agree, Arms. We should consider becoming a mercenary team."
  • Galighter: "Hey now, now that's an idea I can get behind. Togather, we might actselly be able to pull this off."
  • Heavyarms: "But we are but four, and the other reserves would not approve of this."
  • Wreaker: "(Was seen in) I wouldn't say that, fellas. (The four freaked out!).... I already coherse Brolhelm and re-programmed EXVAN to go out of their way to help the misfits, while I convinced the McGyvter family to hijack the ship. Perfect chance for you guys to do that revolution.... (Brings out a large bag of money) And this, is to keep quiet about my involvement. (Places it for them)....."
  • Gunz: ".... (Chuckles).... This will be, between friends. (Grabs the large bag). Boys, we'll split it later. Right now.... VIVA REVOLUTION?! (He, Armsfever, Galighter and Heavyarms charged forth!)...."
  • Wreaker: ".... Just a few more to go."

Dreamsurge's room.

  • Dreamsurge was seen meditating, until she heard a conversation outside.
  • Dreamsurge looked to see that Krollon, Axphrion, Qe Qe, and Brewly were having a conversation with Bandit Cruge.
  • Cruge: ".... So Basicly, yer planning to waste the Misfits to prove that we ain't playin' by the Dark Rads' rules? Heh-heh-heh, then count me in, ya sons of guns."
  • Dreamsurge came torwords the group and surprised them.
  • Dreamsurge: ".... You know, if you fools are going to plan a betrayal.... At least invite me along. (The Conspirators smiled at this.) Not just because I want what you want, but you're going to need my help for Hellzone. My power, besides Jyny's, is the only thing he BARELY respects around here."
  • Brewly: "Oh thank you, Madam. Sure saves us hell to having to do it ourselves."

Hellzone's Throwneroom.

  • Hellzone rested on his throwne as Dreamsurge showed up.
  • Hellzone: ".... You better have a reason to approuch me at your own perial..... Witch."
  • Dreamsurge: "You'll be please to know that we intend to ditch the Dark Rads in an epic way.... Killing off the misfits."
  • Hellzone: "Hmmmm..... Speak no more, witch. Any chance to liberate me from serving mortals, is one I am willing to take. Even if I have to fight amongst mortals, once more."
  • Wreaker was hidden and listening.
  • Wreaker: ".... The final domino, trips. (Fades into the shadows.)."

Cargo room.

  • Lazurite: "(Shows up in the cargo room and found the Lougers and HA).... (Laughs wickedly).... Ultamate Dark Radical assendtion, here I co-"
  • Krollon grabbed Lazurite by the neck!
  • Krollon and the villains on the "Kill the Lougers" Team are seen.
  • Krollon: "Ain't that just like the fanboy of those VA swines to do this: Trying to take away the misfits, so he can assend to true membership."
  • Hellzone: "Well unpleasent news, mortal. A select number of us desided to slay the misfits to prove our denouncement of them."
  • Axphrion: "Well boo-hoo, loser! They're our ticket out of the reserves, via their deaths and pissing off the Dark Rads to never want us to have anything to do with them again!"
  • Lazurite: "NO?! MY ASSENDSIO- (Dreamsurge used her power to put Lazurtie into a sleep)....."
  • Krollon dropped Lazurite.
  • Cruge: "Now that HE'S out of the picture, let's get right to bus- (A cargo crate explouded as Cruge suddenly got chomped on by Anathema) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!? (Anathema spat him out as Cruge crashed right into another crate, disabling Cruge) YOOOOOW?! CARNSARN IT?!"
  • Spanner: "(On Anathema) Sorry, fools! (The other Louger Freer Team Members showed up) BUT WE DESIDED TO DENOUNCE OUR DARK RAD SLAVERY VIA FREEING THE HEROES?!"
  • Cruge: "Wait, THEY HAVE ANATHEMA ON THEIR SIDE?! (Removes the debree and arms his gun) CHANGE MY MIND, I'M WITH THE TEAM THAT HAS ANATHEMA?!"
  • Cruge: "Nothing personal, but those guys look like they have the better chance with that beast on their side! Besides, I don't nessersarly care if the Misfits and the HA are dead or not! I JUST WANT OUT?!"
  • Hellzone: "As amusing as it is on how disloyal mortals are.... That, was a fatal mistake."
  • The now feudulent reserve villains began fighting eachother!
  • Armsfever reached the louger's and HA's cages and opened the bars wide-open!
  • Xandy: "You guys do realise that you're still being arrested after all this, right?"
  • Armsfever: "I am Armsfever."
  • Gunz: "(While fighting Axphrion) He said it's an ineditability at this point! At least humor us for now and help us beat up the team that's trying to kill you!"
  • Xandy: ".... Fair enough. Where's those crazy McGyvter Cuncones anyway?"
  • Jynyrgy: "(Magic dueling Dreamscurge) Let's say, you may want to consider holding on to something when need to!"

Command Bridge.

  • The Starbots incharged of the place were already seen in scrap-metal ruins.
  • Qlow: "(At the helm) Okay kids, buckle up your seatbelts, (The kids do that) Because your old man's gonna have some fun! (Spins the wheel) YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAW!?"


  • The Ship began spinning as the fighting heroes and devided villains resumed their fight as they fight during the spinning, as the re-waken Lazurite was screaming, as he ended up getting trapped into a cage!
  • EVAN-19 Was fighting Krollon!
  • EVAN-19: "This unit was re-programmed to become a protector!"
  • Krollon: "Ugh, figures. At least I can have a perfect excuse to get some payback for your former impudence awhile back about me being a bad shot! (Grabs EVAN-19 by the head, and crushes it, breaking EVAN-19 as he shuts down)!"
  • Axphrion was battling Brolhelm!
  • Axphrion: "So, what's your excuse to suddenly turn hero-cuddler?!"
  • Brolhelm: "Simple. I remembered who I really was. A soldier out of fight cretins like you! (Zaps Axphrion straight across the spinning room and crashing him right into a crate that held glass)...."
  • Axphrion: "...... (Weak) And I thought losing to the damn kid was bad."
  • Jynygry and Dreamsurge battled eachother!
  • Dreamsurge: "No surprise the anti-hero turns against us!"
  • Jynygry: "It was never my desteny to serve the radicals! And now, (Brings out a containment skull) Neither will it be yours! (Uses it to suck up a screaming Dreamsurge as she couldn't be able to break free)...... Your power, is now equilly my power."
  • Qe Qe and Brewly fought with Spanner and Anathema!
  • Spanner: "At least I'm not a crazed terrorist, nor a teen in desperate need of threopy?! (Anathema grabs Qe Qe and Brewly and entraps them in amber-like goo!) Be lucky he missed your heads on purpose!"

Command Bridge.

  • Qlow stopped the spinning!
  • Qlow: "Okay, I have my fun, now to get serious..... LET'S MAKE IT DO FLIPS?! (Makes the Ship slowly to forword flips!)"


  • Now the ship began forword flipping as it effected the battle!
  • Armsfever, Gunz, Galighter, and Heavyarms are up against Hellzone.
  • Hellzone: "You annoying money mongers, dare challenge me?"
  • Gunz: "Who else is gonna? Cruge is already attending with Krollon, (That was seen), so, we may as well."
  • Hellzone: "FOOLS?! YOU DO NOT COMPREHEND, MY POW- (Gunz, Heavyarms and Galighter blasted the fuck out of Hellzone, interupting him and surprising him, as Armsfever grabbed him!)"
  • Hellzone moaned phathicly.
  • Jynyrgy flouted down and cured Hellzone of his curse, turning him back into a normal Zlash.
  • Jynyrgy: "Your curse, is no more."
  • De-eviled Hellzone: "(Less impossing voice) Ugh.... Thank, you. (Faints)."
  • Krollon continued fighting Cruge!
  • Cruge: "Thanks, but I ALREADY DO?! (EVENTUALLY SMACKS KROLLON HARD ENOUGH THAT IT KNOCKS HIM OUT?!).... And the wish is just about to come true."

Command Bridge.

  • The flipping finally stopped.
  • Qlow: "Okay, NOW we're being real here..... Let's give the Dark Rad council a proper farewell, before we return home."
  • Maya: "Setting up communications now, Daddy!"


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