El DeSane, AKA The Nomadic Gorserian, among other names, is an Alternate UUniversal Gorseran from Planet Gorsert Prime. As one of the surviving members of his home planet's home race of rodent humanoids, of which the rest retreated into another dimention to escape an unrelated catalysum while left behinds are entrusted to heal the planet, he is a mute no-faced mysterious lone traveler that was meant to aid El Groy as his surrogate son when he took over the planet and colonized it illegally in UIS territory and aimed to make sure it stayed eternally protected through a magic crown that was corruptible with it's finite magic power, but was lost to the Gorseran Resistance. After he took revenge and seemingly exterminated them with his magic at the cost of his complexion, with the exception of a critical population due to the finite power, when instead they exiled themselves to a magic dimension, the Nomad was raised by a Gorseran hermit who died when he discovered his magic ability to bring inanimate objects to life, giving them cartoonish appearances. Being an antisocial outcast, El Groy, desperate to find him as his power was the missing key to infinite power, labeled him a criminal and he has thus been sought after for decades. Though upon meeting Skouty, a social outcast in the cruel kingdom of El Groy, he sought answers and finally went into the unknown, all while he and Skouty were slowly falling for each other because of the pain and raw emotional mystery they see in each other. He continues on this endless journey to this day while avoiding the bounty placed on him. He is the AUU version of the titular character of Nomad of Nowhere.


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