The Obsidian Hobnobbers are a group of known crime leaders of the Auliffer-Wrague System who were founded around the time of the Great Stagnation of the AUU. They're basically a nutcase group that worship crime like a "legit" religion and are realistically recognized as an anarchist group that the system back then took it as a threat to their government. Unfortunately, the Great Stagnation proved to be too much for the struggling governments and left them in weak and pitiful shape. It was the opportunity the Hobnobbers needed. CrimeTech in those days were a valuable ally to them in getting what they need to slowly usurp all of the governments of the system and to place it in the rule of the now- President, Shi Thole, the inventer of the insane belief and no doubt it's spreader to the innocent societies he helped corrupt into anarchical messes of their former glory. Even with the first fall of crimetech, this awful crime-infested society ran rampant with the rest of the universes and was considered a hideous blemish to an otherwise orderly society. The Hobnobbers are known to hide behind their nonsensical belief that "Crime is survival taken to a logical extreme" and that "it's stupid to ignore survival instinct in favor of controlling systems". Now it sounds ideal on paper in meaning that people wouldn't be controled by a not always relieable system, but in practice, it even means that good laws, like ones against murder and ones against dangerious drugs, among others, are considered "against their beliefs" and thus, The System is actually considered morally worse then even the Spidklon's belief of making murder legal, cause at least they have some standerds to it and that it has a more sympathic and realistic excuse in compairision to the folks of the Auliffer-Wrague system, who hide behind the excuse of a phony belief and excuses about that their justifived about it in COMPLETELY unrelated cases where circumstances were entirely different, and that the goverment's fallings are their fault to begin with, where unlike their "justifications", the goverments of the Auliffer-Wrague of old were mainly benvolent, give or take goverments that were firm, but fair, and were only failing to help the people was because of hard times, not of any case of being "uncaring", and were going to recover to eventually help the people after the systems were strong enough, but they were mercilessly usurped by obvious deluded madmen instead, with the biggest one being made president, and everything went downhill from here. Why, had it not been for the birth of the VA and Rebirth of CrimeTech, the AUU would've been glad to long stop this madness. But sadly, the VA ended up being more of a concern then a rampant lawless society at the time being, and crimetech was able to supply far too many weapons for the rouge system. Things look blick for pro-law folks and those who wish to clean-up the madness. But then, the 3 miracles happen. 1: The VA was disbanded, meaning that the AUU can no longer ignore the troubled system, though won't be able to resolve it right away, thanks to CrimeTech and criminals still having faith in the system of their ways never being truly washed away. 2: The biggest influenzal celebrity of all crime, Maxfire, ended up being arrested in a humiliating fashion that was so embarrassing, even the most crime-infested part of Auliffer-Wrague were greatly demoralized. Even CrimeTech wasn't in it's best form afterwords. Cause of it, those of the Law-Side were encouraged, and new governments and law enforcements were on the rise, even in the Auliffer-Wrague system. Even CrimeTech couldn't withstand this. And finally, 3: CrimeTech itself was disbanded by Solo Morecraft, with CEO Vacoh Quqe Blacktrey arrested by the Heroes Act afterwords, leading to the second and most likely last downfall of CrimeTech, leaving many lawless worlds, even the lawless system, on their own against the growing law enforcement. Because the end of their reign is nearing, Shi Thole has turned into a paranoid shell of his former glory and the other members began to lose faith in their beliefs, fearing it's only a matter of time before Thole ends up being the final nail in the coffin of their grip on the system. And eventually, it very well will when he ends up messing with the very heroes responsible for the downfall of many villains because of them being in the system by circumstances over meeting with Solo.


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  • President Shi Thole- A Qohilan and the leader of the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Alicia Bome Weters- A female marsupial hyena who is only a secretary for the Hobnobbers. After years of hearing her leader's ridiculous theories about a criminal society being just as peaceful as a lawful society, she didn't agree one bit as she knew that there was more to it than that and believed that right and wrong existed in harmony and as long as both stayed alive, that was all that mattered because she had a sister who worked for a military police force and was wounded badly enough that she retired early due to being crippled, and that she felt that this sort've life isn't worth living.
  • Headmaster Dutch Thole- Shi Thole's intelligent half-Oslapan uncle who was a short-lived intermediate leader of the Obsidian Hobnobber Council until he was 'retired' for not including Shi into an important meeting, casting him out of the Obsidian Castle and leaving him to fall in a very certain fate.
  • Mister Masters- A Tirasun and the head of preserving criminal worlds for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Miss Scarlech- A Weollan and the head of finance for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Baron Oerum- An Avatan and the head of security and smuggling for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Mister Locer GoGey- A Vocerkan and the head of racial relations for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Miss Lolo Pollocks - A Haelic and the head of diplomacy for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Mister Elver Heimbigger- A Mephean and the head, or 'Baron', of black market development for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Doctor Scolex- A Scebuggean and the head of science and technology for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Mister Ruthey Bourne- A Brachotops and the head of magic development for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Mister Phrick- A Cunone-Cauter Animentient and the head of diagnostics for the Obsidian Hobnobbers.
  • Elder Xomplex- A member that is not technically a member, as she is only a Dodecopus philosopher who protects the balance of good and evil, and aided them to create one of those that keep balance, yet threatens to undo her aid if they forget their place. She isn't proud of what she did and long knew that the Hobnobbers gotten what she aimed to do wrong. It doesn't help that the order-centric governments that she deemed a burden were otherwise benevolent and did had a chance to survive and curses herself as an idiot for ever helping a group that proved no better in absolutist terms.
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