The Omeger Twins are five augmented Alternate UUniversal Jeer sisters from the moon of Mali X. They are orphaned deer-like sisters who were raised in an experimentation camp by the Phaseforce after they were arrested as babies for committing an accidental crime, and killed their officer abductor, and learned that their parents died of broken hearts upon another arrest and an implementation to the Phaseforce. Thus, turned bitter and cruel, the four turned into troublemakers that vandalized, bullied, and did other things to their Phaseforce peers until they were implemented as assassins for the Phaseforce, and later upon Awesome Jaxtom's takeover, he made them better by giving them cybernetic and biological enhancements to aid in their approach. Thus they became better enforcers of his evil rule, and were brutal and deadly with their approach. They never hesitated nor backed down to any threat, just rushing in and doing whatever they could to their opponents, all while proving to be a pain and difficulty for them. They are the AUU parallel to Borderlands Omega Lance Assassins and are equally skilled.


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  • Vulgana Kitsane Omeger- The leader of the group who wields two Sword-of-Heroes-like swords with multiple functions.
  • Herea Omeger- The second-in-command of the group who wields a double-bladed naginata that can be split into two separate ones.
  • Minirva Omeger- The who wields tonfa-swords that can be extended to any length and fire blasts of hard-light energy.
  • Ceresa Omeger- The third member of the group who wields a spatha-katana or two that can be extended to any length.
  • Helice Omeger- The fourth member of the group who wields a large laser-shooting energy lance and a vibro-sansetsukon (three-sectioned nunchuck).


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