The Omni-Freak is a giant mutant monster who was the first mute born on the world of Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts. It was created by an alien race called the Biotiens, which were Kaiju-level mantises who mastered Outer-God level genetic manipulation, meant to "Reduce Human Genericness" by causing an uprising of the infected animals so to turn humans to mutes basically as a means of a genetic cleansing. This nearly succeeded as most humans went underground, as mutes would not always be reliable in this mission cause of being slaves of instincts cause of not being in areas of his direct influence, or in rare cases would fall to misguided pity on humans and forgot their intended aim entirely. The Omni-Freak resides in what was once called Africa, living in a Kingdom of buildings looking like DNA alongside Mutes still under its direct influence and are thus more focused and competent then Mutes outside its range, alongside its first creations, Gazziella and Cheetahtinusia, in the capital kingdom built in Africa, now renamed The Kingdom of DN'Animals. The Omni-Freak was named in mute culture as The Great DN'Animal while Gazziella and Cheetahtinusia were named his first daughters. The Omni-Freak is capable of extended longevity, possesses high levels of sentience, and wields a DNA-shaped staff that is capable of biogenetic manipulation. The Omni-Freak is amoral to the genetic cleansing it's doing, viewing it as reducing "Human Genericay" and is thus as blind to something technically kinda evil as the Biotiens are in meant to prevent "Genetic Stagnation" in the Multiverse. Though while it doesn't see itself as evil, and while also not aware of being considered such, the Omni-Freak is the prime source of conflict and for why Mutes are so aggressive to humans.


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The Omni-Freak is a giant god-level super creature with giant daddy-longleg spider legs, has a naga-cobra body with large dragon wings, the snake-underside length of a Titanoboa, two large fore-arms with clawed hands like a raptor holding a large staff in the shape of DNA, lower arms underneath his chest that're smaller and bare scorpion claws, the lower snake-end covered with centipede legs, back covered with spines, fidgeting spare animal legs of random species, various shark and dolphin fins line up in a perfect row on the spinal ridge, and a large cobra hood and a snake-face filled with all sorts of mandibles.

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