The One Million Dollar Idiot is the 26th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. In a crazy turn of events, Ed the Hyena has accidentally swallowed a very high-priced bar of gold, and has suddenly attracted the attention of money-grubbing thieves of the likes of Sing Jin Sue and the Guild of China's Worse, Dead-Eye Monroe and the Turkey-Neck Vulture Bros, Blot and his crew, and a new villain: Don Long-Finger, a rat crime lord who was born with an abnormally long finger who wants the gold bar and wants to cut open Ed in order to get it, and won't care what happens to Ed in general. Things are going to go very crazy as these groups go into a wacky competition for the gold bar.

Material Used

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Chapter 1: Ed Swallows A Gold Bar

Chapter 2: Unwanted Villain Attention

Chapter 3: Don Long Finger

Chapter 4: Gold Gastro Heist

Chapter 5: A Hyena Saved


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