Mr. Ohmsphore has escaped from prison to not cause trouble, but to try and warn his son, Mighty Ohm, about his returning brother, Ohmen. At first, Ohm and the other heroes victimised by his bullshit take him as serious as a Loch Ness Monster claim made by a mentally disturbed scottish man and just proceed to fight him and have him captured. However, wouldn't you know it, when the boy cried wolf, the wolf is actselly there as Ohmen has stolen the damaged machinry of Baron Opjurge from the Kratos Museum of Heroisum and Villainy. Though Mr. Ohm is still at odds with Mighty Ohm and the other heroes for obvious reasons, they desided to take him seriously for now. Kratos has entered a heighten state of emergeny cause of Ohmen stealing Opjurge's Amorality device for reasons unclear. Ohmen's motavations are still debatable, but one concern persists: Ohmen wants the machine based on whatever Opjurge originally intended for it. Once again, the Lougers are called in to help in it. Eventally, it's discovered that Ohmen has converted to Kemisum and now is in a relationship with the leader of a Kemisum influence spliter cell against the current goverment of kratos called The Children of Kem, a mixed group of Kratosians, Hadesians, and even some of the Lagoolains, who desire the Opjurge machine for pretty much a major recreation of it's original intention: Instead of erasing morals, it takes away freewill! And they don't want to just reserve to kratos, but to all of the universes, and on those they would deem "Unworthy" of having freewill. The Spliter Cell leader and Ohmen's fiance, Medusa Harpy, an archaeopteryx with a stunning hyptising figure and the undocumented super-power of turning those into stone and reversing it at will in her choosing. She is also assisted by a gang of rouge superior snakes dubbed as The Braids of Medusa, which each of them are based on every single super power element. The group plan to use this weapon as a start of a new age and the perfect wedding gift for Medusa and Ohmen. It's up to the Lougers to crash their wedding plans and have them spend their honey moon behind bars.

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