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The Fabled Panther King

The Panther King was one of the main antagonists in Conker's Bad Fur Day as well as a major part of the plot in the sequel campaign of Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Role in Bad Fur Day

The Panther King is overly addicted to drinking milk and has a milk table set up right next to his throne. However, on this table one leg is missing and the Panther King's Professor, Professor von Kripplespac, concludes that a "red squirrel" will make a great leg. Later he has mafia leader Don Weaso kidnap Conker's girlfriend Berri and set her up for a robbery at the Feral Reserve Bank. When Conker later meets up with Weaso he helps Berri out with the robbery it just turns out to be a trap by the Panther King so he could get close enough to Conker. Professor von Kripplespac however, reveals that he is against the Panther King and kills him by releasing a xenomorph from his stomach. However, when the air lock activates his remains get sucked into space along with the alive Professor von Kripplesac, presumably dead Don Weaso, and the remains of Berri. At the end of the game after defeating Heinrich, Conker takes his position as king.

When a King never dies.

But aside from what many think, it was not, exactly the periment end of the Panther King. He was reserected by Nega-Zeus, and in return to be able to get revenge on Conker for stealing his thrown and to turn him to the table leg at last to satisfy his milk addiction, he agrees and was told everything about the mission of The Guild of Thunder. In the Main Council, he is basicly The Hades, fittingly for his bad temper and can be easily dissatisfived with an unwelcome result.

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