After returning to Human Equestria, Sunset tells the story of her last moments in Equestria for the holidays. During New Year's Eve, after meeting Starlight's and Sunburst's parents, including Starburst's father Flare Spray and his new wife and Starlight's mother Sundown Shimmer, which effectively made Sunburst Starlight's stepbrother, and utterly embitters Firelight and Stellar Flare, Sunset is brought up in question and Starlight learns that she wasn't the only latch-key kid as Sundown had been so watchful and strict over Sunset for her ambition and greed, Sunset left her altogether just like she left Equestria. Thus the two are forced to reunite with Sunset and are brought to Human Equestria. When Sunset was asked to rekindle with her parents, Sunset proved unsurprisingly unwilling in feeling regretful of ever leaving them like she did especially since the same attitude that made her mother strict was what got her evil to begin with. With begrudging reluctance, Sunset was brought back to Equestria to confront her parents. However, it turned out that Sunset's mother had moved away from Canterlot upon Sunset's abandonment and disappearence and have now founded their own town northwest of Everfree called "Sunset Springs", after the Water Springs that shine beautifully in the sunset and obviously their lost daughter. However, upon arrival, it was discovered that the small community had been taken over by a crazy and kinda wacky mad scientist that was tasked to create a new Human Equestria portal without the heavly guarded mirror, but took over the town because he was off his rocker and was proven to be a questionable choice to trust with an impourent task, espeicaly if his name is litterally Dr. Kookoo Brain, as he intends to use the portal to create an interdimentional army, for the sake of having one because he thinks it would be cool to have one. This directionless looney runs the risk of being used by a much more nefarious and compident threat should he succeed, let alone releasing some kind of dimentional horror into Equestria. Now the Ponies AND the Lougers must put the straight-jacket of justice onto Dr. Kookoo and save Starlight and Sunset's parents from being dragged into this mess, but most of all, rekindle a lost bond.


Prologue Scene

Sweet Snacks Café (Post-Holiday-Double-Feature)

  • Human Pinkie: (Gives the entire group the giant sundae from many times) WELCOME BACK, SUNNYSET!!!! (Blasts confetti everywhere)
  • Human Rainbow Dash: Jesus, Pinkie, this is a lot for us to stomach.
  • Dog Spike: Oh, wow, so much chocolate!! (Wagging his tail crazily) Looks so delicious.
  • Sci-Twi: Spike, you do know chocolate is poisonous to dogs, right? (Dog Spike was shocked with a glass shatter sound and did this)


  • Human Pinkie: Nooooooooooooooooo? Spike didn't actually know that? Imagine that.
  • Human Fluttershy: It's true. Sorry, Spike.
  • Dog Spike: "Other Spike has it WAAAAAY too easy! I bet chocolate never does anything bad to dragons!"
  • Sunset: Well I can eat meat when I'm a human. My diet changes whichever world I'm in. You'd surely by immune to whatever poison that chocolate has when you're in Equestria.
  • Sci-Twi: Theobromine.
  • Sunset: Bless you.
  • Sci-Twi: No, no, no, theobromine is the primary chemical in chocolate.


Prologue: Sunset's Story Begins

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Chapter 1: ???

Chapter 1: ???

Chapter 1: ???

Chapter 1: ???

Chapter 1: ???




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