Tigress is beginning to find strange clues, ironically through Zan, a duck and one of the adopted royal family members of Kun Lao who is now grown up and a good friend, of whatever became of her parents after that fateful day she was left at the orphanage and adopted by Shifu to control her strength and ferocity amongst her fearful peers. Being secretive, she went on her own, unaware Zan was following her, to discover about this more. She found out that her father had a dangerious enemy in the form of a treacherous, feared, vicious, and utterly abominable tiger warlord named Khan Fum, who has been known to be a bruiser and grudge-holder that punished those that onced sevred his army of fear, but forsaken him because of Khan's madness. In his time, Tigress's father once served him, but left his army to marry her mother, choosing that a life serving a warlord was not worth it if he had to be with the one he loved, but once they gave birth to Tigress, Khan discovered this and killed them both in cold-blood after Tigress was left at the orphanage. With Khan undeservingly still alive, she swears to hunt down Khan and bring him to justice, and yet she falls into a trap. Khan captured her and explained that he set up the traps and clues to lead her straight to him, as he has been searching for her since he learned of her existence, nt expecting that she was, of all things, Tigress of the Furious Five, meaning that he had a lot of beef on his hands, especially when he was planning to turn her into his warrior queen, and hoped she wouldn't learn too much of the truth on her journey. Thus, with her knowledge, Khan has to use his stolen technique of the Fluttering Finger Mindslip to brainwash her and turn her into his bride. Thus, Zan warns her friends in the Lodge, and thus they intend to prevent that from happening, and finally get long overdue justise for Tigress against Khan Fum.


Tigress' Past Flashes Before Her Eyes

(Later...) Valley of Peace

  • Po: (He and the Furious Five came in responding to the tigers' raid)... Well, this is unexpected.
  • Mantis: The bandits are... Tigers?
  • Tiger #1: There's a tigress in their mastery?
  • Kou: Wait..... That's no ordinary tigress! (He recognized the face of Tigress as it was similar to another)... Men! Capture her!
  • Tigress: Okay, time out, what do you want with me- (One of the tigers attacked) EEEH!! Whoa! (She fought against the tiger and found his fighting skills comparable to hers)
  • Po: Whoa, they do seem to fight the same way.
  • Monkey: Yeah, they're both tigers, so they're more attuned to the Tiger Kung Fu Animal Style. Tigress is classified as a minor blend between Heihuquan and Fujowpai, while this guy... (Tigress was thrown through a window with a loud thud)... Is just major Heihuquan.
  • Tigress: Guys? A little help here?
  • Po: Oh, right! Come on, stripes! My fists are hungry!
  • Kou: Think you're the only one with hungry fists, panda?! QIÁNGDA?!? (A giant muscular tiger appeared)... It's clobber-clawing time. (Qiángda roared)
  • Po: Pff! Typical bad guy tactic! Hiding behind the big gu- (Kou punched him in the face in slow motion) HRRRGH!!! (He recovered) Owwww. Still a typical tactic. That sucker punch, was also a typical bad guy tactic! Let's dance. And by dance, I mean let's punch the stripes off of you! (They fought as the tigers had the experience to stand a chance against them)
  • Monkey: Wow! Where did these tigers come from? They seem powerfully trained.
  • Tigress: Maybe because I hardly see other tigers, but I've never seen tigers fight so fiercely. They're good!
  • Po: You're telling me! If they can beat you, then they must be topnotch tigers. Not to go Serpent's Tooth on ya with unhelpful ramblings.
  • Tigress: Words hardly get to me, Po. Wherever these guys came from, they are putting up a good match. But less talk more punch!


  • Tigress: (As Po took out Qiángda and everyone in the Valley cheered)... Well, that took a lot out of me.
  • Kou: Oh, I'm just getting started! (He charged at Tigress as she got ready to attack until she saw a Tiger's Eye gem on his armor that triggered visions of her past as she saw the same gem on her father when seeing him as a baby in the rain as she was left at the Bau Gu Orphanage)
  • Viper: TIGRESS!! (Tigress was punched in the face and plowed into her friends)
  • Kou: How much stripes did that knock off, tubby? LET'S GET OUTTA HERE, BOYS! WE'LL BE BACK!! (He cackles as they scurried off in a similar four-legged fashion to Tigress)
  • Mantis: "Did Tigress just PULL A PO and zoned out?!"
  • Po:... Tigress, what happened?
  • Tigress: I... I don't know... (She opened her paw to show Kou's Tiger Eye gem)... But I'm going to find out.

Jade Palace

  • Shifu: (Takes a look at the gem)... Well, I'm amazed you got a vision of your parents from a simple Tiger's Eye. They are a common piece of jewelry manufactured by your species.
  • Tigress: Well, these tigers used it as a symbol.
  • Shifu: The Tiger's Eye can be a common symbol of strength for your species, Tigress. These tigers probably wore it to show some kind of dominance.
  • Crane: So... They were... Trying to conquer the Valley?
  • Viper: But why? What made them think they could do that?
  • Monkey: "What bad guy honestly wouldn't think a place called "The Valley of Peace" wouldn't be a place easy for conquest?"
  • Viper: Okay, wise-guy, I'll rephrase the question. Why would they think the valley's easy to congure after knowing about our accoplishments? They did have the skill their kind should have, but we have fought off bandits with comparable skill before.
  • Tigress: They had power comparable to Po..... Ya know, when he's not being an idiot. (Po looked offended) Oh don't act like it's not true. (Po look dejected on how right it was). And he almost conquered the Valley when he lost his memory. Heck, remember that I couldn't compete against him. So... Just imagine what a whole army of them can do. No doubt it was a distinct possibility they could've. But what makes this more serious is that they wanted to capture me. I think I must be involved with whatever they're planning, and given that I seem to recognize this gem... I think my parents, or perhaps my father, were a part of it.
  • Shifu: "Well it would most likely be your father, because in Tiger culture, warriors are 90% predomenantly male, baring exceptions. They're known for their patriarchical socity, even for the standerds of china."
  • Mantis: "No wonder why their group was a complete sausage fest."
  • Shifu: "I worry that this problem may be grander then what we can normally handle on our own. Po, I want you and the five to go to Gongmen and seek out Shen. He has the communicater to contact the other Lougers."
  • Mantis: "What about Fu-Xi?"
  • Shifu: "He's bound to show up himself since news like this rarely goes un-noticed by him."
  • Po: "But, what will you do?"
  • Shifu: "I will bring this up to the Kung Fu Council. This should concern them because, I have a frightful throey that these aren't just a random rag-tag-team of tigers.... They could only be pawns, for a far more fearsome oppendent."
  • Tigress: And what if this turns out to be connected to me?
  • Shifu: Then we shall meet at the Bau Gu Orphanage to get clues about where you came from.
  • Crane: "What else then?"
  • Shifu:.... Time will tell.....

Meet Khan Fum

Tiger Temple Ruins

  • ???: (A loud tiger roar was heard as a muscular tiger silhouette was seen training as another tiger came in) WHO IS THERE?!? (The tiger faced the other and approached him)... Ah! Kou Hong! My most trusted brother-in-arms. (A tiger of strong muscular stature, a red and black robe, scars, a majestic hairstyle and furstyle, dark masquerade, a red head band and arm braces. This was Khan Fum) It's good to see you back safe and sound. Did you have any chance to find the daughter of Gudan and that bitchy Yanzhi yet? Better yet, find Taifu for that matter?
  • Kou: No! Once again, that son of a bitch got away, this time with that sniveling Bao Quan panther student of his. I swear, how that descendant of our idol gets away since you almost finished him, I may never know.
  • Khan Fum: Eh, we'll get that bastard soon enough.... We MUST find that tigress, Kou! She's the only one who can stop me.
  • Kou: A tigress, sir? Are you sure?
  • Khan Fum: Hey I know china is primarly a man's world, but don't think that grants you permission to underestimate the fairor sex! Any tiger, females included, can have the strength to stand against me. Greatest of warlords, have ended up befallen to the prettiest of females, because they were fulled by gender expectations that they were no threat to them.
  • Kou: A fair argument, Master Fum. But, what does that make Yanzhi- (Gets grabbed by the throat) GAAAAAAA?!
  • Khan: NOBODY EXCEPT ME CAN SAY THAT NAME!! She was a clear exception to the name of strong tigresses. She was so airheaded, she didn't know left from right. And yet a TRUE tiger had the foolish WIT to fall in love with her? Gonglu Gudan was my greatest foot soldier for 9 years. He was the pinnacle of my clan. Before he turned his back on everything that makes a tiger a tiger. Strength! Power! Ferocity! Raw tangible rage! Hu Yan didn't show any of that in his time, and even if he did, he never backed down. He was my hero. With the teachings of his modern descendant Taifu, he was somewhat like a son to me. But then he met that girl! A filthy ambassador with too much rouge, and a lot wrong with her, and that name! YANZHI!! Ugh, the word for rouge. To this day, who leaves a horrible taste in my mouth!
  • ???: I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. (An adolescent white tigress was seen)
  • Khan Liang: I couldn't sleep. Anyway, I just wanted to see you were doing. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with finding your true love.
  • Khan Fum: Love?! You recall why I couldn't have a love of my own? My father was the best to look up to Hu Yan! Then everyone betrayed him! Beheaded him. I've never fallen in love. I must NEVER fall in love, and neither must any other tiger here. Love? Bah! Kisses? BAH! Hugs? UNACCEPTABLE! Tigers are meant to be STRONG! Hugs are nothing but weakness, and weakness is FORBIDDEN to our kind!
  • Khan Liang: "Then how do we exist as a spieces if we're against love?"
  • Khan Fum: "Commen misconception that I'm sure you knew better then to buy. We do find impourence in SEX! But as a practical means to maintain numbers! LOVE, is entirely SEPERATE FROM THAT!"
  • Khan Liang: "Suuuuure it is."
  • Khan Fum: Love is only to be shown to the worthiest and the strongest. That's what Gudan did. He BETRAYED ME! You can't be a tiger and still be in love with a girl like that. So I gave Gudan a choice: It's either me or her. And he picked weakness. Hooked up with a real joke that gives tigresses, and females as a gender, a bad name.
  • Kahn Liang: "Never mind that all people, tigers included, could be different then spieces expectations-"
  • Khan Fum: Sleeping in gold-plated beds. SPOILED ON VOLUPTUOUS GARBAGE!!! LIVING THE WEAK TIGER LIFE!!! (He roared at the top of his lungs and destroyed the entire training room)
  • Kou: Ugh, not again!
  • Khan: So, I showed him what happens when you dare make tigers as a species look like cute little kittens with stripes, and a pack of teeth and claws that they don't even know how to use! BY USING THEM!!! I slaughtered them where they stood! THAT BRAT RUED THE VERY DAY SHE STOLE MY BEST FOOT SOLDIER FROM ME!!!... But the job wasn't done there. The brat's corpse revealed something shocking... They had a child. A daughter. And not just any daughter. The true identity of their offspring, might just surprise you as it did me. The daughter... Is none other than Master Tigress. Part of the Furious Five of the Jade Palace. Taught by Hu Yan's late friend and inspiration, Master Oogway. That's when I had an idea. The daughter of the best of my kind, trained by the best of Kung Fu, could be of GREAT use to me.
  • Kou: "Well, I had a run in with her abit earlier, and, she, proved difficult, even with Qiangda with us!"
  • Khan Fum: "Tch. I'm actselly not even mad. Alchourse she would give ya trouble. SHE, IS THE OFFSPRING OF MY FORMER BEST SOLDIER?! Thankfully, that means she takes more after her father then her mother."
  • Kou: "Whew, I figured you would be angeior- (Kou gets grabbed in the neck again by Khan Fum) GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!"
  • Kou: "(Gags), But you said you weren't mad!"
  • Khan Fum: "You're not a gorey mess, are you? THAT'S, ME BEING MAD?! STRANGLING YOU, IS DISAPLEANE, AND A FIRM REMINDER, TO DO BETTER?!"
  • Khan Liang: So, you're saying you're in love with her?
  • Khan Fum: I never said that exactly. Like I said, love comes after the oath of strength and worth. And Master Tigress? Those she has. I mean, a girl that can be potentially as strong as me, if not more? I'VE ALWAYS WANTED A GIRL LIKE THAT!! I just need to play it carefully, and show her that this is the true destiny of tigers. I've read up about Tigress in scrolls since this revelation! She didn't fit into that orphanage because of her strength. She chose to use that strength for good. Noble choice for a life, as it's a step in the right direction. The direction, that leads to my doorstep. There's so much potential in her just waiting to be unlocked, and was never so before because she was either not ready or was forbidden. If she had the proper guidance, she could become a great warrior.
  • Khan Liang: You know she's not going to like it if she learns you killed her parents.
  • Khan Fum: Details don't matter too much as long as I can throw them out the window. One of the big instincts of tigers is natural selection. We eliminate the weak and make way for the strong. It pained me to get rid of Gudan, but he served his purpose. It left a void that only his daughter can fill. It will not be easy, but as the strongest tiger in China, I've tackled the toughest of challenges. Master Tigress just needs to learn what it takes to be a tiger.

Meeting Taifu

Tigress Confronts Khan Fum


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