Lord Shen, trying to prove to the Lodgers he is just as fun as The Mad Hatter, unintentionally slaps away Hatter's hat to the wind and it is now in the possession of Abis Mal. Because of this, Mad Hatter's horrable secret is getting reveled. Before he lived in Wonderland, he was a goofball with split personalities which caused him to flip-flop from a naïve and goofy innocent to a more civilized and sophisticated suit-wearing, tea drinking criminal sadist similar to Alex from A Clockwork Orange named Mr. I.N. Sane that had given him bad dreams and voices in his head. The hat was the only thing that could balance this sadistic personality from his head. This was the exact reason why Mad Hatter lived in Wonderland from the start. Now that the hat is gone, the sadistic personality is slowly returning to him. Sane is now attacking the Lodgers and he is forcefully strapped to the Hatter's bed until his hat can be found. The Lodgers must gain the help of the Mane 6 and Celestia to try and slow down I.N. Sane while Shen is forced into playing a series of moronic games with Abis Mal for the hat. If Shen gets the hat, then Celestia will bless the hat into erasing I.N. Sane from the Hatter's mind forever. Will the Lodgers save the Mad Hatter, or is I.N. Sane here to stay?


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