Pharcums are a Teadr 3 boar-like race which is native to the Planet Pharom. They are rough and aggressive and have been known to inhabit their own territory in the Isheegus Sector in the Eta Universe. They have been known to be a race full of rogue mercenaries who opposed anything that entered their turf. They are very intelligent creatures who are risk-takers, believe in a 'show-no-fear' philosophy, and believe that death is not something worth celebrating since it was just nature taking it's course, and do not mourn the dead, but still bury them. They have been known to participate in the Interuniversal War until they were sentenced to exile to their own territories in the Isheegus Sector where they oppose any who trespass. However, the new lord of the race, Lord Hoggthedbouth, felt that is an insult to their power and has defined the exsile by taking some of his soldiers and appearing in the Grand Council Hall, where Hogg aggresively AND rudely demanded an apology for banishing his race and demanded the exsile to be lifted. When the Grand Council realisticly declined, then Hogg declaired that they'll remove the banishment on their own, FORCEFULLY?! Hogg ordered his forces to attack Leagon ships as an act of war. The Grand Council gets the Lougers and Heroes Act involved and deside that it's time for the Pharcums to get a SERIOUS attatude adjustment and be without Hogg. And Hogg's wimpy, "Dead-Mourner" brother, Sobbclanoxx, could be just the seemingly unlikely guy to do it. Can Sobb be able to introduse commen decenty in a race that fails to even mourn their dead and free themselves of Hogg?

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