Remena has reported a major kidnapping of Occultra and Celestius, along with Madam President being kidnapped dispite present defences, being done so by what looks like a Zyauar Master. Thus, the Lougers, Team Remena and the HA get togather to meet the Grandmind to speak about this. Grandmind explained that the assilant's reasons behind his actions are because a rogue planet was inadvertingly freed from the wall of the first Alpha Universes' isolated systems was moved to be placed behind Remena's place. The assilent commenly said "Redemption for freeing Zeymti is heavily required" and that the free leaders were kidnapped for the purpose of trying to lead the freed rogue planet back into the isolated systems. These made the three curious about this and thus, they go to seek the rogue planet out. However, apawn arriving, they were ambushed by their reveiled asselent, a surviving old school Zyauar Master named ZoZo Ahn Xœlong, who explains that he kidnapped them so they would help in leading the planet back into the Isolated Systems where it was safely obscured from history. After an intense arguement, ZoZo was forced to confessed that the planet is a sort've prison for Cighry Yuh Darkout, a Zyauar Master killer and something he doesn't want to return to kill off the last of the true Zyauar Masters. When Crunk asked impudently how exactly is that bad given that he deems Cighry to be a one trick pony in that once ZoZo is dead, then Cighry would be purposeless now, ZoZo warned that though Classic Zyauar Masters are a prime priority, ZoZo would aim to then eliminate any Neo Zyauar Master colony or inspired civilisation, which includes Remena since it was founded BY Zyauar Masters, giving Cighry due legitamentcy as an overall threat to AUU socity, and potaintionally the Lougers' Universes if asian cultures get mistaken for being Zyauar-Eqsed in nature. Thus, the heroes agreed to help ZoZo in return to that he stands UIS trail firmly requested by Vrex. Now they would discover that Cighry is in danger of being freed from his prison by a rogue Gragg splinter cell lead by Ice Vain who wants revenge against the current leader of the Graggs for ruining his life in a typical deceptive game of Gragg politics where would-be rulers try out-Gragg eachother by ruining eachother's credability with slander, and Ice Vain ended up getting one so bad, it lead to exsile. Ice Vain aims to free Cighry in a desire to control him and have him slay the current Gragg leader, but in fearing the ineditable fact that Cighry would not be obedient nor too grateful for Ice Vian's efferts, can our heroes keep Cighry from returning?

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