Tirmuth. A wetland planet which has large jungles of prehistoric wildlife making it look like a Carboniferous world filled with random prehistoric wildlife, had strong storms, high amounts of oxygen in the air which makes it volatile to lightning storms, a radioactive ununoctium core, rapid growth in wildlife, and Teadr 7 monuments and ruins. This is a world that has been broken for eons as the result of a quantum spell causing a quantum break that caused the world to eternally suffer magical quantum anomalies that cause major disruptions in it's own time stream causing it's entire history to leak out across time, giving it's entire history's wildlife to cross the rifts and have random effects, yet they don't seem to have an effect on the world itself even when it involves time rifts. This world has been an interesting sight to people all across the AUU for being a world where 'time is broken', yet examining such a thing had serious consequences which often caused them to get lost in time, thus making it a forbidden part of the sector. Despite the world being prohibited, people still visit to see the beautifully-evolving ecosystem. However, Tirmuth has recently became a more major threat then ever before. It's time rifts are starting to effect the timeline of all of the AUU as well, and began releasing forth it's prior events. The VA is suddenly looks as if it's dispansion never happen, Xerxes and the metas are back in full force, there's suddenly an army of Qui's messing with the AUU and the Original abroad, which is also joined by another collection of the villain teams, as well as repeats of the events of her plans, along side the shenanigans of Celisus and Narcotic, The Skeetraziods are attacking the original universes again, Foul Cheese is govenor again all of the sudden and the events of the entire stars of piracy series are happening all at once, Pharagu has rebeled again with the return of Elder Lighthead and Glowrod and crew, Croker is suddenly warden again and the problem in oranos repeats itself, Xenaros is back being a butt ugly wasteland, Keuca is having the equilist problem again, Mieber is conflicting over freedom and safety with the return of Killebrew and Glutus as if they were never captured, the extinctioners are back at full force, The Xerus Sorrowers and the Tibella Inquizition are back, The Eco-Realist threatens De-Extinction once again with the Drill of Exinction, Lord Millipede is back, Grey Beardo rules the Titaniods again and are back giving Sigrozoans shit once more, Gormac is attacking Unit Rgova once again, Lord Sefin is suddenly a super doughe again with Vincent back in full swing, The baroness of the rabodans is in legal trouble again over her children, Roboface is returning to his sceams again, Souvis is back at being heroes act haters again, Qyzmetheans and Oxyceans are enemies again, Crack-Jaw is leader of his tribe again, the Monklins are causing trouble again, General Chail ruined Slebov again, the Jall problem is back, Sispice is in trouble again, Garlock is back, Tokath is back, Blabcrap is back, Cragmire is cauing a mythic uprising again, Lord Crax is back, The Faction of the True Norm is back, Klanmoye is bothering the Loccoians again, Janjirma is back with Junjie, Partooie needs help, the Dark Rads have their reserves back, Messeract's at odds with itself again, The Hobnobbers are back at full force, Judge Nimrodney's trying to kill Qui again, Extron's back, Aggics controls the banks again, Gordon attacks the rotords again while at the same time Lord Rareington tries to save them, along with the return of master Shredd, Farina and Thakkus target Judge Cork again, Leniana faces the return of her villain fanboys, Gronamo goes after the left beind VA bots again, the Frunoblax fued is back, Hextrus is back, Mushroom is back to threatening the Terragords with the bruud, Corbos is back, Kabra Ku is back, Zarphalls and the Fugbopaths are at odds again, the Weeviods are back suffering under Oak again, Blass Grass is back, Hydraino's conflict returns, Hot Venom is controling the lava serpents against the Zewinsaurs again, The Necktronians are causing trouble again, the Black Star Synicate is causing trouble again, Sage Garbon is back, Stromge delaired assassin war again, Arvald is back, Sir Arbact's troubles return, the Dragon Empire attacks again, General Trague is on the way to become emperor, Exelbork is restarting his big plan, Count Deathamir's back, Mazer returns, the Klangmans are back, the Humans disappeared back into the Tranquility zone, Lord Hoggthedbouth's leader again, The Gex problems' back, Horvathos sees the return of it's virus problem, Plexnet controls the Byzankans again, Govenor Calamari returns, Gen Qill poses as the rainbow messiah again, Crospin controls ralo again, the riders of samgo are back, Hyrassa's back to being king, Chrong is back, Greyhorn's being a prick again, Attractress is back, Byron's back, Offrond's back to Harry's irrespondsable rule again, Lord of the Dark Ages rules again, and worse of all, many of the lougers non-AUU adversities are back and repeating the same tune as well! Now, the Lougers must get to Tirmuth and fix what is wrong as the AUU villains try to stop the lougers from having their second chance! The problem turned out to be the work of noneother, then Screwballer, who's using the shorce of the quantom spell, The Core of Time, to control the Lougers past abersaries to trouble them once more, just for the sake of his amusement, as well as for his grand demopus of the ultamate prank! WIll our heroes survive a wave of defeated foes to stop Screwballer?


(What the past AUU villains sing when they all attacked the Hero Hive, and kick out the heroes)

Disney Villains "It's Our House Now" Music Video-0

Disney Villains "It's Our House Now" Music Video-0

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