There is a legend that all reptiles share. Quetzalcoatlons. A 1 teadr spieces of Quetzalcoatlus beings. While retaining much of their ansisterail traits, The Quetzals are almost considered mystic for their tec because they are considered the only mortal race to be able to completely master artifical evolution. In legend, the Quezals are said to be respondsable for the existence of all reptilian races, albeit indirectly, by sending the DNA code to the respective worlds and allow their evolution to take hold. They are assentually the Halo Precursers for Reptilian beings. It is said that they made their planet so evolutionary more superior then conventional planets that it would even survive against the strongest astro laser, (Not to say it can't still get damaged from it), and their biological tinkering enabled them to be naterolly ammuned to even the worse parsites and sickness imagineable. Even the Bruud, the Globin, and the Parasite that analiated the Cruyids, would be like nothing to them. However, it is said they accsidently banished themselves into an imprisonment dimention in meant to exile a rogue ruler of theirs, Quetzonius, trying to gain control of all reptilian races for him to rule and subugate all non-repitles. As a result, the Quetzal race are deemed to be in the same caliber as the Starwings. An old legend that all reptilians universaly share and believe in, reguardless of radical difference. That is, apart from two, extremely unlikely lovers and socital misfits, a Male Tiiken named Otto Oneus, who actselly has ended up being borned to a single personality, and a mentally pasifistic Skorner, named Sk'mona, who's so Fluttershy-like she's even afraid of her own shadow. The duo and their mentor, a Skep named Philosifis, had long sought out to find evidence of the Quetzalcoatlons being real. And their luck changed when they found a long lost portal opener to the same dimentional prison the race have been sent to. However, in activating it, they freed the lost world, but in so, they also freed Quetzonius, who reveils to Otto, demoralising him in the process, by saying that he was the Tiikens creater, but their three-personas was actselly a genetic glitch he failed to correct before the DNA code was sent, and that he created the Skorners as a means to undo his mistake, meaning that their needless hatred was of a rogue madman's design. Quetzonius was turned on by his former partners because of this and thus caused his rise to self-corruption. Now, Quetzonius aims to begin his rampent corruption. Now it's up to the Lougers and the HA to save the day and this incredable discovery from being forever tainted by a madman not meant to be freed.

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