Beezen has managed to escape from Tartarus ever since his humiliation from Quest of the Element Designer and now has returned to get a proper shot at vengence. With his Smooze long gone thanks to the World Shaper, he desides that he needs to make a new one from scratch. And he even brought back Hydia and her idiot daughters back from the dunguins of Insectopia to help him dispite their incompidence. Now Beezen aims to create a newer, stronger, and greater then before Smooze, and he aims to do that by stealing Discord's Smooze and B.O.B. to combine and expose the two of them to a sample of a left over of the clone Jigglodon from The Magic Flu he had managed to long preserve since that event, and with it, he will create something even greater then Smooze, he would create JigB.O.Boozeodon, (He stated it to be a working title), and get a proper shot for revenge. Yeah, you can guess that the Main 7, the Pillers and the Lougers ain't gonna stand for that and stop Beezen's mad attempt!

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