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The Pure Hyenas of the Pride Lands are an ancient legacy of hyenas almost as old as time itself. A long time ago, hyenas used to be one of the most purest of all creatures next to lions and angels. Every animal respected them and they were all practically perfect in every way. The Pure Hyenas have been around for as long as a thousand years, but nothing prepared them for their inevitable downfall. It also reveals the backstory of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and it also marks the very birth of the Shell Lodge Squad.



Before even that of the real First Darkspawn War, there were two types of hyenas: the pure ones, and the normal ones. The normal breed was more capable of imperfection, as in slightly capable of being corrupted, easily turning rogue, and less likely to earn friends outside their race. The pure ones kept them in line in a benevolent way by teaching them the ways of the Circle of Life, a policy that, while founded by lions, was highly regarded by the Pure Hyenas for how much they agreed on about it. Though they too took eating other animals for food seriously, they can show restraint if they're not hungry. They do not believe in hunting for fun, sport, or just for the heck of it, only if survival is necessary because of not killing the other races to little or hardly ever, they were highly regarded and respected by the other races.

Before there were truly pure hyenas, another hyena race that was even less pure than normal hyenas called the Shadow Hyenas first settled in the Elephant Graveyard and were lead by a merciless hyena named Mwongo who had a kind-hearted queen named Tangawizi that was considered a 'free spirit' even by her servents and always believed that peace and philosophy should be the real things the hyena kingdom should follow. However Mwongo was too stubborn to think the same thing, and ignores and even routinely abuses her.

Then one day, Mwongo had decided that Tangawizi wasn't worth being in his kingdom since she started changing the views of his subjects. So he decides he's perfectly capable of running the empire himself and banishes Tangawizi to the Pride Lands, despite his subjects saying that being in the Pride Lands alone without a pack was too dangerous. Afterwards, Mwongo began his plan for war on all African creatures and ordered an attack on Pride Rock, which was recently founded by the first lion king and ancestor of Simba, Makena. Unknown to him that Tangawizi had already went there to talk to Makena and warned him about Mwongo's beliefs and possible intentions for Pride Rock. Makena at first was skeptical to Tangawizi, and was even rude to her, yet the other lions believed her and convinced Makena to agree to believe her and allow Mwongo to catch him off guard if she speaks the truth. So he agrees, but not until he sees proof of this 'Mwongo'. So Tangawizi sneaked back to the Elephant Graveyard, stole Mwongo's plans for the attack, and returned to Makena with the proof, officially earning his trust. Makena then prepared the kingdom for battle, but Tangawizi warned him that Mwongo's armies have grown strong from the rest of the hyena territories of Africa he already conquered. But Makena doubts a hyena is capable of trouble, yet was proven wrong when the battle began and his lion platoon barely survived, escaping by sheer luck due to the Shadow Hyenas' lack of intelligence. So Makena asked that Tangawizi search for a Hyena Territory that remained untouched by Mwongo's rule.

Tangawizi did find a small group of hyenas, but it was small, lacks special powers, and wasn't really an empire, just a small colony of tough religious hyena warriors called Cloud Hyenas, who were lead by a rude, fair, and wise-cracking leader named Kucheka, who is more interested on making Tangawizi his mate than getting involved in some 'war'. However, he is convinced by his advisor, Ujasiri, who was just as wise cracking but more considerate to Tangawizi's problem, to help her in the hopes that it would allow him married to her very easily. Yet Kucheka was a bit reluctant to risk his clearly well-trained warriors to battle an empire. However, Tangawizi convinces Kucheka that a blood battle may not be necessary as the true problem lies on Mwongo. So the Cloud Hyenas agreed to help fight for Tangawizi, especially for Kucheka since he is now convinced that he would do anything for Tangawizi.

4 days later, Mwongo was already advising his troops toward Pride Rock, but Makena and his pride stood in the way. Mwongo warns them not to interfere, only for Makena to call him a puppy to aggravate him into attacking him. Tangawizi eventually appeared magically with Kucheka, Ujasiri and the Cloud Hyenas to help fight against Mwongo. While Mwongo doubted her potential to fight against him, the two went for it for a while until Tangawizi overwhelmed him. Surprised, Mwongo orders his troops to attack. But his troops did not obey his command because one of the Shadow Hyena warriors, a friend of Tangawizi named Dalitso, secretly convinced every last Shadow Hyena that when the time is right that they stop obeying Mwongo because he was being too cruel to even them. Angered, Mwongo attempted to kill Tangawizi, who was left with the choice to use a powerful light spell to destroy Mwongo in body but not the spirit, cursing him to become a Shadow Demon which later ended up taken by the Friends on the Other Side, who were pleased with the addition of Mwongo's soul in their ranks. Afterward, Tangawizi agreed to marry Kucheka as a reward for his help. Ujasiri and Dalitso ended up getting married and having puppies, and peace had been made between the lions and hyenas. The Pure Hyenas had been born, and the philosophies of the Great Circle of Life had shined brighter.


In the glory days of the peace of Africa, all creatures, even well-known predators, lived in harmony and peace, with only bad individuals as regular problems, not hardly any of them were hyenas, as the normal breed was well-controlled. These bad individuals were mainly African wild dogs, leopards, male cheetahs, jackals, and even nomad lions can be a problem. Thankfully, each were either defeated or banished by the Pure Hyneas with help from Makena. However, Tangawizi was getting visions of demonic forces that were invading worlds outside their own. Tangawizi was depressed by this only letting those close to her know about this: Kucheka, Ujasiri, and Dalitso. They believed her and even said she must inform Makena. But Tangawizi refused out of fear that he won't believe her.

A year later, Makena had finally gained a queen, the beautiful lioness Subira, and had a cub named Yaa. Months later, Tangawizi was still reluctant to talk about the visions she was getting, in fear of being declared insane. Finally, after being convinced by Kucheka and their already-adolescent pup, Adjoa, Tangawizi finally decided to warn Makena, but was shocked to see that a large force of Darkspawn warriors was overwhelming his forces. Makena tells Tangawizi to save his cub and wife, and Tangawizi entered the cave, only to find Subira being slaughtered by a Darkspawn warrior, who fails to notice Yaa. Tangawizi carefully picks up Yaa and runs off. Thankfully for Makena, a powerful group of wizards vanquised all the Darkspawn warriors. Tangawizi returns safely with Yaa, but let Makena know the bad news about his wife. Makena was sad, but at least thanked Tangawizi for at least preserving his bloodline. Incredibly, when Tangawizi tells him that she had visions of this, Makena was cool with it after finally understanding the existence of other worlds, but askes Tangawizi to be more informative next time. Over the next few days, Tangawizi taught Adjoa to be a better leader in the case she should die. After she sadly does, those who played a role in her life, Ujasiri and Dalitso, taught their many offspring to soon prepare for who gets their positions after they passed on. They would eventually succeed, and their bloodlines would soon prosper.

Thousands of years later, their came three noble, if not comical, adolescent hyena friends named Uzuri, Baako, and Dejen. Uzuri was the royal daughter of the current leader of the Pure Hyenas, Lesedi, the descendant of Tangawizi, Baako descended from another hyena territory, and Dejen was the descendant of Ujasiri and Dalitso. They were all friends, they got along and hardly had big fights. This friendship stayed for a great amount of time until Uzuri's friendship with Baako was challenged when she was destined to marry a very-respected hyena noble named Nyeusi III. Uzuri resented Nyeusi, but she had to understand her duty. Baako questioned this, as to why she has to marry someone she clearly hates. Uzuri tries to say it's to preserve the bloodline, and that it's a tradition long done by her ancestor Tangawizi. Baako states that it's not the old days of the old ways anymore, and that she should end it since she is soon to be crowned queen, but Uzuri refused for she can't let personal feelings stand in the way of tradition.

Meanwhile, Nyeusi was not as he seemed. He turned out to be a greedy hyena who wanted to turn the hyenas into the ideals of domination so he can conquer Pride Rock, and then kill off Ahadi and Uru, Mufasa's parents. Yet he failed to realize that Dejen was watching in secret, and he went to warn Baako. Baako realized that the long-respected reputation of the Pure Hyenas was in jeopardy, and went to warn Uzuri, who was already at the wedding with Nyeusi. Baako interrupted the wedding, shocking everyone. Baasho said loudly that Nyeusi was a betrayer, who only wanted to marry Uzuri so the hyena race will be used for conquest. Enraged, Nyeusi tried to attack Baasho, but it was a mistake since Baako was an experienced warrior. He wounded him with his claws before Nyeusi could react, with Nyeusi stating it's not over. But the High Hyena Council, enraged by Nyeusi's betrayal, orders the guards to kill him, which they did. A day later, another male hyena from a faraway thieving hyena clan named Jasiri came in, proving to have been a very honest hyena regal. This time, they tested his background, and learned he is actually a former hyena bandit leader, but reformed after being captured by Pure Hyena guards and stopping a theft from a greedy monkey, and was taken under the wings of a Pure Hyena Councilman. Uzuri admittedly fell in love with Jasiri, and earned the resecpt of Baako and Dejen. But Baako did ask Jasiri to treat Uzuri right, which he agreed. Uzuri soon gave birth to Shenzi, and Baako got married to a hyena female named Kirabo, who gave birth to Banzai, and Dejen got married to a hyena named Chidimma, who gave birth to Ed. All three of these newborn hyenas barely had their eyes open, but their parents knew they would become the best of friends.

However, Uzuri started getting nightmarish visions of Malefor which, unlike her ancestor Tangawizi, did not take them seriously. The Darkspawn returned this time under Malefor's rule, as well as being allied with other Darkspawn villains, and this time focusing on the Pure Hyenas, killing off a majority of them, and presumably the High Hyena Council as well, but Uzuri and Jasiri were just too powerful, but even they were not a match for Malefor, mainly because Malefor haunted Uzuri in her dreams, and caused her to freeze in fear. But Malefor and the Darkpsawn allied with him were chased off by Merlin and his many allies, much thanks from Uzuri. But many Pure Hyenas were lost, and the normal breed (except Baako, Dejen, Kirabo, Chidimma, and Lesedi) were too much to control. There were riots, revolts, and in-fighting, and the Normal Hyenas started to attack other animals beyond that of food resources, which caused the lion-hyena relationship to get sour. But Ahadi remained on the high road, understanding and respecting what happened to the hyena kingdom. The Pure Hyenas were about to enter hardships.


The Beetle Plague

The first hardship was the result of a normal hyena wandering off into a sacred tomb in Egypt to steal an ancient Pure Hyena relic. But he only ignored the warnings on the wall, and when opening the tomb, he released an entire plague beetles that strangely had a taste for flesh (possibly Scarab beetles) and started to eat the hyena alive, and liked the taste of him so much, they went to the Pure Hyena lands to consume more hyenas. Dozens of hyenas were consumed by the beetles, and the rest were able to evacuate to an underground refuge while Uzuri was able to end the plague by casting one of Tangawizi's old light spells. All the beetles were destroyed and turned into ash. But this hardship will cause another one 2 days later.

The Hyena-Wild Dog War

2 days after the beetle plague, a large kingdom of African Wild Dogs were furious that a hyena caused the death of a few subjects, especially for it's ruler, Alpha Kgosi, who was not only angry about the beetle plague, but the fact that normal hyenas stole their resources and the failure of the Pure Hyenas to restrain them. Now that his very wife was consumed by the very beetles, he declared war on the Pure Hyenas. Their massive numbers overwhelmed the Hyenas, and there was great casualties. The war lasted a full week with evenly-matched hyenas and wild dogs being killed by the numbers. Kgosi found Uzuri and Jasiri, and attempted to kill Shenzi, who was a small toddler, unless the Pure Hyenas surrendered and left the Pride Lands forever. But Ahadi and his pride arrived, still being on the hyenas' side, and ordered Alpha Kgosi to stop the war and leave the weakened Pure Hyenas alone. But still trying to avenge his wife and his people, Kgosi refused and ordered his forces to attack the lions, even knowing that attacking a king was the worst crime in the Pride Lands. As a result, Ahadi overwhelmed the dogs and executed Kgosi for his crimes and defiance. This resulted in the wild dogs to forsake the Circle of Life, and leave the Pride Lands forever and retreat into the far Outlands. The lions refused to blame the Pure Hyenas for what happened during the beetle plague, but the other animals weren't so appearently forgiving.

The Herbivore Strike

This was the most devastating hardship. All herbivorous animals were getting angry with how much the Pure Hyenas were failing at life, and after Rafiki's father, Olufemi, failed to convince them to stop, they demanded that the hyenas lose their rights to enter the Pride Lands. But Ahadi reminded them that their empire needed to recover, and that they needed to just stay clear until then. As a result, the herbivores were furious, and a rebellion was formed and lead by a ruthless wildebeest named Hasira, who's mother and 2 brothers were killed by normal hyenas long ago, and had long vowed revenge on all hyenas. They protested for a strike until the lions were finally forced to comply with their demands. And so, a very large herbivore strike had started, which caused a large argument on the Animal Council, with Uzuri attending to convince them all that they need to recover. But most of the Council refused while a kind-hearted Councilwoman giraffe named Qamar was more understanding, but her opinions were quickly rejected, and all hands but Qamar agreed that Hyenas should be chased out of the Pride Lands. At first being reluctant, Ahadi understood that the Circle of Life must be preserved, and approves the banishment, stating that the herbivores shall chase of the hyenas, but warns them that killing a single hyena will result in execution. Hasira earned the honor of being the one to lead the chase, and all the herbivores chased the hyenas off the Pride Lands, even the hyenas that weren't involved with attacking the herbivores. Baako, Dejen, their wives and sons were chased away. But Jasiri does not wish to risk his Shenzi (who was already a growing toddler), and challenges Hasira to a fight, which proved to be a mistake that resulted in Jasiri losing his left eye. Uzuri appeared and ordered Hasira to stop, only for the traitorous wildebeest to send the entire herbivore rebellion to chase after her. With Hasira off his back, Jasiri and a young Shenzi ran to safety. Uzuri managed lose all the hebivores except Hasira was the only one who followed, saying he will take great pleasure to kill her off, ignoring Ahadi's warning about killing a hyena. As the face-off took place at a conveniently-place cliff edge, Uzuri accidentally causes Hasira to charge toward the cliff while trying to hit her, causing him to fall to his death. Uzuri was shocked, but was grateful that she survived, but this event was witnessed by Zuzu (Zazu's mother) and Ahadi. Ahadi was angry that Hasira went back on his promise, and claims that he's lucky to have avoided a proper punishment from him. Zuzu also understood she was defending herself, but was not hestitant to tell her that she must go with the other hyenas because the demands of the herbivores can't be ignored, telling her they still need a leader until Shenzi takes over and the Pure Hyenas become more. Uzuri agreed, and all the Hyenas were forced to retreat to the Elephant Graveyard. Uzuri, Jasiri and their friends continued raising their pups there, but that wasn't a happy ending entirely.


The Death of Uzuri and Jasiri

Ever since the Herbivore Strike, the Pure Hyenas abandoned their homes, and made a living in the Elephant Graveyard. Somewhere in a cave complex, Uzuri and Jasiri were raising Shenzi, and lived right next door to Baako and Dejen's families. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were all growing great friendships, and Shenzi was soon to becoming the princess of the Pure Hyenas since Lesedi had recently died. Uzuri and Jasiri were crowned the rulers of the Pure Hyenas, and they were now responsible for maintaining peace between the Pure Hyenas, the normal hyenas, and the rest of the world around them. Yet they weren't doing very well since hyenas have been reduced to anarchy. But despite being safe from the herbivores that hated them, they were not entirely safe. Merlock, who was an unallied villain, was requested to kill Shenzi's parents by orders from Lord Cobra, who got vision orders from Malefor, who wanted the Pure Hyenas punished for defeating them twice, and Merlock accepted it in exchange for membership, which Cobra agreed. To do this, Merlock used his mountain lion form to frame the lions, found the cave complex and killed Jasiri, and also Uzuri after trying to defend Shenzi from him. Baako appeared and saw everything, and Merlock, after seeing him enter, says that Ahadi ordered him to kill Uzuri and Jasiri for a recent attack from a pack of hyenas that nearly killed young Mufasa. Baako fell for the lie, and was angry that the lions have broken the peace treaty, and decides to first attack Merlock, only for him to leave stating that he is only the pawn, convincing Baako to plan an attack against Ahadi and the lions. He lets Merlock go without a second thought, and takes in an orphaned Shenzi to raise her.

Baako's Suicide Mission

Against the Animal Council rules, Baako had convinced Dejen to help join him in an invasion of Pride Rock after being fooled by Merlock's lies. Yet he was unable to convince Kirabo and Chidimma since they couldn't risk their pups' lives. They were unable to convince Baako from doing this, though, and the group began attacking one group of lions, which turns out to be Nala's family. The battle was gruesome, but the lions were hardly hit, and the hyena group was killed. Baako battled Nala's mother, Sarafina, before she was pregnant with her and was only adolescent. Even with his forces, Baako was unable to kill her, and was wounded badly (Proving the reference in the song 'Chow Down' where Shenzi said 'Now wasn't it her mom who ate your dad?'). When the attack was reported to Ahadi, it was a shock, and couldn't understand why Baako could do something like that and actually break the peace treaty. When his death was reported back to the cave complex by Dejen, who was the only survivor of the attack, Kirabo couldn't handle the task of raising Shenzi and Banzai together, so she left Dejen and Chidimma to take care of the both of them, and left the Elephant Graveyard without a trace. This left Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to be raised together as adoptive siblings.

The Lion-Hyena Feud

Because of what Merlock has done, the Pure Hyenas were reduced to common rogues by the next few months. Anarchy in the Elephant Graveyard spread more, and this resulted in the deaths of Dejen and Chidimma in the paws of a group of rogue hyenas, leaving the now-adolescent Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed as orphans, and they have fully begun to hate lions after they were too fooled by what Merlock had left in their family's minds. 5 days later, the trio was adopted by another hyena clan. They soon learn that a very familiar face of theirs, Faraji, who was the nephew of Chidimma, had recently joined them after he was presumed to be dead. The clan had adopted Shenzi and her friends because Faraji was destined to become her mate. But Shenzi refused the offer, and left the clan. Shenzi was the leader of the trio, as the three earned the respect and fear of the other hyenas. So much that she was given the place as new matriarch due to being born of a high family, with Banzai and Ed in inferior positions. Thus, the start of the feud between hyenas and lions began, and the Pure Hyenas were no more. Mufasa eventually became the new king, and would soon have a new heir that would help save the kingdom from the feud. Especially since his brother, Scar, was renounced from the position as heir because of Simba's birth. Thus he would do anything to get his position back if it meant the death of one of his own.

The UUniversal Revolution

When the worlds were re-united after what happened in the WB Camelot, sea creatures from other worlds discovered that they could breath on land in different worlds, and began exploring other worlds. Some were good, some were evil. They began to visit Africa and started to take part with the events of the lions and hyenas. The Thug Tug Thugs allied with the hyenas which intensified the feud, and made Scar's chances at succeeding grow. Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed became assistants to Scar, and promised them that they'll return to the Pride Lands in exchange for the destruction of the current leader. However, after the events of SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed confront SpongeBob and his friends, who had rough tidings before, but were defeated and spared. In return, the trio helped them defeat Scar and helped Simba reclaim his rightful place as king, ending the Lion-Hyena feud. Shenzi learns of her history in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Dinosaur, and eventually faced her parents' murderer, Merlock, in SpongeBob and Friends in Ducktales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.