The Lougers and the HA team up with UARA for an impourent mission of epic porportions. It leads right into the system of Maya-N, living in a blend of tecnogagy and Aztec culture, a system considered to be savage because of their sacriviceal beliefs. They are going there because there is a death cult looking to awake a powerful AUU Aztec god named Questalalsa, the goddess of new beginnings, who had an entire planet named after her, which has been said that she would suck the entire AUU into her mouth to swallow the old worlds and give litteral birth to a new universe, tecnecally destroying the universe and remaking it all at once, even the gods would not be spared from her. Fortunately, she's usually mostly considered a legend of Aztec porportions, but it is said that Questalalsa is real and currently trapped in periment hybernation by all of the AUU's gods, even the gods of Theta, to stop a vicious cycle of the Universes being destroyed only to be litterally birthed out again and for it to repeat. However, there resides an overly determined death cult that worships only Questalalsa, called The Children of Questalalsa, who aimed to reverse the periment hybernation and help "Mother Questalalsa" seek her revenge on the AUU Gods and commence with the intended rebirth even at their own end, of which they deludedly embrace as part of a master plan. Lead by the death preistess, Craz Yazzbitch, the cult seeks to find the seven pieces of an AUU god artifact that was used to put Questalalsa to sleep and to reawake her with it. Can our heroes halt this crazy cult and prevent Questalasa from destroying litterally all of the AUU?

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