Raptors Render

The Raptors.

The Raptors are the secondary villains of the film "The Good Dinosaur", though they didn't exactly played a huge part due to them mostly being there as rustlers and were dealt with very quickly. They are Velociraptors who are also called "Rustlers" from Butch who he and his children are enemies to.


  • Bubbha: Bubbha is the slick, sly, though also self-impourent and cunning of the raptors and is the leader of the Velociraptors who has blue and purple skin. Bubbha once lead a happy life with his own family of raptors. But sadly, he fell victim to the infamous Spinosaurus named Samual and his henchmen a triplet of Carnotaurs. Samual forced Bubbha to rustle for him or else he'll die like his family. This lead him to his new family: fellow victimised raptors. Because of targetting the rexes, they gotten the herd to satisfy Samual, however, it would not go according to plan. Bubbha was first to have appeared along with his group when Arlo yelled on the rock from Spot's bite on his leg, Bubbha asks him what he's doing, Arlo tries to keep it natural, but Bubbha knows he's not doing nothing, he orders his minions to attack him, but Nash, Ramsey and Butch come in and attack them, Bubbha tries to attack Nash, but gets knocked out, he then retreats with Earl after Butch throws Lurleane and Pervis away. The Raptors have been hiding from Samual ever since, who fortunately for them seemed to stop careing about them, but Bubbha insisted on playing it safe. The Raptors became more terratorial for the sake of surviveal, and would attack anyhing likely a threat to them. However, one encounter with Icky would ultamately change that. Pretty much, they did tried to kill Icky in the Shell Louge Tales Comic A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie, but thanks to giving them Pepis and Coke-Cola, the sensation of something they never tasted before pretty much made them automaticly trust Icky cause anyone with such "Yummy Water" can't be a serious threat. With Bubbha, he is still playing it safe and not entirely trust Icky but doesn't really object anything. When the group planned to rustle another rancher's cattle, Icky intervined and convinced them that they shouldn't have to steal anything for Samual anymore cause it seems as if Samual doesn't care anymore and that stealing is pointless now. With even Earl agreeing to it, Bubbha eventally gives in, but asks Icky what else should they do. Icky was able to find an answer thanks to that same ranch being attacked by deinonychus outlaws, of which Bubbha knew them as "A gang of blood-thristy killers", and warned that they want more then just the cattle: They came to murder. Dispite being 6 against 4 (5 if you include Icky), they were able to defeat the outlaws and chased them away, where Icky successfuly inspired them to do more with their lives. After a very humorious and very dramatic showdown against Junjie and cronies, the Raptors thank Icky for being the best influence ever and wanted to include him into their pack. Icky insisted that he was already part of his own group, of which Bubbha asked if he and they get to join instead. Behind Thunderclap and the Dactyls, they're certainly the most interesting Shell Louge Squad additions yet.
  • Lurleane: Lurleane is the only female of Bubbha's gang who has light red skin. To those she doesn't like, she's not exactly kind or gentle, or the pinitcle of decenty or grace and more then alittle violent. At first glace, one would think it's just because she's a criminal. Well there's more to it, bud. Her violent attatude is out of securing a very painful past. Just like Bubbha, Lurleane and her little brother Pervis were victims of Samual and his Carnataurs. It happened while she was still very young, and Pervis was but an egg. Being a youngling herself, she was forced to raised Pervis by herself on Samual's slave farm. Abuse and Slavery turned Lurleane violent, but Pervis uncorruptable (barely) innosence kept her going. However, a bash to the head from one of the Carnataurs lead to Pervis to become the moronic half-wit he is today, forever trapping him in the mind of an impressionable child. Lurleane went beserked and got revenge by taking away the abusive Carnataur's eye! Dispite the Carnataur's protests to have her killed, Samual desided something else. She and Pervis were made rustlers, along with Bubbha and Earl. Eventally, this will lead to an eventual great change after an embarrising defeat from Arlo and the Rexes, and given new hope for life by an unlikely loudmouth.
  • Pervis: Pervis is the dumb velociraptor who has a light-grey skin. He is the very younger brother of Lurleane and the closest she has to a bloodline family in the group. Pervis was an egg when his family was slaughtered by Samual and the Carnataurs. Being raised by solely his sister, Pervis was at some point an actual genius, who also kept an outgoing look on life and was generally happy and at peace with himself. It brought hope to the Raptors, but it was an annoyence to the Carnataurs. One of them put a stop to it by bashing Pervis in the head, rendering him mentally retarded and moronic, at the price of his sister taking away his assulter's eye. Contuaray to what the vengeful Carnataur triplets wanted, Pervis and Lurleane became rustlers instead, along side Bubbha and Earl, where eventually after a defeat from Arlo and the Rexes, something unexpected and remarkable will happen to them, in alou to Icky.
  • Earl: Earl is the one liner velociraptor who has a light bluish skin. He's a mentally unbalenced raptor with continuious twitch problems, paraniodia, violent tendingcies, and un-warrentied feriosity on even something as un-threatening as a rock. He's like this because it was the result of personal truma caused by Samual and his Carnataur cronies. His entire pack and family were slaughtered right before his eyes and he was tortured beyond belief to the point it broke him mentally. Earl ended up being TOO ferious for even Samual to handle. The only one who managed to tame this broken soul was Bubbha, and managed to make Earl barely socialable to an extent. It's pretty much why he was choosen to be among Samual's new Rustlers. After an embarrising defeat from Arlo and the Rexes, it would take the snarkiest of Icky to mend the broken life of Earl and restore what Samual had done.


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